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  1. This New Thing I've Found

    Dancing In The Dark/Born In The USA Argentina 7-inch CBS DEP 348
  2. This New Thing I've Found

    Thank you very much
  3. This New Thing I've Found

    From Japan 3 Japaneses seven-inches white label promo Born To Run/Backstreets CBS/SONY SOPB 334 Hungry Heart/Heldup Without A Gun CBS/SONY 07SP 511 I Wanna Marry You/Be True CBS SONY 07SP 525
  4. This New Thing I've Found

    Hopefully you have to check very hard in a few days.
  5. This New Thing I've Found

    Fire/For You (both live) Portugal 7-inch Radio Copy CBS 650381 7
  6. The River Swedish Radio P4 Stockholm
  7. For sale

    Hi Karma I'm intrested in some of your 7- inches. I will send you a pm soon.       Best Tomas T-B
  8. Loose End (The River Single Album)
  9. All I Need

    STILL MISSING!!!!!! Sherry Darling/Independence Day UK 7-inch white label promo CBS 9568
  10. 41 shots Swedish Radio P4 Stockholm
  11. I hope everyone will have a great show in Windy City