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  1. Love it. 'And then we took the last bus home ...'. Those were the days.
  2. Sorry, but no. No, no, no.
  3. At last, I've just finished reading Night 1 and Night 2 threads from Paris (I've been 'otherwise engaged' the last week or so). A power cut on Night 1 with Bruce signing autographs on stage. Reason To Believe. Nebraska. Iceman and Full River album on Night 2. Glad I didn't miss much. Think I'd best leave reading about Rome until tomorrow.
  4. Me too! How long's he been gone? Won't he tell you where he's been?
  5. Wishing everyone a great time at the two Paris shows - INDOORS Envious, moi? I won't be around for a few days so keep the setlist threads coming for when I return! I expect to see lots of colours
  6. Meeting Across The River, Cautious Man, NYCS, Detroit Medley, The Price You Pay. Bit of a mixture there, but they would all be very welcome. (Loads more of course!)
  7. I guess if the 'middle' screen wasn't working, they HAD to show the other band members on the two side screens. If the middle one was working, it would've been business as usual
  8. They get drunk separately now, judging by Bruce's hotel plans after every concert
  9. Not often I can include Judy in a SLV, but she did the voiceover for this little cartoon.
  10. Morning all. Should there be colours in that setlist?
  11. Ah, young Growin' Up is sounding very positive and upbeat tonight. Let's hope he stays that way