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  1. Click on your user name (top right of this page), then Account Settings.
  2. Whooooo are you? Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh! Well, done, BruceWho!
  3. I've often wondered what your avatar was, TJ! Couldn't make it out apart from maybe being a strange shaped guitar
  4. I'd love an acoustic Born To Run to close a show, just like he's doing with Thunder Road. Would mean a lot
  5. You'll have a great time, rachel. You won't be able to take your eyes off Johnny - such stage presence and can he play the harmonica!
  6. I certainly grew up with him, Dan. For years and years. Crazy teenybopper, me. Met him a few times. He has a drink problem too. Very sad. I'll always hold those years dear to my heart.
  7. Hope everyone has a great time at the show! I hope to catch the beginning of it but will have to leave for work at about 8.15am (tomorrow ... well, tomorrow if you're here in Englandshire!).
  8. I expect to see a photo of Daisey before this thread is over.
  9. Rachel, you need to purchase Live in Barcelona DVD!
  10. I'm getting rather attached to my cough, thank you. I might even take it to work with me tomorrow. What must that Marlboro man have gone through? Wheeze ....
  11. Poor Duncan from Edinburgh. I feel as if I know him Let us know how he fares.
  12. Ann, we're used to looking at upside down photos by now
  13. Recorded this off the TV a few weeks ago. I actually had to follow most of the story by 'visuals' rather than by listening to it. Needed subtitles - no kidding!! The Glasgow/Greenock accent beat me! Gritty, sad little story. Ken Loach - you can't go wrong with him.
  14. He's watching Raced's plane heading homewards.