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  1. Wembley tickets arrived today !!

    That's a real bonus at the Spanish shows - the fact that they start when it's either dark or virtually.so.
  2. Our last "official" performance of the River from start to finish - leaves Bruce wriggle room to play the full album in sequence in Europe - maybe?
  3. European Tour Confirmed -

    sansiro has also rumoured Cologne, Hamburg and Vienna recently. Bound to be right one time.
  4. More cities added now. https://www.etsy.com/shop/illustrationbyjuhl
  5. We're not getting the full album but I do think Live Nation UK should now state that's the case.
  6. Quite clearly from Live Nation UK it was http://news.livenation.co.uk/news/heres-what-to-expect-when-bruce-springsteens-the-river-tour-lands-in-the-uk/ They even stated such on their twitter feed as recently as 21 hours ago.
  7. No further reply from Live Nation yet but they've been told by several people about both Bruce's comment and Garry's tweet.
  8. Follow the Live Nation UK v Bruce here: https://twitter.com/LiveNationUK/with_replies
  9. A poster on BTX just tweeted Live Nation and they replied: Live Nation UK ‏@LiveNationUK 5m5 minutes ago @Nickh147 @GreasyLake @backstreetsmag Hi Nick, disregard what you've heard elsewhere. He's 100% playing the album in full on UK dates. View conversation 1 retweet 0 likes Check it on Live Nation twitter (tweets and replies)
  10. It's still current and I screengrabbed it - just in case.
  11. "Here's What To Expect When Bruce Springsteen's River Tour Lands" - LIVE NATION UK http://news.livenation.co.uk/news/heres-what-to-expect-when-bruce-springsteens-the-river-tour-lands-in-the-uk/
  12. Bruce and ESB 'Purple Rain'

    Just brilliant!
  13. I think I'll wait for further clarification on this. The advertising (fan tickets etc) all seem to imply the Europe shows are full River performances.
  14. Someday it will be Bruce

    Yep, won't be reading any more on this one.
  15. Great show, I was there. Thanks Olli! Edit: If you watch it Daisey, Prove It All Night 78 was played.