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  1. Now that the thread has been deemed "official" I feel I can post on it. Have to take our cat to the cattery later. He hates it, I hate doing it. Weather still forecasting thunderstorms for show day/evening. Can't imagine Mrs r's reaction (we specialise in rain here in Scotland) if I said we had GA tickets but fortunately we have seats and a roof above us. Chances of the full album must be higher now I'd think, which would be fine with me. Hope Bruce plays Rocking All Over The World with which he opened Helsinki 2012.
  2. They take a while and never until the tour is over. Maybe Olli was at Wembley?
  3. Have to say I fully understand. If I hadn't gone to Paris, I'd be furious. If he can play the album in a park in Oslo, then surely Rome (and other places) would have also been suitable.
  4. SPL seem to be showing setlist as happening. http://www.spl-messages.net/topic/the-river-16-in-europe-show-27-jul-28-2016-frognerparken-oslo-norway-setlist-thread?reply=516688412350952687#516688412350952687
  5. I'm sure they're one and the same then. I had a hotel 10 miles out of Santiago itself in the opposite direction from the venue, so pretty far away. Scrum to get on the few yellow buses (and you know what a mess the whole organisation was) - never again!
  6. Reminds me of seeing Bruce in Santiago de Compostela in 2009. I vowed after that show, never to attend a show where there wasn't accommodation nearby or a very efficient transport system. Some of these remote venues require the qualities of Bear Grylis as a prerequisite, qualities, I'm definitely lacking.
  7. We give more to charity than... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/9929061/Miserly-Scots-more-generous-than-the-English.html
  8. Thanks for the updates. Bet the locals loved it, rain or no rain.
  9. Maybe that or he wants people to know it's not called "This Train".