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  1. Patti and a small entourage walked in just before it started and sat around 10th row. Landau and Marsh were in the room. Danny Clinch was taking pics all night.
  2. I've seen about 5 or 6 events at this theater and this was definitely the most crowded I've seen it. There were few empty seats. I agree weather may have been an issue... you have students who may have ended up with tix and then bailed... also I think this theater has some sort of subscription deal with benefactors and neighbors... you're always going to have a few tix that don't get used. They did take a the entire last row (2 rows behind me - about 7 people) and" MIB" them to much better seats. It was a great, unique conversation. Santelli was fantastic... the right man for the job. I'm also in the midst of the audio book so I'm on Bruce overload right now like I haven't been in years.
  3. Wow - no one here got tix... I got 2, and the dw and I will be there.
  4. RIP MiamiMArk.... Peace to his family and friends... and to alla yous.
  5. yeah I hear ya, but there's no stock options... and you need a person with the means to hob-knob with other big-shots.
  6. It'd be great if these guys did it for less for the cause. So idealistic, I know, but maybe philanthropy should become hot again. I know everyone out there has a foundation, another big issue I might add, but what if these titans of capital retired or took a few years and ran the foundations...lending their talents to the prosperity of others I'll go back to the hookah now, I'm obviously smoking something I think it's a different skill-set.... if you're VERY good at running a large charity, there will be multiple large charities interested in your services.
  7. In a word, no.Longer answer 501c4 dates from the origin of the tax code, so 1913. 501c3 are prohibited from any electoral efforts. 501c4s can lobby on their "issues" without limit, and a minority of their effort (<50%) for specific candidates. Importantly, c4s do not have to disclose their contributors. This privacy dates again from origin, but was reinforced by the 1958 decision by SCOTUS of NAACP vs Alabama. According to this (see pg 3) the activity of c4s expanded due to social activism in the 60s. I read another article in the past week or so (but can't find the specific citation now) that said the early 2000s saw an increase in their use by Democratic-oriented organizations with the right playing catch-up in the end of the decade, and certainly after Citizen's. Does that help? yup. And in case it hasn't been noted clearly, donations to 501c3 orgs are tax deductable... but donations to 501c4 orgs are NOT.
  8. She will prolly never travel outside the US again. That may be true, but no Western country would send her back to Italy.
  9. You're kidding right? You're going to indict "American football fans" in relation to this disgusting cover-up carried out by people in power, looking to preserve their power?
  10. I love the guy, I respect his opinions and his right to express them... I even like this song.... but this is very true.
  11. I work in... also, there was some other reason.... can't remember.... d;-)