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  1. Jack of All Trades is probably my favorite song on WB. I guess I could give or take the strings (I'd rather do without honestly), but am happy to see the song being played again.
  2. I absolutely loved the High Fidelity outtake clip.
  3. I am glad that if you want to see Bruce live today along the East Coast the ticket isn't a huge pain in the as to get. It does seem to me that if they scheduled weekend shows, hadn't hiked the prices so much, and yes, stuck to more arenas, that might have made more people happy. The flipside to all this, is I have friends in Boston who have never seen Bruce live, and I told them to check out TM. They just picked up three tickets for 51 bucks apiece - so now they get to see Bruce Springteen and the E Street Band live. That makes me happy.
  4. Local Hero is very representative of the LT album as a whole - fascinating, clever, and introspective lyrics, but musically unfinished and therefore unconvincing. It lacks the oomph that would turn it into a true rocker. If only he could have turned up the volume and the guitars and come up with an intro hook... There's a lot to be mined from the lyrics - he's just moved out to LA and singing about his house in the Hollywood hills, and this is the song he writes about what his life had become in NJ and perhaps helps explain why he left for a while. I'd love to see him open a show in NJ with this one.
  5. I've always thought that Saint in the City could work well as a rap cover. It is lyrically relentless and dense, and is one of the very few Bruce songs that has a real gritty urban swagger to it.
  6. Thanks. I don't hear You Mean So Much to Me in here though.
  7. What is Everyday People?
  8. I know a lot of people (in the US) who had sex at 14 - I'm not sure just how uncommon it is, especially today. Not saying I support lowering the age of consent 14, but it isn't out of touch with the reality of how the world works.
  9. I get the sense Bruce is quite switched on to what goes on in other genres, although I don't know how soon he discovered disco and hip hop. I don't recall when he said this, but there is a quote from him about being uncomfortable with the "latent racism in the anti-disc movement" . I think he's probably more introspective about race relations than many of his fans are. Certainly, the fan reactions to the Arthur Baker remixes, the Terrence Trent Darby guest spot, the "other band" and some of his other affiliations with black musicians and styles could lead him to expect that the market for, say, a Bruce Springsteen hip hop or even soul album might be limited.
  10. Thanks for thinking of me. I'm fine - this happened a few miles from where I live. But I have a friend who lives closeby, and she definitely felt the blast. Pretty scary stuff.
  11. I think a lot of us have a hard time thinking about 9/11 without thinking about what happened afterwards. I'd guess some Rising songs could make the setlist - would be nice to get something other than the usual ones, but I'd say The Rising itself is a lock.
  12. As applied to the entire album, that's a huge and cynical simplification. He sings about how we deal with going on after loss. He sings about the complex explanations for why these things happen. He sings about people from different cultures connecting. He sings about sacrifice and spirituality. The Rising is a multifacted textured album. You don't have to like it, but there's a lot going on there. And compare this to the rest of the public discourse about 9/11 after the fact.
  13. These things are always very hard to predict and are more of an exercise in wishful thinking and anticipation than actual realistic predictions. My guess is that the overall tone of the show will depend about 20% on the 9/11 anniversary. And 80% on Bruce's mood that day and vibe he is getting from the audience.
  14. A Good Man is Hard to Find would be appropriate to play at some point, perhaps not as a show opener.
  15. What is Hunter of Invisible Game about, in your opinion?