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  1. I have them on CD and usually will listen to a full show in one go while I'd doing something else.
  2. So many fans remember Crystal T's sax solo on BTR as especially painful. I think Bruce's decision to play Thunder Road solo acoustic wasn't a bad one. I wonder if Bruce had kept the 92/93 band, but made a point of playing none of his old songs, especially none of the ESB warhorses that felt like a betrayal to see that band playing, fans might have come away with a little more appreciation for what he was doing. This would also have been a good opportunity for him to either not play BitUSA at all, or only do it acoustic.
  3. I think the Magic tour really was very special. We had just gotten two non ESB tours so we weren't taking the ESB for granted like spoiled kids yet, but at the same time, with the 99-2004 time under their belts the ESB weren't spending time figuring out how to play together again either. There was tremendous anticipation for the Magic album, and I think most of us really liked it. Once they hit the road the initial shows were a little short, but explosive and intense. By the spring of 2008 the setlist were really heating up - remember that stretch when he opened with a different song every night for like two dozen shows? Of course, this was also the tour in which we lost Danny. And while the band has gone on to do great things since his passing, his loss meant the end of an era. After Danny died, there would be more loss to come in the years ahead, and also a larger number of newer younger musicians onstage - from Jay Weinberg, to Jake Clemons, to Tom Morello, and many many more. Depending on how you count it, Boston 2007 or Indianapolis 2008 was the end of the Reunited E Street Band. The era that began after that - effectively in the middle of the Magic tour has led us to to 2017, and I am guessing is not over yet. And this new ESB really hit the ground running - I remember people were unhappy with the short Cinci 2008 show, which took place right after the last time they played with Danny (and surely the band all understood that he wouldn't be back), but that Cinci show was incredibly intense, and for my money an excellent show in its own way. Then two nights later in Columbus they were back with a 2 and a half hour show that I remember as one of the best of the tour. The summer 2008 shows were really special - I think with Danny's loss fresh in mind we all were really appreciating the band being there, and they brought their A game every night I saw them. Has it really been nine years already? Man, Glory Days.....
  4. Do I recall correctly that this was in an indoor arena too - and on a leg when many of the shows were in larger outdoor venues? I can see why that would have made for a special show. Enough people who were there swear by it (I don't think I've ever heard from someone who was there in person who didn't like the show) that I'm willing to go along with the idea that this really was a terrific epic show for those who were there. I'm just saying that the magic of the night hasn't come across to me in the bootlegged recording I've heard so far, and at the end of the day that's my loss. If I could have chosen a Magic tour show to release I would have probably gone with a different one, but I'm very glad the Magic tour finally has an official release, and I hope nugs does well enough that they come around to releasing another show from this era eventually.
  5. I'm not generally a fan of full album shows, but that said I think a show based around ToL would be fascinating. I'm not sure I'd want it with the full ESB, but Bruce solo/piano acoustic, perhaps with limited backing. For this to work really well and not feel like a gimmick, I'd like the other songs performed before and after to be focused on relationships rather than just a random bunch of songs/crowdpleasers. I could also see this working for Nebraska, TGOTJ, or D&D, but ToL would be the place to start.
  6. For what it is worth, The Beat Farmers covered RtB way back a long time ago - take a listen. Could Bruce have intentionally modelled his '07-'08 version on what they did?
  7. Great point. I actually think that overall the late Magic tour setlists worked better than the recent wild setlist have. I do like rarities, and I do like shows to feature recent material. I think the Magic tour had the best combination of strong new material, rare surprises, and the band playing very well. Clarence was past his prime of course, but he was still with us. I have this show on bootleg (I wasn't there in person) and while I love the setlist on paper (half a dozen from Magic, a great bunch of covers, rare originals), for some reason the show has never left me wowed like I know it does for so many others. I don't tend to be an audiophile, so I'm not sure whether picking it up from Nugs will change my opinion of it, but I will probably buy it in order to support what Nugs does. I just bought two Nugs shows a few days before they announced this one.
  8. I've never been religious and I probably only understand a fraction of what is going on in that song, but somehow it moves me still. The man is a gift.
  9. At the end of the day, you never know unless it happens.
  10. There are so many darkhumored answers to that - don't make me go there.. LOL
  11. I'm not aware of Bruce gaining many diehard fans from his association with Morello per se. But I do think a big part of what has led to Bruce's renaissance in the past decade + has been the cumulative effect of the large number of younger hipper artists who have gone on record listing Bruce as an inspiration and influence. These are often musicians who don't sound like Bruce and who you wouldn't have guessed/assumed had learned from him. I'm talking about everyone from Lady Gaga to Tom Morello. I have met a few younger people who first discovered Bruce through RATM's cover of TGOTJ. They didn't become diehard fans, but they liked and respected what they had heard - and they're exactly the generation for whom Bruce wasn't really thought of as cool. Rage covered the song in the late '90s, back when Bruce was pretty uncool, so they were some of the first visible younger bands to demonstrate their appreciation of Bruce. I think Morello works well with Bruce, but would have preferred to see the two of them tour together with a non ESB backing band. I don't think he quite fit in with the ESB, his style and the things he represent lend themselves more to a solo project. I'd be happy seeing Bruce and Morello tour together in the future (again, would prefer a non ESB context) if that is what it takes to inspire Bruce to write/record strong new material.
  12. So sad and sadly not unbelievable at all.
  13. You could make an argument that reading the newspaper on the bus is no less antisocial than being glued to your smartphone. But I'd argue that some of the things that smartphones have brought with them are inherently antisocial. Part of the problem with technology is the way it changes our expectations- not just the expectations we have of our devices, but our expectations of one another. To me, needing some human touch - giving and receiving - isn't just about putting down your smartphone. It is about about working actively against the way that smartphone culture changes us all. We become accustomed to instant access and immediate gratification. We become angry if things we want don't happen at once. We have become addicted to convenience, we have become impatient. We feel entitled to the things technology is supposed to deliver to us. You get used to convenience real quick and it is hard to go back. Before you know it, you can't imagine how you got by without Amazon Prime, the Internet, or a remote control for your TV. We get mildly annoyed during setlistvision if someone got a song wrong, or if the thread is four minutes behind the show. If Bruce played some rare song at a show, we go to sleep expecting to be able to find it on Youtube the next day. Remember the thrill of looking for bootlegs in used record stores? It was just so much more exciting. We used to enjoy things more because we had to work harder at acquiring them. I don't like this new world of endless options, upgrades, and instant gratification. It makes us selfish and impatient and kills out attention spans. But I also realize that by not embracing technology, I am setting myself up for disappointment and, some ways, failure. If I get annoyed at friends who keep checking their smartphones when we hang out, maybe they'll stop hanging out with me?
  14. I have a regular cell phone - I don't have to add minutes to it. It calls and texts and has a calendar and alarm clock on it. I had a phone with a camera once but I hardly ever used it. I navigate using maps and printing out Mapquest directions.
  15. I'm a notorious technophobe - I don't have a smartphone and still listen to music on CDs and read books on paper. I don't disagree with any of the concerns relating to what I call "tech culture". I guess this is the world we live in. It is easy to complain, but how do we actually work against this? The next generation is just doing what young people do - they grow up, embrace the new emerging things in the world and eventually leave behind the generation that raised them, only to have this inevitably happen to them when they're older. Finding suitable people to date online is as much part of the Internet age as finding people who listen to the same music as you online to connect with. It isn't even new anymore. IMO, it does have a tendency to bring out some not so great traits in well intentioned people (being too picky, focusing on a checklist). But I see bad traits brought out in Internet fan boards too.