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  1. Have a blast, everyone who's going. Rain has been forecast? Epic show then
  2. Ride A White Swan
  3. Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons
  4. Riders On The Storm
  5. Umbrella Man
  6. Chas and Dave
  7. Enjoy your book, Ann. I am on book number 8 since I've been sort of laid up this summer holiday, and it's Malcolm X's autobiography. The foreword is by Alex Haley and it's almost as long as the actual book. Think it's gonna take me a while, but it won't beat me!
  8. Born To Run ... to open ... with strings? Stranger things have happened - whistling at Wembley with Does This Bus Stop ...
  9. I'm laughing with ya, not at ya, Danny boy. I love it when you shake your fists and stamp your feet. I want a jumping up and down emoticon Maybe BD could find one! Anyway, for a minute I thought it was YOUR birthday ... until I realised you can't possibly be only 41 xx
  10. Just thought I'd add that I like Patti's blouse. Carry on ...
  11. Dan ... it's me ... it's been mentioned in today's setlist fred.
  12. I wanted to 'like' this post, but, well ... you know ... wouldn't be in the best possible taste.
  13. What was that quote in Grease all those years ago? By Frenchie? Something like, 'He's like an amoeba on a flea on an ant!' Or words to that effect. That has been the story of Bruce and I for most of our touring relationship