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  1. My father grew up on a farm outside of Trondheim, just a little south of Granaasen. I visited there often when I was growing up. Absolutely beautiful countryside. I think the view from my grandmother's living room of the fjord was simply stunning. Wish I could have gone to these Norwegian shows but it wasn't going to work out this year. I wouldn't be surprised if these shows are among the best of the tour. Hope everyone going has a blast!
  2. The difference is that when Bruce plays NJ, he is taken for granted - kind of like the local sports team. When he plays Scandinavia it is sort of a national event.
  3. Both venues may not be ideal for concerts, but the locations have a lot of cultural significance to the locals. Some of this will be lost on fans traveling in from abroad, but I think the novelty of these venues will encourage the crowds to hit the ground running. So hopefully the traditionally more reserved Norwegian audiences will be in fifth gear well before the encores. Vigelandsparken is one of the most significant tourist destinations in Oslo. And the fans in the middle of the country will be very appreciative of seeing Bruce on their home turf instead of having to travel to Oslo or Bergen for once. And skiing is a big part of Norwegian culture, so seeing a rock show at a ski jump is pretty cool. I remember years ago a Norwegian journalist suggested to Clarence the ESB should play at a famous ski jump in Oslo. It was a sort of crazy ridiculous idea, and I don't think anyone took the idea seriously. But now the ESB is finally playing at a ski jump.
  4. Hmm - you think he'll open with Jump?
  5. I'm not going. But I understand that the venue is quite a ways outside of town - I would guess there will be shuttles of some sort and probably buses too.
  6. *curls up and dies a little bit inside*
  7. Terrible. But a predictable and inevitable kind of thing - even with the best intel sometimes something will go wrong. This kind of thing will happen every so often whenever we carry out a bombing campaign. We can't really tell ourselves we're taking a high road. This is why we shouldn't be surprised the next time ISIS or someone inspired by ISIS carries out an attack in the US. And when that happens, perhaps we should also check our outrage.
  8. I'd rather see Nebraska have its own set.
  9. Great, great song. I think my favorite part is the vocal delivery on the album - also that harmonica - a shame he didn't play that part live.
  10. Learning to be able to have a drink without having four more isn't a bad thing.
  11. The pubs on campus at the Uni of Sussex (open from 11am to 11pm) were a natural social places for students to gather in between classes. No one needs a drink in the middle of the day, but if you can normalize drinking as a social thing that can happen in moderation, there is something to be said for that.
  12. I think it depends on what you mean by "overcome this". There have been dreadful attacks on civilians carried out throughout history in peacetime and wartime alike. There will always be human conflict so long as humans are around. It seems like 2016 is a bad year for terrorism, but OTOH we rarely hear about airplane hijackings anymore. And when we went to war against Saddam Hussein in 2003, we didn't carpet bomb Baghdad like it was 1945 all over again.
  13. Yeah, but I think universities are put in a very difficult position by virtue of the fact that the drinking age is so high. If it were 18, drinking would still obviously happen, but there might be fewer excesses to deal with. If the drinking age were 18, universities could actually have on-campus bars and pubs open to undergrads and be part of and help shape alcohol-based socializing. The need to get wasted on a Saturday night is a little less if you can actually get a quiet, social beer at 3pm in between classes on a Tuesday.
  14. I can get behind that for the most part, but if and when some student does become really drunk (even though they weren't supposed to) I want them and their friends to know they can ask the university/police/first responders for actual help without worrying they will be kicked out. If some kid is in a dorm with alcohol poisoning I want there to be every incentive for things to happen to keep them safe.