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  1. Solid compilation that does its job just fine. My only complaint is that the first version with the bonus tracks doesn't fill that third disc to the 80 minute capacity. Could make the same criticism of Tracks, for that matter.
  2. $500 tickets

    Well we've always known he's big in Philly. I have a GA to Pittsburgh and may well do Philly as well, but going to hold back for a little. It's very unlike me to wait rather than pounce on tickets at once, but this tour has been weird and extra expensive, and I don't have as much money right now as I hope to have later this summer.
  3. $500 tickets

    You mean a second, right? Or are there three Philly shows now? I guess the more shows they add like this the cheaper tickets will be right before the show.
  4. How?

    I'm gainfully employed, with no kids. I also live along I-95 and still have the physical energy to drive home from a number of shows afterwards without having to pay for a hotel.
  5. Interesting point about the fade outs.
  6. $500 tickets

    If you can afford it and you don't mind, that's fine. But surely you understand that not everyone is in that position.
  7. Your Holy Grail Concert

    There is a great video comp from Copenhagen and Zurich I think from '88. Not complete, but combined it provides as good of a representation of that tour on video as you'll find anywhere.
  8. Solo acoustic tour?

    I'd guess it would be more like two hours. At this point I'd welcome an acoustic solo show, especially if promoting a new album.
  9. This tour

    Too early to say for sure really - this tour is less than half over. That said, I'm a fan of tours that promote new material and I would rate Magic as the best tour to date of the 21st Century. But if you're really into the River deep cuts and don't mind a more predictable setlist, these shows are a goldmine. A lot of people are really enjoying them.
  10. $500 tickets

    It's icky.
  11. Your Holy Grail Concert

    You know, everyone has their own particular top 10 shows from '78 or '84 or whatever. And if you're starting a collection, whether you start out with Winterland 78 or Fox Threater 78, or Agora 78 isn't super important (soon enough you'll probably end up with all of them) . But one of the important things about Main Point '75 is that there are no other shows from that era that come close to it in sound quality and setlist. The short late 74-early 75 pre BTR period, (which features Suki Lahav on violin on a few unique numbers) is best represented by Main Point 75, I'm pretty confident in saying that. It's also a show that doesn't include key material you already know from official live releases.
  12. Sounds like this is happening. Onsale next wed.
  13. $500 tickets

    My understanding is that these 500 buck tickets are from great sections, but that other seats in those great sections are going for $150. What if these $500 tickets are not in fact being taken from the pool of rare good seats that go onsale initially, but from the good seats that are otherwise held aside for ticket drops? They are priced so high that few people will want to buy them and they won't actually "sell out". So if you want to see a show from a great seat, typically you have to wait for a ticket drop, but with these $500 tickets you can now secure yourself one of these in advance if you choose to pay for ahem "two Renos". The result would be that the ticket drop would be a little smaller than usual but also that scalpers who have gotten their hands on these tickets can't sell them for above $500. Or am I missing something?
  14. Your Holy Grail Concert

    Largo 8/15/78 is the show I think most of when I think of a stunning moment in time - there are other shows from that tour and other videos, but that's the show I know best. I'm glad you've discovered this one. Don't only focus on stuff that exists on video - one show that I think would make most fans' top ten lists is the Main Point 2/5/75 show. It is from right before the BTR tour and includes early versions of the BTR songs plus earlier songs, terrific covers, and is just all around one of the best things you could be adding to your collection if you haven't yet. Otherwise I'd encourage you to seek out at least one show per tour - not every tour has a great video, but a solid Bruce live collection needs at least some representation from every major era. Fans will be divided as to which the best show is from each tour, but the Main Point 75 show really is a different tour/animal than anything you've heard from later on in '75 - don't skip it because you "already have Hammersmith and Bottom Line." Lots of people will point you towards Boston '77 - he played four shows there in March and you should pick up one of the last two (3/24 or 3/25). Also don't forget the pre ESB days - check out the Steel Mill Matrix show for example.
  15. The Forensics on Point Blank

    The drugs connection is more clear in certain early versions from the 78 tour. But it could be about any destructive addiction I suppose.