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  1. there are a lot of selfish people in the world, consideration for other people is an old fashioned value. with the decline in religion it is the you only live once, you have to make the most of it, too hell with anyone else philosophy. some people going to a concert is a lot of money and the highlight of their year, to other people it is just something to do and loose change. another hate of mine is people smoking at the concert, the ticket has a no smoking sign on it, not only inconsiderate but against he ground regs/terms of the ticket.
  2. no, apparently it's true.
  3. He worked out that once Gove entered the running he was not going to win, only 2 candidates go forward, probably Gove from the Brexit side and May from the pro Euro side.
  4. The petition started in May which was before the vote. In my view a major constitutional reform should require more than a simple majority of those who turn up to vote, my view is 2 votes separated by between 1-2 years would be reasonable for a major change, especially as once we are out we can not easily get back. had, the remain vote won by a small margin the pro exit side would have been pushing for another vote, possibly after a general election. However, a second vote now would be moving the goalposts after the game has started, for better or worse the country has made its bed it has got to lie in it. It will be interesting to see what terms Boris or whoever negotiates, will UK have to make financial payments to get terms that cause least damage.
  5. If you have more speakers, presumably located at various locations how does that work. say you have speakers at the front of the stage and then say 60 yards back, wouldn't there be a lag, ie you here the sound initially from the nearest speaker and then 1/4 of a second later the same sound but quieter from the other speaker??
  6. I guess that is why he is leaving out the slower songs from The River, Point Blank, Fade Away, Wreck on the Highway, not party music.
  7. should it be postponed, as they had not kicked off.
  8. Think of the river as a book/film, there may be some scenes/chapters that can be edited out, maybe a few different scenes added/replaced, but generally the scenes haves to follow in order.
  9. it' the 2nd most read news item on the BBC website.
  10. I still think that the 4:30 is the start time, but not certain, trains end early on Sunday so getting home could be issue with 80 000 people all heading for Wembley Park station.
  11. I was hoping that the 4:30 was the start time, thinking again it could be the gates open time.
  12. I was thinking a lot earlier, I think they are due on at 4:30 so will probably take stage at 5:30 on off about 9pm
  13. I think the tour was not planned more than 6 months' in advance, some promoters are quicker to agree a deal with Bruce inc. some promoters are More reluctant to take the plunge. it appears as soon as a deal is made the concert is announced and tickets go on sale soon after. if no promoter comes up with a package and there are free dates then he may play festivals.
  14. |They may well take a break from the tour and return back to the states for a week in the middle of the tour.