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  1. Jackie O she will never be. Nor will anyone else. But I thought of her as soon as I saw Melania's gloves!
  2. Oops, I knew I forgot something ... England first! England FIRST!!
  3. I thought both her outfits were lovely. She hung on to that soldier's arm for all her life was worth during the inauguration! Can't blame her
  4. I'm looking forward to listening to Blood Brothers. Been busy framing one of our photos of Bruce in Dublin 2012 to hang on the hallway wall. Great it looks, too. Where's Humphrey - looking for his trousers?
  5. Nils sings some of Darlington on his own.
  6. Lost In the Flood! Go, Bruce!!! And I think you'd better sing Pretty Flamingo at some point
  7. OK, I have some positive news about young Donald. Last night mr jmw and I went to a theatre near Trafalgar Square where, of course, there was a massive march. You couldn't get a seat in a restaurant or cafe or pub for love nor money. He boosted our little old economy in little old London yesterday. In some fashion. In a round about way Not intentionally, like Good on ya, Trumpy. PS. We DID find a nice curry house in the end
  8. I love this opening. People sometimes complain about Lonesome Day, but it's apt this week (apt!!! Hark at me! I love that word).
  9. Did Ann give him a glass of rosé?
  10. This was meant to refer to Raced Off The Streets post a few posts back ... like. Never mind.