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  1. Awesome show Also stuck in traffic not moving who cares well happy
  2. Bruce and ESB 'Purple Rain'

    Love this. Awesome Prince but bloody awesome Bruce. Roll on Manchester.
  3. European Tour Confirmed -

    no luck for me yet. Are all pit gone?
  4. European Tour Confirmed -

    Just keep trying for tix and dont get despondant. I just got 2 GAs for Wembley.. Have been kicked of all the sites over the last hour finally tried ticket...tard and woop woop but £8.25 handling charge ...........
  5. And it's a goodbye from me..

    Awww Good luck to you and your family. I bet you will still have a sneaky peak now and again xx
  6. Sat behind in Paris. Loved it. Prefer front row tho lol.
  7. Dont get much time to hang out here but hope you all have had a wonderful Christmastime . Have a great 2016 too. x
  8. Rugby World Club

    Oh Bugger. not happy.
  9. Just BRUCE!

    lady in the middle so checking out his rear. I am with you girlfriend hahaha.
  10. Moving to Belize

    My advice should you want it is to stick with it. remember why you left and do not romanticise the past. definitely stick it out for a year or two. you may have been naive going to Belize. Most of us only know the beautiful tourist areas. And it is very beautiful but poverty is rife and totally unlike european poverty. The people have been through a lot but are lovely and will take you into their hearts. I think you are brave but also lucky that you have the opportunity to leave at anypoint. stick it out teach those kids and you will have a fantastic life experience and even a fantastic life. Of course Bruce is always with you for comfort and support. Where abouts are you we could always send food parcels .
  11. Whatcha reading?

    This isnt yet available in uk. Was looking for inspiration for holiday reads........ get my best books cribbing off greasylake . x
  12. Relocating (UK)

    Well Holmfirth would be good. Excellant Picturedrome. But whats wrong with Leigh on Sea. you can easily get up to London or go to the great Chinnerys or any of the local gig places like The Touchline in Hullbridge. Good luck with it all cos its a hard but important choice.
  13. One for the long time fans...

    Bruce is dependable and supportive and a constant. Always there. In sad times I can go into Bruce world and be cheered. In happy times I have a good friend with me. Sometimes I lose my way and get back on track with Bruce. If I ever just randomly hear a Bruce track I feel its for me. I love Bruce.