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  1. I only know (somewhere deep inside of me) that the band's final shows will be on the I 95 corridor. Fingers crossed, prayers said that down the road we will be all together for a few more. But guys this has been a great several years. Xx
  2. I know it isn't my fight. I just thought it odd. I don't even agree with Bruce on every issue ... just odd. And they pulled out.
  3. I have only read half of the thread and hate when people jump in but I haven't seen my question presented. I would think if you cover his music you like the man and his music. You would know each show and each album stands alone to deliver what he feels like delivering/sharing at any given point in time. How crappy can you feel playing the guys music knowing he would loathe this? Knowing it doesn't fit the event. I don't get it. This isn't a wedding for super fans. The isn't a bar in a state or region that adore the guy. This event takes place to cheer on a guy that the songwriter has an issue with. Seems odd.
  4. I will just thank the lot of you. So glad I found this place and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
  5. I am screwed if you couldn't because my Chicago seats are behind the stage. It will be 4 generations staring at a curtain.
  6. All extremists seem to be nuts. What if they are all just people who want to belong gang members? The most isolated in society trying to belong to something somewhere. Be it to a family or religion. They stand out. Their children are alienated for this reason. My personal crusade is to get them all school team gear and put them on my kids soccer team. The three Somali boys on a rec soccer team I coach never missed a game, even if they had to show up 20 mins late. Losing a wife seems hardly motive but if you are isolated all bets are off. She might be your only connection to the world. Tight knit communities shun people who break the rules. Maybe he was about to be or was being shunned. I come here for the appreciation of a man and his music. You people get an aspect of myself but I have other lives.... we all do but maybe he was going to lose his community.
  7. We want to grab a show with 4 generations while the youngest can't object. Does it count if it is still in the oven???
  8. Yes. Fox News. Bruce voice caused me to pause. Channel cause me to wonder if hell was freezing.
  9. In clearing the basement of junk I came across 45rpm For You cover by Manfred Mann. Doubt it was even played, but for a small tear in the cover sleeve it looked shiny and new. Since all can be found online I went upstairs to have a listen on youtube. The line that has never set well with me in our hero's version is : 'Cause I've broken all your windows and I've rammed through all your doorsAnd who am I to ask you to lick my sores? As it was the first somewhat complete string of words our ASD son whispered my cringing has waned over time. As I listened MM sang in place of And who am I to ask you to lick my sores? sang And who am I to ask you to fight my wars ? (I have circled my question enough to reach my point) Did Bruce ever have a version that had And who am I to ask you to fight my wars ? I preferred it the moment I heard it. Thanks in advance for any info on this question
  10. No way did she seem 90. Always liked her.
  11. I think we can pace ourselves and still be fans. BTW no hopping in my section 221. And here is the oddest part. Should you have sat still you felt your seat move because entire rows were singing and bouncing while sitting. I looked around and worried that would be us all in another 10 years. The young or young at heart on the floor and the rest of us in seats living vicariously while the energizer bunny has mended whatever is bothering him at the moment and still dancing with old ladies. A colleague of my husbands was retiring. Boss didn't want her to go. Nope, she was done. Back and forth back and forth. What could he do to keep her? Obvious answer. Front row tickets to Springsteen. He got them for her. My dream job is something where someone wants me that desperately. .