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  1. I've finally listened to the Simon Mayo interview. I thought it was the Queen laughing at the very beginning Then it all became clear ...
  2. Rizla, just about holding it together at the end there! Love it!
  3. I'm very likeable and PM'd him months ago. No reply though Strange how he just disappeared when he had quite a lot to say for himself! I think we were all hoping to get an invite to his lovely terrace and watch the sun go down as we sipped on a vino!
  4. I haven't even listened to the interview yet, I've been so busy reading this thread All life is here - scans, menopause, Geordie's holiday (), Bruce's giggle, opening church doors (was the church mouse there, Ann?). I had an MRI scan a couple of years ago and took the BITUSA CD with me so's they could play it through headphones for me. I locked it in the locker with my clothes, I was in such a state So all I got through the headphones was, 'Can you please breathe normally?' Anyway, important decisions tonight - sod Bruce and Simon Mayo. Should I have Intense Truffle or Delph for my walls in the hallway? Gotta tell the decorator tomorrow.
  5. There are three of me to say welcome And I'm not always Judy Garland. Time for a change of avatar soon. Sending a big hallo from west London (not far from Wembley, home of many Bruce shows!)
  6. Maybe the different countries came to Bruce, instead of Bruce having to go to the different countries? Just a thought.
  7. I like that article. 'Bruce' and 'The Boss' - two different personas. I love them both! However, the reference to Clark Kent just made me think of Bruce (or could it be The Boss?) wearing his underpants on the outside I DO think, though, that 'Bruce' has a presence in a room - just a quiet one, but very compelling. I would notice him in a room, even if he wasn't saying anything
  8. You slipped something into my palm and you were gone ...
  9. OK, I'll buy that book, young cabby, as long as you sign it.
  10. Nice interview. It ended where it all started for me. Nothing wrong with that bit of dancing, Bruce
  11. PING Andrew!! Blightly peeps stay up past their bedtime to watch Bruce
  12. Roy had more hair in '78. In fact, he had more hair when I met him in 2013 (Roy, not Bruce). Because I have not met Bruce. NOT. MET. BRUCE. NO! I HAVEN'T MET BRUCE, HAVE Y'ALL GOT THAT?