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  1. See Tickets announces "fan to fan" marketplace. http://www.seetickets.com/content/fan-to-fan Now let's see Ticketmaster follow suit.
  2. R.I.P Chuck Berry I've never met Bruce (or tried to) but I did meet Chuck Berry. As a student, I was part of the entertainments team (nothing fancy, carrying gear, duck taping cables to the floor etc) for bands and there was a gig that night. A few of us took a break and went to a pub close by. I went up to the bar and ordered beers. A black guy with slicked back hair was sitting at one of the bar stools and he said Hi. I said Hi back ordered and took beers over to my friends sitting at a table. I returned to get my own beer and the guy asked what we were all doing that night and would we like free tickets for a show, "I'm playing in town tonight". It was then the penny dropped (Ding - A- Ling had been a No 1 here and I remembered it from Top Of The Pops) but being young (and viewing him as "old"), I wasn't phased and said thanks but we were working at another gig. He asked who it was and about my favourite music. we spoke for a few minutes and I said I hoped his show went well. I went back to my friends and we finished our beers. As we were leaving, Chuck said "see ya" and gave me a peace sign. One of my friends asked who he was and I said Chuck Berry. The response was "I think I've heard of him". Have to admit (being young) I was a bit casual about it too. It was only a few years later, I realised what a legend I'd talked to over a beer.
  3. Only + 2C in Berlin over Scotland then. I'll see what I can do. Looking forward to another visit to Schönefeld airport.
  4. ClipGrab is my current favourite video/audio. https://clipgrab.org/
  5. Might manage this meet up if I can persuade Mrs r that it won't be too cold in Berlin in October. Had a week in Berlin last year and it's a great city.
  6. ....and "equal" partner Scotland. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/david-davis-brexit-secretary-eu-select-committee_uk_58c92632e4b09e52f554c2c6
  7. What!
  8. You really think the Tory vision of Brexit is better? Not from where I'm looking. The EU has many faults but I'll take that over the hard Brexit seemingly on offer.
  9. I'm glad you're here and have chosen Scotland as your home,in fact I've taken recently to saying that to any EU national I meet.You are of course correct, EU nationals contribute hugely to our society both economically and culturally.
  10. Northern Ireland's turn for a referendum? https://euobserver.com/tickers/137233 Gibraltar next?
  11. No deal brexit? http://archive.is/KOlHZ
  12. I always think of you as part of the bedrock of this forum. We may disagree at times but hey, friends do that too. All the best, enjoy your drink!
  13. Thanks.
  14. I must be one of the "names above" I guess. I've never said I "accept the outcome". Scotland voted 62% remain, that's the outcome I accept.