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  1. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    it' the 2nd most read news item on the BBC website.
  2. European Tour Confirmed -

    I still think that the 4:30 is the start time, but not certain, trains end early on Sunday so getting home could be issue with 80 000 people all heading for Wembley Parkstation.
  3. European Tour Confirmed -

    I was hoping that the 4:30 was the start time, thinking again it could be the gates open time.
  4. European Tour Confirmed -

    I was thinking a lot earlier, I think they are due on at 4:30 so will probably take stage at 5:30 on off about 9pm
  5. European Tour Confirmed -

    I think the tour was not planned more than 6 months' in advance, some promoters are quicker to agree a deal with Bruce inc. some promoters are More reluctant to take the plunge. it appears as soon as a deal is made the concert is announced and tickets go on sale soon after. if no promoter comes up with a package and there are free dates then he may play festivals.
  6. European Tour Confirmed -

    |They may well take a break from the tour and return back to the states for a week in the middle of the tour.
  7. European Tour Confirmed -

    If the promoter thought he could make a profit, he could always do Cork or Belfast. the promoter probably feels that he has a nice profit from 2 shows, a third show elsewhere might not be (as)profitable.
  8. European Tour Confirmed -

    could they add a 3rd Irish concert instead of one of the possible UK concerts?
  9. Since there is no Chelski thread

    John Terry has learned the PR side of things. JT wanted a contract offer by the end of January, club wanted to wait until they got a new manager to see if Terry fits in his plans. JT has allegedly been offered £20 million from China, so if he does take the offer he is not a Judas rather a hero who has been betrayed by his club. Abramovich may well want rid of the players who turned against Jose;Costa, Terry, Hazzard, Matic could all be on the way, I believe JT may have turned on Jose, however he has learned the PR side and left others to take the blame.
  10. " nice orchestrations " does not sound like Steve's type of music,
  11. watching the Christma special from 40 years ago, stands the test of time well. James Bolam must be one of the most underrated actors ever. comedy/drama he could do the lot.
  12. go to login then go to my downloads start downloading once file has downloaded extract (possibly right click) I'm. doing something wrongI go to my downloads and it's just the ones I've paid for snd they are naturally expired somehow I have ended up some place where I can listen to them but I want to download them ....I'm getting in a bit if a flap we might never get Christmas anything in our house at this rate did you purchase them (for£0.00/free)
  13. go to login then go to my downloads start downloading once file has downloaded extract (possibly right click)
  14. Whatever had been done re the Tempe DVD/audio would have had detractors. Had they released the DVD of the entire concert with still frames replacing the missing video people would have complained. Releasing the DVD separately, people would complain (only bought the set for the concert DVD or I must have everything released so I have to purchase something I already have) Had they released (they may still) released an audio CD people would have complained (either should have been in the box, or cashing in as people could rip it themselves) we are getting something for nothing, you can't expect people to spend much money/time polishing something that they are giving for free. Bruce/Sony will do whatever is in their financial interest (or possible artistic integrity). Bruce can't please everyone, so he's gotta please himself.
  15. Top 5 River-Era Songs

    The River Point Blank Independence Day The Price You Pay Sherry Darling