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  1. Supertramp - Breakfast in America Big Country - The Crossing Gerry Rafferty - City to City Bruce Springsteen - The River Dire Straits - Love Over Gold Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell Motorhead - No Sleep Till Hammersmith Whitesnake - Live in the Heart of The City Neil Young - Live Rust Status Quo - 12 Gold Bars
  2. it looks like another unofficial radio broadcast release, the show when he announced he would be doing the Amnesty tour.
  3. Status Quo were the best live act I have ever seen.
  4. Are these USA or worldwide? (Elvis Christmas Album re-issue sold 10m from the 70's in USA)
  5. joining Stalin and Hitler, in good company.
  6. I suspect she will get overtaken. Most hardcore fans will have preordered the album or picked up on day of release, so the sales will drop significantly later in the week. other albums will not be in the first week of sale so will have a more equal sales distribution throughout the week, there are 2 or 3 albums that may overtake Kate Bush.
  7. This land is your land
  8. Gary US Bonds? Quarter to Three Mitch Ryder and Detroit Wheels? Detroit Medley Chuck Berry? No Particular Place To Go
  9. What constitutes an impeachable offence? does it have to be an offence committed whilst in office? Does it have to be an abuse of office? would Hillary Clinton's abuse of emails have been/still could be impeachable? Alleged sexual offences prior to office are the impeachable? dodgy business dealing/fraud prior to office is this impeachable? Is an impeachable offence whatever congress says it is? I find what has happened in the USA worrying and fascinating. you have a president elected with less votes than their main opponent (something that happens occasionally due to the election format). From the media coverage we have you have protests against a democratically elected leader before he has taken power. There were two candidates neither of which were arguably fit to lead the their country. I don't understand how much power the President has, but presumably congress is more powerful than the President so much of what he wants to do he can't.
  10. there are a lot of selfish people in the world, consideration for other people is an old fashioned value. with the decline in religion it is the you only live once, you have to make the most of it, too hell with anyone else philosophy. some people going to a concert is a lot of money and the highlight of their year, to other people it is just something to do and loose change. another hate of mine is people smoking at the concert, the ticket has a no smoking sign on it, not only inconsiderate but against he ground regs/terms of the ticket.
  11. no, apparently it's true.
  12. He worked out that once Gove entered the running he was not going to win, only 2 candidates go forward, probably Gove from the Brexit side and May from the pro Euro side.
  13. The petition started in May which was before the vote. In my view a major constitutional reform should require more than a simple majority of those who turn up to vote, my view is 2 votes separated by between 1-2 years would be reasonable for a major change, especially as once we are out we can not easily get back. had, the remain vote won by a small margin the pro exit side would have been pushing for another vote, possibly after a general election. However, a second vote now would be moving the goalposts after the game has started, for better or worse the country has made its bed it has got to lie in it. It will be interesting to see what terms Boris or whoever negotiates, will UK have to make financial payments to get terms that cause least damage.
  14. If you have more speakers, presumably located at various locations how does that work. say you have speakers at the front of the stage and then say 60 yards back, wouldn't there be a lag, ie you here the sound initially from the nearest speaker and then 1/4 of a second later the same sound but quieter from the other speaker??