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  1. The Lake will crash like hell when BD posts her photo with Bruce Karsten, if you need any tech help at all, don't hesitate to call me.
  2. Can I sing a song? Only joking. This is such a lovely idea and I wish everyone the very best. I just don't have the know-how (or the voice!) to join in. Hopefully Tie will have something unique to keep as a memento - I think it's great! And Silvia - you don't have a problem at all! Your English is better than mine!
  3. One, two, three - stomachs in, boys!!
  4. We pulled into a petrol station yesterday and I suddenly remembered I'd seen the ST on breakfast tv in the morning with Brucie's picture on the front. 'Get it!' I cried to mr jmw. He nearly had a seizure when he saw how much it was, but he also bought us a bar of Cadbury's each, so we were sort of happy. Then I had a quick look on his phone to check the Lake and saw the whole interview had been posted on here Thanks a bunch. Could've bought more chocolate instead. Needless to say, I haven't read it yet, but, as people have said (somewhere) I was very perturbed to see only OLD pictures in the interview. I think there is one from this year's shows, but the rest are ancient. Makes me wonder if the bloke who wrote it actually met Bruce. Very strange.
  5. Sue, may I ask which particular storm you are heading straight into? I hope you've got the strength to stand it's ground.
  6. Great! I've spent a good few hours today watching all these new interviews. I could listen to him forever! I just about preferred the Scandanavian show, but this one was fab too.
  7. Same here (and I also wouldn't want to 'hear' my voice!!).
  8. Bear alert!!! Someone needs to tell Humphrey!
  9. Wow, me too! I had the same look on my face as the woman
  10. Our wedding anniversary today, so mr jmw has decided to spend the day in Manchester Love hurts.
  11. 33 years married today. And I count my blessings that he's mine for always ...
  12. This isn't a favourite clip or anything, but I just came across it this morning and it's worth looking at for the different crowd reactions really. Especially the 'non' reactions How can people stand still? Love his dancing partner though, and the little girl at the end looks totally baffled!
  13. He's written a book?
  14. What's a smart phone?