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  1. I've done my crying in the rain. So much that it turned into a river.
  2. Keith, remember to ask about Nanci when you see The Kennedy's (if you meet them, that is!).
  3. Look at that grey stubble!
  4. Silly me, I was looking at the wrong date!
  5. Chris de Burgh, Keith? I had to search Gigs 2017
  6. At the end of every hard earned day ...
  7. Well, Jimmy, at least we have similar bins Hey, is it safe to come out of our sheds now? All up and running again down at the Lake? Great!
  8. Now then ... Vini plus ... David S, Ernest Boom Carter?? Can someone put me straight? Sorry for my ignorance. Very busy gazing at the cool-looking fella on the right!!
  9. Still developing in the darkroom. You got my acer, ain't that enough?
  10. I thought that was feathered, Eileen. Cabby will put us on the straight and narrow.
  11. I guess I'll be the one to ask ... who's the fella in the middle?
  12. Love the one of Bruce and David Sancious.