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  1. Apparently Patti and Jessica were on stage for Hungry Heart.
  2. I know! The anal retentive editor in me cringes whilst the mega-fan is so happy that he yet again proves how normal and human he is. Loving these mini stories and little 'Bruce blurbs', they are classic.
  3. *sigh* And that's about the closest I'll ever get to Bruce in the morning.
  4. Started saving the moment I got home from Sydney this year as I watched all the other set lists and wished so badly I was there. It's a great incentive for a holiday and my husband and I had sooooo much fun on the last one that it would be fabulous to do it all again next year. Bring it on!!!
  5. I hear you, Bruce depression is very common. All you can do it relive the memories, play lots of music and videos, download like crazy and sit glued to Greasy Lake and other forums for any hint of a rumour that he's coming back. Thank god my husband is just as addicted as I am so I have someone to share the pain with...
  6. They had bad internet access out there last night so I wonder if it's even worse tonight?
  7. Wow, haven't heard Royals done by Lorde but just listened to Bruce's version and love it. Quite different and interesting.
  8. I have to wonder if the people who complain about this tour are spoilt for choice! I could only get to Melb 1 & 2 and Sydney and would desperately have loved to make every other show. But again, here in Australia, we haven't exactly had the guarantee of seeing him year after year after year. I can't imagine complaining unless Bruce put on a horrible performance, which he never does. One of the things I learnt early on in being a Bruce fan is that it's HIS music. He will choose what to play. He will choose how to play it. He will deliver three hours of some of the best music ever written. I struggle to understand how people can be a fan and not get that about him. He's unpredictable. If people want to know what is coming up, change to following Beyoncé or someone like that. Those scripted shows where you know exactly what song in which order and get to pre-watch it on YouTube before the first show anyway. And I don't say any of this harshly, I genuinely don't get being frustrated with seeing Bruce, hearing his stories, watching his onstage antics and hearing that glorious music. Let's face it, there are limited years left for us to get these live performances, let's treasure them as much as we can.
  9. Until you said that, I had no idea THIS existed (note, it's audio so doesn't kick in until around 1:30 or so due to all the guitar tuning going on). Oh Lordy!!
  10. Ha - try being in the pit at Melbourne 1 and 2 where people kept getting their ***4 drinks in cup holder trays*** CONSTANTLY!! It was crazy!! It took people half an hour to get through the crowd, get served, find their spot again, slosh beer all over people on the way... If you need to drink that much, why waste your money being at Bruce? You're just going to forget the show anyway. Some in Melbourne were staggering, and I mean being held up two friends, just to walk to the cab rank. Seriously?
  11. I loved it. We've had unexpected openings at each show with a song that means something to a) Australians and local audiences in particular. It's fun to see Bruce and the band enjoy themselves and be a bit silly. It changes things up. Would I prefer a Bruce song in its place? Probably. But what the hell, you only live once and it's up to Bruce to play whatever the hell he wants. And if that means he plays an odd song AND comes back to Australia next year, then bring it!!! ;-)
  12. Sadly I only realised tonight that there is a "donate' button to help the admin of Greasy Lake give us this site. As a long-term lurker and haphazard participator, I have used this site a lot to get info, share stories or just read comments from other fans who actually get Bruce. After riding the roller coaster of that epic Brisbane set list with others on here tonight, I finally made a donation and intend to do this frequently. May I gently remind others that the button to do this is up on the top right-hand side of this page. This site brings us all a little magic. It would be good to send in a little love in return. ;-)
  13. Gotta love him in a v-neck tee all drenched in sweat. ;-)
  14. Wow, you can only make his shows every year? I'm in Australia and I'm grateful that we've had any shows at all in over ten years, much less the utterly indulgent option of two tours in two years. We definitely appreciate it as it's not an option otherwise. Every Bruce show for me is one I'm thrilled to get and while I think he's kicked butt on this Austalian tour, maybe he realises how much we do appreciate him, his humour, his music and his band over here so we're getting some extra special stuff. Or maybe he's about to go crazy and do similar sets all around the world. Whatever he does, it's pretty awesome. And definitely better than not going it at all. Enjoy the fact you can see him so frequently, you're very lucky. :-)
  15. Yep, exactly. It is a really special feeling to share our live of Bruce with others who get it. Well said!! :-)