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  1. Says it's sold out!!
  2. I've been lucky enough to get tickets for the Albert hall in '05 , the o2 in '07 and Leeds arena in '13. i seriously think I'm pushing my luck with this ticket!! Good luck everyone trying to get one, let's hope everyone here manages to meet Bruce.
  3. Hi all, im heavily into the Beatles, and I see a lot of people on YouTube and other forums talking about their love of the Beatles and the members as solo artists. I enjoy some of their solo work, mainly Paul Mccartneys, but I don't feel the need to collect all of their solo albums and tbh a lot of it I'm just not into. Its made me wonder if you can call yourself a huge Beatles fan, when you're not into the members as solo artists? I suppose they are 2 different things, it just seems like I should love them as solo artists as much as I do as a band! anyone feel the same? Rob
  4. Haha, very glad you got to hear it live! About time too after that many shows! I've got it once at Wembley 2013.
  5. Yeah i just love the intensity and power of the NYC performance! You're right, Hammersmith is another great delivery as well! Thanks, I'll check out that show in Cincy!
  6. I love this song and for me the definitive version is the one on Live in New York. I'd be interested to hear if anyone thinks there is a better version that's been released?! Rob
  7. Haven't watched this in a while so thought I would give it a spin this afternoon. WOW! I had forgotten how pumped up the band and especially Bruce were in the first few songs, such high intensity, they all sound so great, I should watch this more often! Rob
  8. Amazing show last night, bucket list songs galore! Apart from Dublin this was my first venture outside the UK to see Bruce and the Italians lived upto there reputation of being a fantastic crowd, up and rocking, and very quiet and respectful when needed, so nice to not hear hundreds of people talking around me when they don't recognise a song! NYCS was of course a massive highlight, drive all night completely blew me away, but for me I've waited 20 shows to hear Ramrod and finally last night I got it! It may not be his best song but I absolutely love it! I have done since I saw it on my first ever Bruce purchase, the live in New York City DVD! Thanks Bruce and the band for making this such a special experience. Heading out for dinner tonight and more exploring of Rome tomorrow. So nice to see so many Bruce t shirts whilst walking around! Rob
  9. Arriving tomorrow evening, really looking forward to this! Never been to Rome before so can't wait to go exploring and to see a Bruce show as well is the cherry on top! Not sure my pregnant wife would agree with the Bruce part! Safe journey to everyone travelling tomorrow!
  10. Sorry if I'm being dumb here but the banks on the sides, I presume people can stand up on those as well as floor standing?! Thanks
  11. Anyone from the uk ordered from the European store? How long did your order take to arrive? Thanks
  12. Yeah, we are having a weekend in Rome in July and taking in the Bruce show there . She came with me to Leeds. She respects the energy Bruce puts into a show and enjoyed it, but she doesn't quite 'get it' all the queueing etc! yeah I know you can't compare the two acts, unfortunately in a few years all we are going to be left with are workout classes..
  13. Hi everyone, thought I would share this with you all, as a lot of people (including me) have become a little critical of Bruce and his current setlists. ive just spent the evening with the wife at a Rihanna concert. She came on stage at 9.10 and left the stage at 10.45, no encore and went off stage about 3 or 4 times during the show to change costume. She barely broke sweat. We paid around £40 more than a ticket to see Bruce would cost. i walked out of the stadium comparing the value for money against a Bruce show, and it made me realise again just how much Bruce gives onstage and the sort of show he gives an audience. Yes setlists are a big part of a Bruce show but sometimes our expectations are so high that we forget how lucky we are to still have him with that energy putting on 3 hour + shows. Play whatever you like Bruce, just please keep on playing....
  14. I've over saturated myself on Bruce and the E street band live over the last few years and this tour has caught up with me. I have to be honest and say that it excited me that he was going to play the river in full and I quite happily booked to do one show and that would be sufficient for this tour. That's the only thing that has annoyed me about this whole tour and I blame Bruce and his management for changing things so much after coming to Europe. As far as the current setlists are concerned, I piss myself off by constantly looking at the setlists, YouTube videos and periscopes and then getting annoyed at some of the songs he's playing and wondering why I'm bored looking at it. Why do I give a damn if I'm not going to the concert?! It doesn't concern me and it's not my show! That's the problem with the internet these days, everything is so easy to find that you can have too much of a good thing! Back in the day it remained a surprise at the setlist you were getting and apart from the odd vinyl bootleg you had no idea on arrangements of songs and how many times they had been played. i know I'll love the show when I'm there, and the setlist won't really bother me, but not playing the river in full will always leave a bad taste in my mouth. so great to see Bruce healthy and playing 3 hour + shows still and I think it's time to not concern myself with shows I'm not going to. Rob
  15. I went to see ACDC in London on Saturday night and decided to drive to the o2 and get the underground from there to Stratford. I was a little worried about getting out the car park afterwards as it is usually so busy. I was surprised to find there was no event on at the o2 and it made me wonder why they couldn't have booked it instead of Wembley. I know things may have been different at the time of booking the dates, and bums on seats in comparison to Wembley is very few at the o2! Just feels like a missed opportunity to play an arena and the river album in full, on a date where the band would have been in the UK anyway.