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  1. They 'polish up the chrome' in Shut Out The Light - have a listen.
  2. He'd let us in, knows where we've been, In his octopus's garden in the shade. - Octopus's Garden
  3. Factory takes his hearing, factory gives him life. - Factory
  4. I've never seen a shark with bunny rabbit ears before.
  5. No, the tree goes up only a few days before Christmas (if I can be bothered at all this year!). We have two Christmas cards up at the moment! We don't put decorations up as the more you put up the more you have to take down I like candles though. Oh, and we usually put a wreath or something on the front door. tpbm has bought new furniture recently.
  6. If I had to choose, it would be crab. I've never tasted lobster in my life. I'm very wary of shellfish. Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve?
  7. Don't you love farce, my fault I fear, I thought that you'd want what I want, sorry my dear. - Send In the Clowns
  8. But they wind up wounded, not even dead, tonight in Jungleland. - Jungleland
  9. Maybe Someday.
  10. Gypsy Biker - playing Magic CD in my laptop.
  11. I'm more worried about the bloke who's taking a PHOTO of said butt
  12. Good Day Sunshine.
  13. (Skipping X!) You said here's your mirror and your ball and jacks. - For You