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  1. Desperate.. like others I know. Thanks in advance. Nancy
  2. I have now donated this Ticket to Please contact Donna there if you know of a recipient in need. Nancy
  3. I'll be heading "back home" for sure!
  4. Can do a "transfer" right to you via TM. I bought with no intention of going (in surgery recovery till late summer) but only to keep out of scalpers hands and into hands of true fan.
  5. Come now Daisey! One role call, one PIT and dats it Mate? Seriously, I hear ya. It is back breaking work - plus that stage is definitely higher than the more intimate arena ones and no fun cranking your neck all night too. Back of the Pit great spot as well, with plenty of dancing room. Enjoy all and let's hope fellow Laker Selena and YES YES crew get some stage time tonight.
  6. Look out for the YES YES crew (Selena, Karen, Sue...) and say G'day please from me (Nancy.) Saw pic of the ground and looks great. Hope rain keeps away. Gonna be a RIPPER regardless Daisey. Enjoy, enjoy!
  7. Knew you would eventually prevail Kylie! Good on ya. Probably cause you made a new sign this time.
  8. So I move back to US IN June??? Whatever!!!!! Australia here I come .... BAAAACK in February!
  9. I am sure the Aussie Tour is correct??? Why?? Cause I bloody MOVED BACK to states is why!!!! Seriously, nothing would give me greater pleasure than for all my Aussie mates to be able to do it all over again sooner rather than later!
  10. Putting up the tree (like a good Jewish girl ) and popped in "Christmas In Asbury:Night 2" DVD.
  11. Yup just registered and made donation. Nice group of folks over there but they need donations to keep station operating guys! Head on over and give it a go.