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  1. Could be Neil's flag? ^^^
  2. 22 now confirmed dead. An apparent suicide bomb. No words.
  3. If anyone wants The Sunday Times and Vanity Fair mags from last year, PM me. I can post to you, no charge.
  4. @the calvary - genuine question - what was your mum doing in east Timor in '99?
  5. Does Humphrey B really deserve to be treated like that?
  6. Groovin' down a crowded avenue, doin' anything we like to do. - Groovin'
  7. The word gertcha always reminds me of my nan (amongst others in the family ). "Gertchoo cah's son!" means, in the Queen's English (and you can say it in the Queen's voice if you wish) - "Get out of here, you cow's son!" Sounds so much better the way my nan used to say it
  8. Who's that on the right, Danno?
  9. Great fun! And so cheesy
  10. I absolutely love this song. I'm not sure if it's universally popular, but I agree with you saying it's a 'creative' song. I really like the imagery it leaves in my mind.
  11. At least they're slugging it out to the tune of Land Of Hope And Glory