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  1. Bruce's Acoustics.

    If like me you cant afford the Pro Series 6 and you want the Boss guitar look, the GN51 BSB is a very similar looking, same NEX shape guitar but without electronics, and only standard rosewood back and sides. Still plays incredibly well and has a fantasic sound with spinal tap like sustain...
  2. Feedback on my mix would be appreciated!

    I really liked it - Stevie Wonder's not necessarily my thing but as a mix it was great. My thoughts would be to take the delay off the Clav or if you desperately want a delay on there, just use a slap back with one repeat as it's just too busy with it as it is at the moment with all those repeats. The brass is very well recorded and mixed, really impressed with that. The drums sound like they've been recordedd with one overhead mic as the hihat and tom fills are possibly a bit too loud but it doesn't detract, I would just compensate by either boosting the kick drum mic if there is one and if not, record with a kick drum mic as it just needs a bit more kick drum power to help the bass guitar with the groove. Very impressed otherwise!
  3. Tunnel intro music from L.A. 88

    Completely agree! It's Roy playing the synth intro and Danny triggering the 'random' percussion sounds.. There's no sequencing or anything, it's all live:
  4. Guitar Sound

    On a separate note: Backstage shots from Rome 2013. Might be of interest... I think it's the closest will ever get to a proper shot of Bruce's current set up!
  5. Guitar Sound

    Festaklein, the recent thing I've found is that all you really need are thicker strings than 'normal' (certainly for the E A D strings), and just play it with your pick much closer to the bridge to get the really prounounced high-mids that he gets. It doesn't really matter what amp you use, as long as there's just the slightest bit of (ideally) valve crunch. Only a really tiny bit though... Use the Carbon Copy for a slap back delay for single note things like the Backstreets intro/solo etc. With a Bassman, you've got all you need to get the basic sound - as long as you have it quite loud. Carry on using the BB for the clean boost effect if you have to have the amp quiet due to neighbours. Keep the bass knob low for the Born to Run/Darkness sound. His 21st century sound seems to have a lot more bass though - not sure if this is due to the Marshall cabs and therefore bigger speakers? Use the Distortion+ for the your Candy's Room/Prove it all night solo sound - make sure the levels are matched and crank the gain knob to full for the sustain. That's more specific to the Darkness tour sound though as his more modern sound doesn't have as much sustain and is probably just the Fulltone Fulldrive 2 pushing the Mesa. The one thing which none of us will ever be able to match though is the fact that part of his sound is a valve amp turned up very loud! That sound just cannot be replicated with pedals or in the home unless your neighbours are very understanding. Oh yeah, and his playing technique but that's another story all together... You've got a great collection of kit though that I'm very jealous of!
  6. Has anyone come across any other artists or Youtube videos where they've managed to get a guitar sound like the Boss? (On purpose or not). I've watched so many videos and I cant think of many that seem to match his sound or playing style. This one at times has the 'other band era' sound: It helps that he's using exactly the same pickups as Bruce did at that time! If you've heard some, post them here so I can geek out over their kit...
  7. Guitar Sound

    My stab at this: bridge pickup on the Tele then CS1 first, a medium amount of compression for sustain then the SD1 as a relatively clean boost with the drive fully down and left on permanently to make up for the fact that your pickups probably won't be as hot as Bruce's. Turn volume knob down on guitar to get cleaner sounds as needed. Use the OD3 (experiment with drive and level but probably best to keep drive relatively low and let the two pedals combine to make his crunch sound) to use for soloing like at end of Atlantic City. Get a short slap echo sound from the DD3 and use on the tracks it's needed. Keep the amp fairly bright and not too much bass - let the ear piercing mids out! You could probably get the sound you're after just using the AC15 and the CS1 and SD1 but you might have to crank it too loud for home use so best to use both pedals. Just for more nerdy chat, I go for the '78 sound and use a Classic Vibe custom into a permanently on BD2 with drive fully down and use a home made MXR Distortion+ for the lead and then a delay for the slap into a bugera V22. Let us know how you get on!
  8. The River Harmonica

    I've always played it in D (after learning off the album). This picture from Rome 2013 shows it is in G these days...
  9. Old tour photographs

    As much as I agree with vantrampofhearts, they're still some great photos! Don't think I've ever seen photos from River era from side of stage/behind. Love the guy holding up the fan for Bruce!
  10. Roskilde 07.07.2012 IEM

    I found the drum sound pretty bad myself, but got past it after 2 to 3 numbers. This recording is just too great! Yeah, I get used to it but everytime I download a new bootleg or official download, it just surprises me! My favourite official download is Perth3 as by the time Highway to Hell's ended I'm rocking out too much to care
  11. Roskilde 07.07.2012 IEM

    Is it just me and apologies for the slight deviation and rant but as with this Roskilde one and the official downloads, they sound good, but the snare sound is so awful? As someone who loves having the drums really high in the mix and as a fellow drummer, loves to hear what Max is up to, I just cant bear that snare sound. It's like the top mic on the snare is off and they only use the bottom mic which makes it sound like a cardboard box with a few wires stretched across it. My favourite reunion era bootleg is the fantastic matrix from San Jose 2008 which very rarely gets a mention on these sites but the drums sound just so good on there. And the Hammersmith official release is incredible. The Los Angeles 2009 bootleg come to think of it, the snare is great on there too! And Live in NYC! I bought my snare drum based on the model Max was using on the reunion tour due to that sound. Lastly, most of the properly mixed videos always have a great snare sound so i don't know if Clearmountain or whoever is mixing them is taking the bottom mic fully out of the mix? And the Apollo show - the drums sound great! As I've only seen it mentioned once, on BTX, since the WB tour started, I'm guessing no-one else is too bothered by it?