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  1. Which reminds me ... have we had a Laker wedding recently? Make the most of your snoring twosome, Roy. The years go by quickly. My son is 27 now, and thousands of miles away on holiday with his girlfriend. I missed him today. That old cord is never really broken ...
  2. Sorry about your mum, Neil. And thanks for The Wish.
  3. Next thing you know, she'll be Dancing in the Dark with Bruce
  4. As soon as I read 'it's all in the moves' I had to look, didn't I? 'Chardonnay! Put yo' ass away!' Ha ha ha!
  5. A wordsmith of the highest order.
  6. Same with me and The Sopranos, eh? Friends is brilliant. Ross and his glow in the dark teeth episode, ooooohhhhh Then again, I've only started watching the repeats of Frasier the last year or so. Love it! I've got a lot of catching up to do. As you were ...
  7. how far away my son and girlfriend are at the moment! Loooong journey!
  8. Nah, he was shaking cos he'd met you, Eileen
  9. Actually ... come to think of it ... the video helped to get me on board too Took me years to find out that it was a 'real' concert.
  10. I agree with BD. It's the song that got me on board though
  11. I really like that last one ^^^. Reminds me of his book.
  12. Has anyone thought that he just ... might ... be ... joking?
  13. Well, Judge, I can tell you EXACTLY who's missing from this photo
  14. That little video is lovely. There's nothing quite like the sun sparkling on the sea and the sound of waves lapping on the shore. Your photos are fantastic, Rachel! Hope you get home safely.