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  1. RIP MiamiMArk.... Peace to his family and friends... and to alla yous.
  2. IRS target Conservative groups

    yeah I hear ya, but there's no stock options... and you need a person with the means to hob-knob with other big-shots.
  3. IRS target Conservative groups

    I think it's a different skill-set.... if you're VERY good at running a large charity, there will be multiple large charities interested in your services.
  4. IRS target Conservative groups

    yup. And in case it hasn't been noted clearly, donations to 501c3 orgs are tax deductable... but donations to 501c4 orgs are NOT.
  5. Amanda Knox to face retrial

    That may be true, but no Western country would send her back to Italy.
  6. Penn State Football: The Tarnishing of a Legend

    You're kidding right? You're going to indict "American football fans" in relation to this disgusting cover-up carried out by people in power, looking to preserve their power?
  7. Trayvon Martin Blues

    I love the guy, I respect his opinions and his right to express them... I even like this song.... but this is very true.
  8. Hey You! Explain your Screen name!!

    I work in... also, there was some other reason.... can't remember.... d;-)