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  1. Funnily enough, I'm not looking at Bruce much, I'm desperately looking for Daisey
  2. I've just been reading some really old threads in Endless Juke Joints - they go back to 2005. Whatever happened to some of those fabulous user named people? And there was someone called Jack Knife who had the coolest signature - a picture of Bruce 'fainting' into the arms of his audience. I want that picture!!
  3. I like it when young Growin' Up throws his two penn'orth in
  4. A useless piece of info ... back in the 80s my husband fitted phones for her in her house in Maida Vale. Spent two days working there. She was in the process of sending her kids off to Jim Kerr for the weekend. He said she was a nice person. The Pretenders are playing the Apollo in October and I was quite up for getting tickets. Mr jmw not interested though. Ah, well ...
  5. OK, a question for Daisey, and I really mean it in the nicest way - I am curious. Remember when wildbilla told you to move forward to where the barrier was (and the fella with the blue shirt)? I guess Mr and Mrs Kiwi went with you too? How did the people in front of you react when the three of you started walking forward, right to the barrier? I can't remember if you moved long before Bruce came on or just before he came on? It's just that I would be pretty nervous to go forward when it seemed that everyone had 'claimed' their spot before the show started. Was it really that empty on the rail that you had plenty of choice where to move to, even though you had been standing a little way back when you got there (I'm judging by the photo that you posted, Daisey). Sorry for the rambling question, but I always thought people would be hollering and shouting and swearing if they saw three people walking to the front from nowhere. May I add that I am so pleased for you all that you got to the front, I'm just wondering how it worked ... I would've been scared
  6. Oi!! It was me who mentioned BTX before you, missus!! D'you wanna start a fight?
  7. Steve, I hope he/they will visit your country again soon. After a well-earned rest, I really would love a NEW album with NEW songs (not songs that were written 6 or 7 years ago, cos they ain't new!). Solo tour maybe? I've never seen Bruce solo so that is on my bucket list. I'd still love to see the band with him in some form or another too. More arenas (or theatres, ha ha!) would be a dream. This may sound weird, and remember it's just my opinion, but I have no interest whatsover in re-hashes of albums (like electric Nebraska, etc), anniversaries of albums (is there a rumour about a BITUSA box set? course there is!) or more outtakes albums (that he won't sing in concert anyway ). But naturally if he does a tour based around BITUSA (which will no doubt turn into the non-BITUSA BITUSA tour), I'll be there. Move along, Bruce, move along. x
  8. Showing my ignorance here, but which song is that?
  9. If you have the strength to scroll back pages and pages (and pages) of this thread, there is a picture of a woman on the barrier, wearing those glasses. I guess she must have handed them to Bruce.
  10. There are some VERY knowledgeable people on BTX, where Bruce is concerned (as there are here, too ). I take my hat off to them (did you hear that, Humphrey?). But there is also an underlying 'I have 96,345 posts to my name, so I'm a bigger fan than you' mentality on there. That's what I don't like. I also like to know a little bit about peoples' lives too, away from Bruce. If there IS such a life?
  11. I agree, Paolo. But I've also said a few times recently ... new music Brucie, please and thanks.
  12. Did you notice how old Supe from BTX didn't stick around here the other day? I knew he wouldn't. This place is far too nice and welcoming for the likes of some BTX'ers!