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  1. That's a beautiful shed I'd hide there too
  2. Well it doesn't actually go off ..though it does seem to evaporate
  3. Why can't the CIA or someone just sneak in there and do us all a favour
  4. He's pretty hot looking who ever he is He looks like he can sing ? Can Mr Obama sing ?
  5. I'll probably get to see it in the year 2020 North Korea you are on notice to behave until then !!!
  6. That's a fine looking dog there Glad you found your way to this thread
  7. Umm while we are all here sitting in a circle on the lawn drinking alcoholic beverages and confessing our sins I've never know who Orsen Wells is It's ok Eileen has my coat I'll be on my way
  8. I love Bruce's cover of fields of gold https://youtu.be/vvRHrgRndnA
  9. Oh dear That dirt is going to take more than one bath to scrub off you know
  10. PS thanks for founding an English speaking community because I can't speak Danish
  11. Oh dear im a day late and i have a lot of trouble spelling Karsten But hope your birthday was awesome and you got to do exactly what you wanted to do Our gratitude to you is enormous and your hard work and dedication to this place is not taken for granted May the year ahead be kind and prosperous to you
  12. Due to a gross cold i ran out of rum and had to stsrt on the whisky Just brought a bottle of Havana club special The Cuban rum not the Barcardi one Finished off the last of the lemon honey and ginger hot, with a slosh of the rum
  13. So I had some of Sky's cranberry sauce left so i had always intended to make a turkey meat loaf Why oh why didn't I buy the turkey mince when I saw it and then chick it in the freezer We had chicken loaf instead I kind of made it up ad I went along Grated carrot parsnip and gold kumer and celery I halfed that lot for a soup latter in the week Cashews and dried cranberries Some cracker crumbs instead of breadcrumbs Herbs and onion and a slug of that orange liquor that goes into the cranberry sauce The best bacon I've brought for ages It was pretty good I think it will be even better cold for lunch