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  1. The promise vinyl reissue

    You made a great decision in keeping it then 😀
  2. The promise vinyl reissue

    I didn't have a turntable 😉
  3. hey everyone, Just incase you haven't seen, whatrecords have got the new reissue of the promise on vinyl for £16.99, out the same day as the River box set 😀 Rob
  4. Hey everyone, Like everyone else here I am loving these new archive live releases, and have taken the decision (mainly financial reasons) to just download these and put them onto CD and my iPod. I'm a bit old school and like physical releases and having my Bruce collection on display, and so I feel the need to put these releases in a nice case, write the track listings down and get some artwork! I was just wondering what other people who have turned to downloading do? Do you just put it onto cd and in a case and be done with it? Or do you try to make it look like a properly released Cd? Also does anyone know of any websites where you can get artwork for these releases? It's a shame it doesn't come with the download too! Rob
  5. I suppose certain items have sentimental value to people, and things like cassettes and 8 tracks aren't going to be re-released, so they would be a nice thing to hang on to. Maybe first pressing of vinyls too are nice to keep, but for me cds don't have that same value as those other things, they get remastered all the time now, and are freely available everywhere.
  6. Hey everyone, I have recently bought the Bruce album collection box set on both cd and vinyl, and to my ears they are better than my old cds that I have. These will be my go to albums now and I can't decide what to do with my other cds. Like everyone here I collect Bruce's music as well as many other artists, but I don't have the room or need for duplicates of albums that I'm never going to listen to again! Was just wondering what everyone else here does, do you just have one copy of an album or do you keep all the other versions you have bought in the past?! Rob
  7. American beauty

    I agree, it's not a bad song, and I enjoy some of the lyrics in there. It's one of those songs where one day it may just click with me, but at the moment it seems dis jointed to my ears! I disliked jackson cage for years and then about 3 years ago it came on and I really enjoyed it, and still do now! It's funny how songs can change for you over time.
  8. American beauty

    Yeah, 'hey blue eyes' is as good as it gets on that release. I do like the front cover though
  9. American beauty

    Hey everyone, Just had Bruce on shuffle on the ipod, enjoying a beer and suddenly American beauty came on! Reminded me how much I really can't stand this song! It seems to be too slow and like it should be sped up a bit, and Bruce's delivery is painful to listen to at times. Is this one of Bruce's worst vocal performances on record?! Rob
  10. Album collection box set

    Yeah I think so too! Couldn't resist at that price though!
  11. Hey everyone! I have been holding out on getting the new album collection box set on vinyl as I couldn't afford it, but I've just been on amazon and bought it for £87.00! So if anyone else is thinking of buying it on vinyl then get over to amazon quick!! Rob