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  1. Downloads go Live

    Hi all, Took the plunge last night and downloaded Perth 3 as it looked a good set and had terry's song. What times we live in when we can now download a show from the other side of the world in pretty great quality for £6.30 (UK) - less than 2 beers. I'm sure I'm not alone when I think of all the record fairs I used to go to, the money spent buying tapes or the £35 triple CD's in awful quality that promised so much. Oh the money.. On first listen of the show the production is better than some of the recent albums somehow. So here is a question - do we think BS will check the download stats and maybe try some real random shows to drive sales. Is the move to full album shows a way of testing it and seeing if people buy them? This is a chance to put out all the material he has kicking around, appease the fans and earn money. For example how about a full album Nebraska electric or the Ties that bind album. This is a nifty way of playing all the albums that could have been, the running orders that might have happened and we can buy great quality versions for less than we spend on a live nation booking fee, postage fee and processing fee. These are good times and at this price it kills the download/file sharing market. I'd share my copy if anyone wanted it but why bother- you can download it in 15 mins. I'm keen to get Melbourne 2 next - full album BTR, solo THL and lucky town. I'll be watching the set lists even more closely now. Thanks to everyone giving tips & tricks and those incredible covers. Just an amazing community.
  2. Questions about Tracks

    Just to add Brothers under the bridge is an absolute gem. One of his best last lines. Good to see gave it a name getting a mention. I even like goin Cali as it fits in with here he was at the time. It is a cracking set and I often augment the full albums with added bits from tracks when making playlists something I'm sure many here do.
  3. I've not heard it yet but am not expecting much. The Morello widdling irritates me on HH but on every album somewhere there is a gem. Even WOAD had the wrestler so maybe there is one thing that will stick. I do like dream baby dream already but I am sceptical of liking any morello stylings on record. We'll see. I don't like everything unreservedly ( like many level heads on the lake) but I can respect his choices and sometimes the one's you dislike on first meeting become firm favourites.
  4. Great to read through this thread today. It was a mad show, more like a smaller 'club' gig than a big arena with all the high energy covers. It felt like he was determined to play the songs he first learned on guitar - especially with summertime blues. Sound was one of the best and the crowd, though on the more mature side was great. Signs were very random indeed. Having missed Wembley, and been to Coventry & hard rock I was really hoping for Thunder Road at the end but couldn't see how we would have the time - the house lights had been up since BTR (possibly as a hint to get off) and the high vis roadies were all standing by ready to tear the stage down, they even starting walking forward at the end of shout. I was so chuffed when he walked back with the acoustic but then totally confounded and overjoyed to get Janey which I have always loved (esp the D&D tour version) - but at the same time I was tinged with sadness that there would be no Thunder road (and thinking how random it was to miss out twice after lucky day at Hard Rock) and then he went straight into Thunder road. Just a diamond moment and I swear I saw people with tears in their eyes. Last gig for me after 3 great shows this year - bring on the next live box. Thank you Wales - Cardiff is a great venue, great pubs close by, good sound and we even had a very civilized curry on the way back.
  5. Still on that devils and dust compilation - just had a great moment where I couldn't work out what the song was and then clicked "I came by your house the other day....." great version of Bobby Jean, no idea the song would work in that country rockabilly style. love the versatility. Will try it later.
  6. Am listening to a devils and dust live compilation - currently Across the Border, just heard terrific versions of Because the night and living proof. Great antidote to man-flu.