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  1. I like that he releasing stuff from the vault, but most of us already have these songs, two or three times over.
  2. Let's go Giants!
  3. It looked like he was a bit nervous at times. He kept looking down and had a lot of nervous laughter. Yes, black is his color, I noticed the nice new shirt.
  4. Anybody get a copy ahead of the "official" release
  5. I've been enjoying the Met Life shows, just fabulous!
  6. I usually don't comment on politics, but Trump is an asshole, and always has been an asshole. Am I wrong!
  7. I'd say your not from the New York or Washington DC area? So you don't have the personal attachment that some of us do to this event. I was on the steps of the Courthouse at 60 Center Street when the first plane hit. So I have a personal connection to it, especially the people that died and the friends that I lost. Truthfully my friend, I wish we didn't have to do this every September 11. I wish September 11 never happened, but it did, and to give it a rest, as you put it, will never happen. I lost two close partners from my firm. I lost three friends who were fireman in the area. I lost my fucking mind for a number of months after it, and came close to being another statistic. Give it a rest, never, just like I will never forget when my parents died. Tell you what, come to NY and I'll give you a tour of the area and meet some of the children who don't have a father because their father risked their lives trying to save some they didn't know. We will never forget September 11.
  8. This comes from an article I read. Interesting concept, remember a lot of us laughed at the "Seegar Sessions" too. Bruce himself has said it is inspired by “pop records with a lot of strings and instrumentation” and uses the 60’s collaborations between Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb as examples of the sound (think Wichita Lineman or By the Time I Get to Phoenix). While this might remind people of the two most recent Bob Dylan albums where he covers the great American songbook, this sounds as if it will be distinctly different. First off, there has been no inkling that there are any covers. It seems that Springsteen has written all of the songs. Second, this album is being styled after a distinctly different era. Dylan’s albums sound like small combo jazz from the 40’s or 50’s. Springsteen has referenced what might best be called “countrypolitan”, the sound that came out of country music in the 60’s that blended traditional country songwriting with orchestras to provide a more sophisticated sound. The album has evidently been completed for more than a year but, due to his tour behind the deluxe edition of The River and his upcoming compilation and autobiography, there hasn’t been time to do anything with the recordings.1
  9. Absolutely agree, what a great show. You folks in Philly are blessed, now if you only get a good football team.
  10. A growing up in the Disco era, it was very hard to find good rock n roll. That was until I went to Asbury Park at 15 years of age and discovered Bruce Springsteen. My my friend Corey, told me you gotta hear this guy, he's amazing, he's going to change music. Change music, what a laugh, kill Disco, then you got something. I remember one night walking down the boardwalk, listening too the music coming out of the bars. On those hot summer night, you could sit outside and still hear everything just like you were inside. We stopped at one place and started listening to thr music, it was different, not disco-ish, just good old rock n roll. The longer I listened, the better it sounded. Before I knew it, I was trying to get in the front door, but the bouncer was letting "no 15 year old punk" into a bar. Even a bribe of $20.00 didn't help. When I asked who the band was he told me it Bruce Springsteen and to watch out this guy was going places. I remembered the name, and on my trips to the Village, I'd always stop in the rundown record stores looking for different kinds of music. Sometimes I'd get lucky and find something good. Other times I'd find mostly crap. One time I found a tape from Bruce Springsteen & the EStreet Band recorded at a local college. It was great, I must have played it over and over again, u Gil someone stole the tape out of my car. From then on, I became hooked on Bruce. I followed him for a whole, but when you not wealthy you can't do that for to long. But it all started on a warm summer night down on the shore.
  11. Let me start by saying, I was not there pat MetLife, but Kitty's Back is one of my favorites, especially the live version. To have it not included in the great MetLife show is okay, only because New York Sernade was performed, with strings! If Kitty's Back was played it would be the topping of a great night of music. All of you who were there, you are blessed! Than again, we should all thank our stars for being alive to hear the night of music.
  12. Too many to name: Jungleland Stolen Car If I fall behind many more, but these are three that meet the criteria. Granted, my bladder is close to my eyes, so I cry easily. That's hard to say when your suppose to be a big tough man and hide your feelings all the time.