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  1. What even is heartland rock?

    For whate it is worth, the wikipedia entry for Heartland Rock namedrops Bruce more than any other artist.
  2. Maybe the US setlists were like getting lobster - but with really really boring sides and dessert. And not everyone likes lobster.
  3. What a strange tour, sigh...
  4. I guess the question is whether this is Bruce's fault for signalling to European ticket sellers that there would be a full album shows in Europe, or whether it is the ticket sellers for assuming that without checking first. As a fan who never thought it was clear whether the Euro shows would be full album, I feel like the fans who assumed they would be, without confirmation from Bruce Inc. were getting ahead of themselves.
  5. What even is heartland rock?

    The word "heartland" when used about the US typically refers to the midwest, correct? Can it refer to the south as well? Does as song like This Hard Land qualify as "heartland rock"?
  6. Or perhaps the narrator of this song is Ramsay Bolton?
  7. Next time you see the ESB live, what kind of show would you like to see the band to play. I'll give you 35 songs and anything goes. The only rule is that you can't include the entire River in its regular uninterrupted running order. That doesn't mean you can't come up with a setlist that includes every River song if you want. You can make this fun or realistic. Here's one model I think would be fun: 2 Greetings/WIESS songs 4 BTR songs 4 Darkness songs 10 River songs 6 Outtakes (at least 4 of which should be River-era outtakes) 3 Covers Either Fire or Because the Night 5 Post River songs - I'm going light on post-River material because instead of seeing the predictable Rising and BitUSA crowd-pleasers I'd like to see post River material that ties in thematically with The River.
  8. I don't get the sense that Bruce was hanging out a lot under neon lights and getting into knife fights in the late '70s. It strikes me that this is less "real life" and more or an "urban fantasyland" kind of song. Like Jungleland. Or something that Craig Finn might have written.
  9. What even is heartland rock?

    "Heartland rock" seems to be associated with acts like Mellencamp, Bob Seger, Bruce, and even Tom Petty. I've never heard of anyone use the term about any artist who isn't American. Question - to what extent is "heartland rock" identified by music and lyrics, and to what extent is it identified by image? I mean, are there songs that might be labeled either "heartland rock" or "country" depending on the whether the singer is wearing a plaid shirt or a cowboy hat?
  10. IMO Independence Day, Crush on You, I Wanna Marry You, Cadillac Ranch.
  11. Game of Thrones

    I've never liked Dany, but I have found myself really appreciating her story. Agree that Bran's return was strong - I never liked his story much, but the flashbacks were very well pulled off. And really cool to see some other characters when they were much younger. I believe there will be more of that next weekend. Also, as a book reader, this is the first time since Season 1 (before I started reading) when I really don't know what is going to happen next. I like that.
  12. That too. My guess is that what seemed like a cool idea for a mini tour of 15-18 US shows wasn't ever intended to be the format for a world tour going for months and months and stretching into the summer and outdoor stadiums.
  13. I am not questioning Bruce's effort or work ethic. I question his judgment about playing full album shows. And the fact that he has decided to not continue with them makes me feel like well, perhaps he's also decided that this wasn't the best idea. Of course he could be wrong. Maybe the European shows will be hugely disappointing. But I don't expect that they will.
  14. Obviously, like anything else I say, "the band can do better than that" is just my personal opinion. How is that different from you voicing your disinterest in a song you don't like? There are always going to be good and passionate fans out there who disagree, and they'll be OK.
  15. Come on, don't start complaining about the complaining until the complainers actually start to complain Look, I'm glad everyone who had a blast at the shows had a blast at these shows. I'm sorry that the Euros who had their hearts set on full album shows are now disappointed. Speaking for myself, for the first time in my life as a fan, I've found myself not looking forward to a show I had a ticket to. That's a very sad feeling and it isn't one I would wish on any fan, but it's an experience fans have been dealing with since at least 1985 if not earlier. Instead of toughing it out through a show I didn't want to go to, I sold it. Just like some of you haven't listened to HT or WOAD in years or you didn't buy HH. Very few fans really love everything that Bruce does - that's OK. What I see happening now is that the full album show is going away, for most, if not all the Euro shows. What Bruce replaces that with remains to be seen. But in my opinion this is a really great thing. It sounds the band is looking forward to this to. If you are convinced you don't want to see a non full album show, then don't go. If you want Bruce to play your song - whether that is some River song or whatever else, bring along a sign request.