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  1. lolololololol
  2. I thought Sancious should have got the call as well; funny you wrote that 'Growin Up'. Charlie was the logical move as he was just on the road with him prior to Danny's death. Charlie is a professional musician; simply fantastic. But he's still playing someone else's music for the most part; exception being what he's contributed to some studio work since then which btw way is great work. I think his job on 'Wrecking Ball' was terrific. Brad
  3. I like this 'Shacked' version better than any on the last tour! And how bout that 'Tunnel Of Love'? They fuckin NAILED it! I don't know a damm thing about music; I never played any instrument. How do they remember how to play all these tunes? Is that a hard thing to do or is it like riding a bike? I met Clarence once and asked him just that; his answer is in his book. He basically said 'He just feels it' .... But that's HIM - he wrote/created those notes we hear! Whatever the case, it's amazing to me when something gets played and they just kill it! My thought is that if it was easy, other bands wouldn't play the samething everynight. Bruce has help on stage with the words; but I'm talking about the music itself. Its incredible to me. Brad
  4. Every time 'Frankie' is played or any 'Tunnel' track see's the stage; which is basically rare - although he's hooking us up this tour with a tune every couple nights - thanks Boss! Brad
  5. Nice job here by everyone involved; including the folks on stage of course. This is the way you play a show! Brad PS: Karsten, move the thread if this shouldn't be its own topic buddy; thanks.
  6. Great show, but more stuff needed from this century! Where is "Girls In Summer Clothes"; "High Hopes" or "Rocky Ground" ....... 1000X better than another BIUSA or RIVER tune....jeez already. How bout something from the new box dude? Nevertheless, we will always find something to whine about; at least I do. But I love it all anyway Brad
  7. Somebody get a 'Girls In Their Summer Clothes' sign out there for this gig. I also wanna hear 'Harry's Place' .,., perhaps that's better for the Jersey shows coming up. Brad
  8. Show from yesterday: Sounds good! I never heard him do this ..... Brad
  9. Besides saying: "Because He Can"; does anyone have any factual insight as to why he's not playing back to back shows anymore? There's a lot of break time this tour between shows; it's very expensive to do this: Storage; roadie road/travel pay; etc. I think these shows have been extra long because of this and their sound has been just incredible! I don't know. I used to enjoy waking up the next day, however - ready to go again; I kinda miss that. Brad
  10. It used to be seeing them play in a small auditorium but I accomplished that being at both rehearsal shows in 1999. I also used to pray for all the Outtakes to be released and I got that as well. He did finally play 'Valentines Day' and 'The Promise' (the entire album) was released, so I could probably die in peace after that stuff. So, all that's left would be: Seeing a show that had both 'Happy' & 'Frankie' in it; although I have seen 'Frankie' played a couple times. After that, I suppose seeing a full album played of either 'Tunnel Of Love' or 'The Rising' would do it. Brad
  11. Paul handled himself like a gentleman; zero controversy here. Brad
  12. Thanks Janey, I'll check it out now. Yeah, I loved the 88 tour as well; I saw both shows in Atlanta but I believe I've heard nearly every night of it. Brad
  13. How was 'Tunnel' ???? Did they nail it without Danny there? There's no way it could sound the way it should without him. Someone who was there (that knows what the tune is supposed to sound like) - please speak up and do tell? Brad
  14. Great show!!!! Nice on 'Tunnel' ..... I wanna hear 'Harry's Place!' Brad
  15. But if there's ever been a song that doesn't sound like him, it would be 'Hungry Heart' - go figure. Brad