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  1. Not warm at all.
  2. I'd stick to the charity shops if I were you
  3. I can see them.
  4. OK, I will say this only once. Get the Piccadilly Line (dark blue) from Kings Cross to Piccadilly Circus. GET OFF THE TRAIN at Piccadilly Circus and get on the Bakerloo Line (brown) to Waterloo. But I bet you know that anyway, Eileen. You're just having us on. Beware of men in berets with onions around their necks and English accents. Bottoms up!
  5. Are you appearing in Allo, Allo or something?
  6. If I could understand any of what you two are talking about, I might be able to help. But I don't, so I can't Regards, from a That-Londoner.
  7. Happy birthday, Miss Mis!
  8. I haven't even watched the news yet on TV - just been checking the internet. The first I heard of it was a phone call from one of the boys' parents at our school this afternoon as they live in Vauxhall (not far from Westminster). She was obviously worried about how her son was going to get home. I had a feeling things had been too quiet, too long around these parts ... Terrible day.
  9. Yaaaaaay!! Cooee, AsburyRachel!
  10. The real goal is for Rachel to post an upside down photo.
  11. I often get all their names mixed up and forget which one is his wife. Carry on ...
  12. Just looked at your photos, I spelt Madam wrong!
  13. We want a photo of you and mum outside Madame Marie's, reading each others' palms, OK? That's the photo I want taken if (when) I finally get there!
  14. You put your tea on my face?
  15. Rachel, I gather your mum is with you? How's she doing? What does she make of all this mullarkey? Has she been converted?