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  1. You'll have to ask candy's boy ... he might object to that.
  2. Apologies if this has already been posted. Gave me a bit of a fly in the eye moment - he's absolutely knackered, a bit off key at the beginning, but still wants to give his all. And look at his face when it lights up, looking up at the crowd (about half way through). He's home, he's in New Jersey, and this one's for them.
  3. Fan since 1986? You're banned.
  4. Mad Man With A Box? What sort of username is that? Most of us on here have perfectly sensible, down to earth usernames. Just look around you. Welcome, young man, and don't take me too seriously.
  5. Well, well, Mr Morello was in the spotlght last night, eh? I am in the 'yes' camp when it comes to Joad + Tom. I also like Joad with just Bruce though. Great that Jack Of All Trades got the strings treatment again - I remember when Wrecking Ball came out and so many people hated that song but I have always loved it, and Tom's guitar at the end! Thanks for another funny and interesting SLV (even though the talk about periscopes goes right over my head ). I like to imagine it all in my mind's eye. PS. Does Tom Waits get royalties every time Bruce sings Jersey Girl?
  6. I've got them all!
  7. Have a blast, everyone who's going. Rain has been forecast? Epic show then
  8. Ride A White Swan
  9. Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons
  10. Riders On The Storm
  11. Umbrella Man
  12. Chas and Dave
  13. Enjoy your book, Ann. I am on book number 8 since I've been sort of laid up this summer holiday, and it's Malcolm X's autobiography. The foreword is by Alex Haley and it's almost as long as the actual book. Think it's gonna take me a while, but it won't beat me!
  14. Born To Run ... to open ... with strings? Stranger things have happened - whistling at Wembley with Does This Bus Stop ...