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  1. Blimey, who'da thought Ed Sheeran could pack that place out? Bet he sang lots of ballads as well
  2. Bruce's recent gut

    I've deliberately NOT watched any clips of TPYP or Point Blank or Stolen Car from this tour, as those are the songs I'd be really interested in seeing live. I'm still NOT going to watch them, because of course, there IS a chance he'll break them out in Euroland. Maybe at the shows I'm attending? Who knows.
  3. game.... describe yourself alphabetically

    In sympathy with rjm
  4. Wembley tickets

    It's only the top priced tickets that have the leader's name on. While we're on the subject, please give me a shout if there is a drop for Wembley. Usually in the middle of the night, no?
  5. So they thought The River full album wouldn't work well in stadiums? I think I have an answer to that ...
  6. The Dogs of the Lake - post your pics

    Here's my sister's dog, Lulu the shih-tzu. We all love her to bits. Not a bad bone in her body. I tried to get her to smile
  7. The Dogs of the Lake - post your pics

    Anubis's cheeks just make me laugh! He's a fine specimen, like all the others on here. I'm loving these pictures. Will try to take a photo of my sister's pooch tomorrow. She is a little darling.
  8. Me too. I guess everyone thought he'd start with BITUSA, but ... I've got the t-shirt to prove it as well. No, not to Prove It, just to prove it Actually, my t-shirt is missing 'Do You Love Me' at the very end
  9. Happy Birthday Seeger Sessions

    Saw the Night 2 Wembley show. Hadn't seen him live since Milton Keynes in '93. Can you imagine how I felt? My hands were bruised from clapping so much. It was the first time I'd heard Land of Hope and Dreams. I loved the version of Atlantic City. And he ended with That Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze Joyous.
  10. Is our hero taking the piss?

    Demos could chaperone your mum
  11. The Dogs of the Lake - post your pics

    Could someone give Brian (Cozmic Kid) a shout? He needs to post a pic of Anubis. No one can call Anubis a puddy tat.
  12. Bruce's wrist brace

    Yep. He started wearing them very early on in this tour (not sure if it was the first show?), whereas a few years ago, I think they only appeared towards the end of the tours.
  13. The Jukes European Tour

    And became a Cockernee?
  14. That's the spirit, MacBruce!
  15. Bruce's wrist brace

    I would say it's more to do with tendonitis/RSI? It's like a support. I could be wrong though.