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  1. I read that as scooping for a mo' I'm really going now.
  2. A fabulous, colourful setlist Thank you, Portugal! Off to bed now, got that ferry to catch tomorrow. Anchors away! x
  3. I think she is, Daisey, but no one has mentioned her since the show started.
  4. Time to give up the stadiums, Brucie. I mean, look at the size of that place But I'm still so excited to be going!
  5. Janice, I just love that avatar! She is wonderful. I think I may have said this already and I haven't touched a drop.
  6. If that's the case then GOOD! Before you know it, Bruce'll be back playing arenas and theatres cos he'll be so unpopular
  7. If that's an authentic picture of people leaving, I think I see the chequered shirt guy Surely he'd never walk out!
  8. Night 2 can go two ways. He'll play the whole River album, opening with Meet Me In The City or it'll be like that show they were all complaining about the other day
  9. Crush On You? Grown men will cry over that one as well ... ENJ where are you?