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  1. Great show, but more stuff needed from this century! Where is "Girls In Summer Clothes"; "High Hopes" or "Rocky Ground" ....... 1000X better than another BIUSA or RIVER tune....jeez already. How bout something from the new box dude? Nevertheless, we will always find something to whine about; at least I do. But I love it all anyway Brad
  2. Somebody get a 'Girls In Their Summer Clothes' sign out there for this gig. I also wanna hear 'Harry's Place' .,., perhaps that's better for the Jersey shows coming up. Brad
  3. Show from yesterday: Sounds good! I never heard him do this ..... Brad
  4. Besides saying: "Because He Can"; does anyone have any factual insight as to why he's not playing back to back shows anymore? There's a lot of break time this tour between shows; it's very expensive to do this: Storage; roadie road/travel pay; etc. I think these shows have been extra long because of this and their sound has been just incredible! I don't know. I used to enjoy waking up the next day, however - ready to go again; I kinda miss that. Brad
  5. It used to be seeing them play in a small auditorium but I accomplished that being at both rehearsal shows in 1999. I also used to pray for all the Outtakes to be released and I got that as well. He did finally play 'Valentines Day' and 'The Promise' (the entire album) was released, so I could probably die in peace after that stuff. So, all that's left would be: Seeing a show that had both 'Happy' & 'Frankie' in it; although I have seen 'Frankie' played a couple times. After that, I suppose seeing a full album played of either 'Tunnel Of Love' or 'The Rising' would do it. Brad
  6. Paul handled himself like a gentleman; zero controversy here. Brad
  7. Thanks Janey, I'll check it out now. Yeah, I loved the 88 tour as well; I saw both shows in Atlanta but I believe I've heard nearly every night of it. Brad
  8. How was 'Tunnel' ???? Did they nail it without Danny there? There's no way it could sound the way it should without him. Someone who was there (that knows what the tune is supposed to sound like) - please speak up and do tell? Brad
  9. Great show!!!! Nice on 'Tunnel' ..... I wanna hear 'Harry's Place!' Brad
  10. But if there's ever been a song that doesn't sound like him, it would be 'Hungry Heart' - go figure. Brad
  11. Just another great 21st Century song that never gets played. Why?
  12. Don't quote me, but I think the music on LT were sound machines and was not recorded the old fashioned way of having a band in a studio; etc. The song LT is a great tune and would have been much better with the E Street boys behind it; then again - the same can be said of any song recorded without them. I had a great time on that tour but looking back on those years and his reasons for playing without the guys seems like a huge waste of valuable time. I think he was sick of being known as a 'Group' artist and wanted to seperate himself; etc. Idk, but I'm sure his new book will explain. Brad
  13. Phisherman, not to sound ignorant but when you say 'Mix' ... Is this fella you mention working Bruces' mixing desk DURING the shows or is this only AFTER to work on our downloads? I ask because this tours sound is unusually good. I only saw one show thus far and anxiously await the two DC area gigs, but I've been to 119 shows and I can't ever remember them sounding like this. Have you seen this tours speakers (indoor)? Their paper-thin!! I don't know how they can produce so much sound but again, it's unreal. Does Phish play with such a sound system as well? I have one of their studio records and their a good band; they too make a lot of people happy. Thanks, Brad
  14. No shit? I never knew that; cool info to have. I understand what you mean with regards to 'Waiting', but I used to wait years for a show and have no problem with the length of time they take to release a concert. It's all good but I guess your point is well taken. Hence, I will then contradict myself and now say: 'I wish I had some of these recent European shows to jam too this weekend.' lol Thanks again for your point, Brad
  15. What do you mean?