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  1. America's "Dad" Free-Fallin'

    Does anyone k ow what is wrong with Bill Cosby? I know the charges etc. But why does he need to be lead out of court by both hands? Is he going blind? Had a stroke? Dementia? If he is doing this to look sympathetic it isn't working on me. 
  2. Have to agree with enj really moves me live. And I hate shoe shopping. Slurpee from the 7/11 would have won me over.
  3. Yes. Get a bit misty at times during it.
  4. Wrecking Ball makes my kid so happy I could hear it every show.   
  5. Ok what happens when I leave a message here?

  6. Hillary Clinton and Email

    That is the coolest site. 
  7. Hillary Clinton and Email

    Not sure I understand. If she doesn't win it will hurt her?  She has her super delagates in the bag so probably unstoppable but so was Nixon. Part of it is the lack of transparency contrasted against a very upfront Bernie Sanders giving the appearance she felt she was above it all.  In the age of media whether it is television or social media all this gets played over and over. We expect them to all be perfect and they are all human. We end up weeding out some fairly good people through the miracle of soundbites and carefully crafted videos to produce an image. She has so much video and time in front of the world that it starts to be baggage. Any one point in her life might seem commendable. But put together the montage it can be like statistics and manipulated.       
  8. Hillary Clinton and Email

    This has legs. And it isn't some vast right wing conspiracy. And frankly she has the perfect storm brewing. Bill's bimbos. The affable Bernie Sanders who is touching a nerve because while you might not agree with his politics you do know he cares. Trump, the man who says some good, some bad, alot of ugly and manages to remove the oxygen in the room. And the wonder of delay in release. 
  9. pauses like he can't remember what he wants to say or pauses for you to think?   
  10. Chicago 2016 show—official free download

    Itunes? Mine went to I tunes.
  11. Chicago 2016 show—official free download

    Not like bruce was hitting every note perfect...she just has a louder voice so you hear her.  This is the Bruce sings softer deal. He has off notes but sings much more softly. She has a strong voice so you hear a miss or two.  Lovely gift to those of us who weren't able to get in the barn for Chicago and hadn't even considered msg. Really sorry for the travel plans that were marred by the weather though...  The guy sitting next to me in Buffalo '09 missed the first song grabbing a flight from France. Flight delays or customs lines and he could have missed the entire show. 
  12. MSG Jan 24th Officially Postponed

    I think the tri state fans should open their doors to the traveling tramps and Bruce show up for jake style livingroom shows.

    Huh? Seriously? Is this a possibility? 
  14. Why hasn't plowing started? I get the trucks can't unload etc but I don't see plows in any pictures. 
  15. I love...

    I love kids sports games.