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    Does anybody know which ticket site usually sells the tickets in the UK? All the usual suspects. Ticketmaster, Ticketline, Eventim, Seetickets   Ticketmaster normally transfers most of its allocation to its sister site "Get me In!"  Instant inflation!
  2. I'm saving my money for The Definitive Bruce Springsteen. The Very Best Definitive Greatest Essential Hits Volume 1 compilation can't be too far away.
  3. Was reading all the posts on Sound Quality for the Box Set yesterday and due to these decided to take the plunge (Like others have multiple copies already so previously had no interest in buying) Tip was to get the Vinyl Box Set from Amazon Germany due to favourable Euro/sterling Exchange Rate. Turned out to be £115 on Amazon UK and £100 on Amazon Germany so placed order with Germany. This morning the price for the Vinyl Box has dropped to £85.74 on Amazon UK! Fortunately managed to cancel the German order. at £85.74 for the box set plus what appears to be a very high quality book compared to perhaps £18-£20 for individual albums and maybe £25 plus for The River it might be better to go for the Box. Also for those still considering the CD Box Set HMV has it at £30.
  4. John Prine - Where to start?

    Nice John Prine reference in this song by Zoe Muth – “If I Can’t Trust You With A Quarter (How Can I Trust You With My Heart?) It was cold Thursday night in January When I first met you at the bar We’d been smoking our cigarettes with the heater on Listening to Elvis in my car Well the place was pretty empty I worked on my second rum and Pepsi Just longing for the sound of a sad country song When you moved a little closer I had no intention of saying “no sir” Then you asked my for a quarter That’s when it all went wrong Chorus: You know I’m a jukebox honey But I ain’t got much money Said you had song that you wanted to hear so I gave my change to you When I heard that jukebox start I knew the cupid’s dart had missed its mark If I can’t trust you with a quarter how can I trust you with my heart? It was still another week til payday And I had a big old pile of laundry to do I’d been saving my quarters for a wash and dry But like a fool I gave them all to you Well they say a decent man is hard to find When your taste in music is as good as mine And I just could not ignore what I already knew When you said you’d never heard of John Prine Well I knew right away you weren’t worth my time And I’m sorry to say hon before we’d begun We were already through Chorus: You can call me stubborn you can call me a snob You can even call me downright mean But I’ve got the finest record collection That you’ve ever seen
  5. Your Favourite Albums of 2014?

    Again in no particular order my top 5 Rosanne Cash - River and the Thread King Creosote - From Scotland with Love Wilko Johnson/Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home Men they Couldn't Hang - The Defiant Zoe Muth - World of Strangers
  6. Downloads go Live

    Given these amazing set-lists Bruce (and Mr Landau) needs to have mercy on our wallets and let us download single tracks. Maybe this will come at the end of the tour. Imagine a Flynn style compilation of all the tracks played .....................
  7. Mott the Hoople - Yes!!

    Yes but Queen were virtually unknown at the time (1973) and the tour played in halls with a few thousand capacity. So just how old are these guys now. First rock gig I ever went to was Mott at the Liverpool Stadium in 1972. I was 13 years old at the time. I'm 54 next week. Will they still be alive in November? I saw them at the old Greens Playhouse (Later the Apollo) in Glasgow when Queen were support - at that time they had had their first hit single Seven Seas of Rye - not sure if the spelling is correct. Also not sure if there were many arenas at the time either. Rod Stewart & The Faces and later Rod solo,Neil Young, The Jam, Dire Straits on the Making Movies tour were playing The Apollo and/Or Edinburgh Playhouse. Capacity would be in the 3,000 to 5,000 range.Even in 1974 3 years after Topping the UK and USA singles and album charts simultaneously Rod (and the Faces ) played 3 nights at the Lewisham Odeon! In those days tours really were tours. Wembley would have existed at the time but don't think the MEN Arena,LG Arena in Birmingham would have and there was nothing of significant size in Scotland. Seem to recall lots of tours played Bingley Hall in Stafford but don't know what size that was. Mott will be no spring chickens! Ian Hunter wasn't that young even at his commercial peak but has been gigging regularly ever since. Mick Ralphs was with Bad Company on a recent reunion tour. The Hammersmith shows got brilliant reviews and they have great material.
  8. Mott the Hoople - Yes!!

    They were big enough at one point to have Queen as their support act ! O2 presale has 4th level blanked out so wonder whether this area will only be used if there is a high level of early sales. In 2009 they sold out 5 nights at the Hammersmith Apollo so they still have a decent fanbase. Swithering between Newcastle and Glasgow with the former slight favourite as its a Saturday night.
  9. Mott the Hoople - Yes!!

    Original band reform for 5 UK dates this autumn ! 2013 Tickets Mott The Hoople Announce UK Tour Dates in November 2013 The band will be returning to the UK in November 2013 for five dates only: Mon 11th Nov 2013 – Birmingham, England – Symphony Wed 13th Nov 2013 – Glasgow, Scotland – Clyde Auditorium Sat 16th Nov 2013 – Newcastle, England – City Hall Sun 17th Nov 2013 – Manchester, England – O2 Apollo Mon 18th Nov 2013 – London, England – The O2 The shows will feature original members Verden Allen (keyboards/vocals), Ian Hunter (vocals/guitar / piano), Mick Ralphs (guitar/vocals) and Overend Watts (bass/vocals). Due to ill health, original drummer Dale Griffin will be substituted by Martin Chambers (The Pretenders). All tickets are priced £40, except London, which is £45 – subject to booking fee and available through Tickets go on sale to the general public at 9am GMT Friday 26th April 2013. Pre-sale tickets for fans who come through this website will go on sale at 9am GMT Thursday 25th April 2013. The pre-sale ticket links will be posted on this page on or before that time.