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  1. A great poet and songwriter. R.I.P Leonard, thanks for the music.
  2. End of debate, ha let's just see.
  3. Football so what. Do me a favour and sign this. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/132687 You'll note most signatories are in Scotland.
  4. Not for me. The US can get shot of Trump after 4 years whereas we're being stripped of our EU citizen status permanently. I hope Scotland gets the hell out of the UK as this Brexit progresses.
  5. Thanks, I thought it might be that because Richie donned a hat for that when I saw them on Tuesday in Glasgow. Rated Richie/Orianthi (despite being great guitarists) as average. Bad Co as headliners however were fantastic.
  6. So Steve guested with Richie Sambora and Orianthi. wonder on what song(s).
  7. Amy Macdonald - April 5 Edinburgh Al Stewart - April 29 Edinburgh Roger Hodgson - May 24 Amsterdam
  8. Great album from Lenny but I'm not getting carried away by saying it's amongst his best ever. His early albums and the run from Various Positions thru to the Future are in my opinion far better than his later efforts but the standard of his output overall has always been excellent.
  9. I was shocked at how poorly he looked on Jonathan Ross, sad to see. I also thought that his voice was far from what it used to be and he appeared to be straining (and out of breath) whilst singing Against All Odds. I'm not a huge fan but I hope he can recover some physical fitness and wellbeing.
  10. Fade out and fade in. Both Paris shows were fantastic but Paris 1 was definitely the better show of the two, despite the full River performance on the second night.The crowd were so clued up as to when to stay absolutely quiet and when to applaud/cheer etc. Best audiences, I've been part of, possibly ever. The recordings are excellent.
  11. BTX did this about 4 years ago and had over 1000 responses. If anyone's interested, see here http://www.backstreets.com/btx/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=308237&p=3844855#p3844855 My choices then, so I better stick with them. 1. The River 2. Thunder Road 3 Born To Run 4. Jungleland 5. Backstreets 6. Incident On 57th Street 7. Racing In The Street 8. Stolen Car 9. Born In The USA 10.Tenth Avenue Freeze Out 11.Land Of Hope And Dreams 12.Prove It All Night 78 13.Downbound Train 14.My Love Will Not Let You Down 15.Because The Night 16.Badlands 17.Tougher Than The Rest 18.Youngstown 19.Long Walk Home 20.Dancing In The Dark
  12. Very pleased for all in OZ and NZ!