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  1. I get those whose house emails I just hate how he is President Trump I never refer to Richard Nixon as President Nixon either
  2. ohhhh please don't extinguish my tiny flicker of hope this is the most upbeat I've felt since the election maybe his own party will revolt and bring him down can you have a no confidence vote ?
  3. so you did !! sorry I'm too happy gloating
  4. where is Just Dan and Skyjocky and Jerseyfornia when you need them ? pretty soon we can sing and dance this is the beginning of the end for Trump
  5. I'm not I'm fucking ecstatic Trump has no right to even be in politics it's a disgrace he even got to be nominated with no experience in public office I'm going to say something I woukd usually only think but Trump your a looser go kill yourself and do us all a favor
  6. at least some Republicans have good sence Trump's a fucking moron all right allinating members of Congress from his own party he does not understand how politics work he doesn't understand about compromise he's just not suited to being on the PTA let along being president of the United states get him put ! GET HIM OUT ! GET HIM OUT !! the white house is no place for losers kick s man when he's down embrace him now for all that treason involving Russia crooked Trump let him rot in jail clear the swamps
  7. what does it feel like to be a loose Trump ? I push his chest with my finger doesn't feel very good does it ? you don't belong in Washington pack your bags and fuck off back to one of your gold courses
  8. was Bruce going to sneak up behind Keith with a pair of sissors ?
  9. at least I have an excuse it's still early and we have not had breakfast yet !!!
  10. I so get this post even though I have no idea what the tv show is my friends mum went on a garden tour once and Sam Neils' mother's garden was one of them it was really wet and the mum gave her Sam Neils ' gumbo it's to wear everything we watch a movie with Sam Neil ...... well people roll their eyes
  11. never had a kiwifruit vine they are very prolific once they get going also one male services up to seven female vines we would have the gender specific problem all over again if we peed on kiwifruit as far as I know lemons are unisex when it comes to bathroom etiquette although it's usually drunk men and little boys who like to do the peeing
  12. I'm not sure if lemon trees grow in Scotland but I bet they do in Portugal spread the world to the gardening types in your family
  13. from a gardening perspective (as opposed to public decency) it's a common practice here to wee on your lemon tree .
  14. that's why mother nature made the lemon tree ! ....I assume men are allowed to pee on lemon trees in other countries as well ?
  15. yahhjjh quoting is back working again thank you to the powers at be for fixing it