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  1. Point blank for me was the absolute highlight of the river tour I always thought that point blank was best in 77 -78 (not that I was there bit just listening to different recordings over the years) But it was at its most spectacular durring this past river tour Alas I never got it live Thank God for nugs
  2. I would have just gone back inside closing the screen door behind me and gone back to bed !
  3. Same as I practice my NJ accent ! I think I dream in New Jersey !
  4. Wow I'm impressed I'm actually very excited for your friends too Not just because I love kitty But the rearest thing I've had on the radio was badlands and I got way over excited
  5. Mr Bushy I'm asking seriously because I havnt followed this issue as closely as some Why do you think that ?
  6. I know that But it's making news now and Trump is in the oval office Either way I don't think the blame is actually with who is president But in police policy and training and the selection process
  7. That last river tour was magnificent Hearing the songs he in sequence and hearing them grow every night they just took on more and more meaning How lucky any of you were to get to that tour and to gear the full album I love long walk home the best though !!
  8. A potentially interesting thread Dan and Its nice to not be talking about you know who ..... But i think it's of no.consequence George V, George V1 and Elizebth were never born to be monarch but all have done a magnificent job in their own right of making the role their own If Queen Victoria's cousin hadn't died in childbirth we would have had no Queen Victoria Prince Harry is very unlikely to ever be king now with little George and Charlotte ahead of him in the line of succession It must be a daunting prospect for a young mind to get their head around It's a two edged sword Give them as ordinary a life as possible so they may be more empathetic towards their people in the future - who then could blame them for favouring that over life in a fish bowl
  9. I've been trying to.avoid the video too but it got me yesterday It's just awful Both videos Unfortunately in this new age of Trump things like this reflect badly on your country I.am continuously having to.stick my neck out and say not all Americans are like this When you get a chance of president I deserve some sort of medal !!!!!
  10. I learnt the hard way missing too many birthdays by not checking into beyond the place often enough But different people hang out in different places Mission Man glad you had a good birthday even if it was too hot Best wishes for the year ahead
  11. Jim that's scary It's good you got onto it And MadamMarie I'm very sorry to read you have been a victim of identity theft
  12. My lip curls when ever I see footage or pictures of 'uncle David' and that American divorcee Nazi sympathizers When you look back at recent history from Queen Victoria on IMO have been very fortunate in who inherited the throne in Victoria, George V (who reinvented the monarchy for his own time) and George V1 and now Elizebth
  13. I've been taking an interest in Swden' s royal family since I became friends with Cecilia They seem to do much good, just like our royal family do Crown Princess Victoria and her family seem very popular
  14. Gunner! Phew as a lowly pvt im releaved It's a big red brick wall with many many other soliders at the back of the war cemetery There isn't a lot of room. But the plaque size is quite large compared to latter editions to the war cenetry diwn below Next time I'm there I'll take a picture. It's a really lovely resting spot. Very tranquil compared to the haphazard nature of the rest of the cemetery Anyway he served durring the entire war While my grandad was in the Pacific my grandma with her 3 small children went to stay in Timaru with her sister - I wonder if aunty Netta did the same NO ONE EVER TALKED ABOUT THE WAR ! It's good you have found people who knew your dad Eileen The cemetery is heartbreaking Marble steps erected my a bereaved mother And yes in the main cemetery i see headstones missing and names warn away Replacing a plaque isn't nearly as expensive as getting a headstone engraved That is sad about your great grandparents missing headstone Many organise a family reunion type get together and pass the hat around I know some of the recent connection i feel with Aunty Netta is because like me she had no children, and now she is gone who remembers her? It was indeed releaf to find them I know how lucky I am to live in this computerized internet age, not everybodies relatives are so easy to find Yes and now I know I mist look into uncle Horre's war service - how did he survive the entire war ? When my mum was lossing the plot she had my sister a company her up hill and down dale through the Timaru cemetery looking for her grandparents and I have seen a picture of that grave on the internet Anyway back in 1978 NZ was still a very conservative backwater, we did things because we were told to and were 20 years behind the rest of the world in everything Wellington was full of civil servants in grey suits for a long long time If it wasn't the done thing back then to put wive's names on memorial plaques I don't see my mum or my uncles rocking the boat But it's now 2017 and we have a whole new way of looking at things and hopefully past generations would approve of a lot of our new ways and I just can't help feeling sad about those unnamed wives lying at eternal rest (I saw on tv Prince Philip complaining about a school kid's handwriting - note to self - get some one else to spell check final draft of wording for plaque) Anyway what do I do with the old plaque ? I thought maybe the new plaque makers would take it away for recycling The plaques on this solider wall seem to be of much better quality than the usual cremation memorial plaques which are much smaller - when I was looking in the wrong place I noticed wording from.the 1990s was getting hard to read Anyway thank you for your encouragement Eileen and best wishes raising the funds and enthusiasm from your own family for a memorial for your great grandparents There must be lots of descendants who could contribute a little each From what I can gather to replace Uncle Horre's plaque will be about $500 plus extra for additional wording at $1 per character (dots and other, as needed punctuation is no charge) Anyway I will get back to you with my final wording and also uncle's war record