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  1. I have been looking for this particular item for a long time and finally...and the price is ok
  2. It’s probably a fake.He is selling home made copies of Little Stevens Radioshows and he has recently lost a case to me, I got a refund, but he is out of Paypal now.Stay away,he is bad business.
  3. That could well be the case with the "Dancing" shape, as this one was apparently reissued in 1985 (with no distinguishing feature to the initial 1984 pressing, so there's no way to tell them apart). Also, the original first issue of "Cover Me" that featured a wrong running speed imprint was withdrawn and later replaced with a corrected version - however, I have owned copies of either variant at one point, and both were discolored. Talking of discolored vinyl,I have two copies of "Tougher Than The Rest" cd5(BRUCE C3.Both of them are dark brown and unplayable.Any info about that?Steen
  4. I also made a deal with Steen, winning all his three eBay auctions: - "Springsteen Pack" Ireland-only 4x7-inch - "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) / Night" Holland-only - "Hungry Heart" Italy-only 'DJ Special Service' promo 12-inch EP I hate that this is the second time I buy the first two; I had bought them before from someone who conned me. Don't worry,Eddy
  5. Hi Jacco,records is posted.Steen

  6. I can help(again)
  7. Hello Sietze1976-I have those two 12" in mint

    condition.Please give me an offer and I will reserve for you.Last time I saw them on Ebay

    the price was 200 and I think 125$. I will be gentle to you.Regards Steen

  8. I can help you out with those two and maybe a few more.I'm selling out of my vinyl collection.Steen
  9. Thank you all for the warm welcome.I did have a plan to stop collection,but this thread makes it very difficult.I don't collect vinyl any more,so during the winter I will probably let it go.Steen
  10. Thanks for the summary, Martin. Good research! FWIW, my own copies of all six Dutch mid-90s singles ("Secret Garden" through "Missing") have small center holes. The same applies for me. I have large and small hole versions of both "Secret Garden" and "SoP" and both large hole versions appear professionally made. What kind of sleeves are they in? Although SOP appears to be professionally made, do the labels look like this? Earlier today I received a PM from Rosalita101 : Hello Martin I have absolutely no idea of how to contribute to this thread,so I must leave my comment about your research concerning the 7" from the mid .90. If you take a look at my scans, you will find some very proffecional made singles,which I don't believe is fakes.Also I find it wrong to believe in just one source without any strong phycical proof.All the best.Steen I have answered him the following two answers: Thanks for your scans, I will come back to them later. I can understand that you find one source to little but in this case it is enough. The guy I know from the Sony pressing plant in the Netherlands was personally responsible for the release and production of these singles, he prepared tha catalog numbers, the artwork, the platters etc. for this reason, and I'm now talking only about the last 4 7" (HH, TGOJ,Missing, DMW), I'm confident that those four singles are produced as small centrholes only. Based on the discussion on the forum and the opinions of other contributors I proposed the same conclusion for (SOP, Secret Garden and Murder Inc.) For these three I have no confirmed proof that they were produced as small centrholes only. I hope this clarify's the proces a bit. Best regards, Martin Steen, I couldn't resist to take a look at the scans. For the three HH, Missing and TGOTJ it is what I expected: Jukebox versions. The jukebox versions were definitely NOT produced in the pressing plant of Sony in Haarlem. Most likely they are bought from Sony to be prepared for jukebox purposes (i.e. enlargment of the centrehole and addition of the jukebox strip). This does not mean that these are fakes, it are not, but it either are not originals. The question in this discussion is: Do we consider this as an individual release. In my opinion we should not count these as individual releases. If you take a look at the SOP you can see that it is impossible to enlarge the hole without damaging the label text, if this label was intended for use on large centrehole versions they should normally have printed other labels with less info on it. For secret garden and also for large centrehole versions of SOP in plain sleeves. In Haarlem they never produced SOP or Secret garden in plain sleeves. The produced them only in picture sleeves. So they seem to be repacked for jukebox purposes, which again does not mean that the discs are fake, but we cannot see it as an original Sony release either. Another question where did you find that version of If I should fall beheind, never seen that before. Don't see this as a offend, this is just my point of view. Hi Martin,thanks for clearing things up.About "If I Should Fall Behind",I bought the record from a swedish dealer years ago together with some other stuff and it was supposed to be "normal",but had that little thing with missing labels.Steen