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  1. The eBay Shuffle

    I have been looking for this particular item for a long time and finally...and the price is ok
  2. Web site for my collection

    Austria,not sure about year of issue,The%20Innocent%20And..
  3. WORLDWIDE CD singles discography (CD3, CD5, CDR)

    1996 - "Dead Man Walkin'" (COL SAMPCD 3315) Plain cardboard sleeve, 1-track, promo 1996 - "Dead Man Walkin'" (COL SAMPCD 3315) Gatefold cardboard sleeve, picture disc, 1-track, promo The disc in plain sleeve is also a picture disc. Does the plain cardboard sleeve really exist? The only explanation would be that this single was distributes in one country (or some countries) in plain cardboard sleeve and in one country (or some countries) in gatefold cardboard sleeve. Anybody has this single? Please tell us in what packaging it came. I also have both versions,gatefold and plain white cardsleeve.The disc is the same.I don't remember from where and when I got these,I bought them years ago
  4. WORLDWIDE CD singles discography (CD3, CD5, CDR)

    Australia 1999 - CD5 - "Chimes Of Freedom" (COL 667600 2) Jewelcase, 4-track, "9 399700 110463" barcode [back scan, disc scan] 1999 - CD5 - "Chimes Of Freedom" (COL 667600 2) Jewelcase, 4-track, "5 099766 760025" barcode [back scan, disc scan] (the disc says made in Austria)
  5. WORLDWIDE CD singles discography (CD3, CD5, CDR)

    Austria 1999 - CD - "Chimes Of Freedom" (COL 667600 2) Jewelcase, 4-track (There are two issues according to Steen. Are they both made in Austria?) My mistake,one is austrian and the other one australian Addition to France: 2005 - CDR - "Devils & Dust" (COLUMBIA, no cat#) Cardboard sleeve with sticker, blank disc, 1-track, promo
  6. WORLDWIDE CD singles discography (CD3, CD5, CDR)

    ---2009 - CDR - "New Music To Radio: WC 9/03/09" (SONY, no cat#) Plastic sleeve with insert, 4-track, promo, includes "My Lucky Day"--- II believe this one is a DVD compilation: and the us "All I'm Thinking About" is a silver cd South Africa: CD5 1995 "Secret Garden"+3, Col. cdsin 30 I,cardboard 2007-CDR-"New Music To Radio: WC 3/09/07" ( "Radio Nowhere" )+4-Sony/BMG, cardboard Mexico-1995-CD5-"Acoplado 1,Varios Epic Ingles"-("Secret Garden")+7 (it's more than 5,but playes 23:41)-Epic prcd 96372,cardboard
  7. The eBay Shuffle

    It’s probably a fake.He is selling home made copies of Little Stevens Radioshows and he has recently lost a case to me, I got a refund, but he is out of Paypal now.Stay away,he is bad business.
  8. "Trade Away"

    I have some extra cd singles for trade/sale: CBS The Sound of Summer '88 (no adapter)cbs proc 1238 Better Days-657890 2 Secret Garden-664021 2,aust. My Hometown/Santa Claus-38k5728,sealed The Rising-672997 1 The Rising-sampcs 11877 Lonesome Day-673272 2 Lonesome Day-673272 1 Devils and Dust-csk 55338,sealed
  9. The eBay Shuffle

    Talking of discolored vinyl,I have two copies of "Tougher Than The Rest" cd5(BRUCE C3.Both of them are dark brown and unplayable.Any info about that?Steen
  10. This New Thing I've Found

    Don't worry,Eddy
  11. All I Need

    I can help(again)
  12. All I Need

    I can help you out with those two and maybe a few more.I'm selling out of my vinyl collection.Steen
  13. Thank you all for the warm welcome.I did have a plan to stop collection,but this thread makes it very difficult.I don't collect vinyl any more,so during the winter I will probably let it go.Steen
  14. Hi Martin,thanks for clearing things up.About "If I Should Fall Behind",I bought the record from a swedish dealer years ago together with some other stuff and it was supposed to be "normal",but had that little thing with missing labels.Steen