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  1. is this paolo's circus story? maybe waiting on a sunnier day?
  2. indeed for example it is an appalling collection of centre halves rejected elsewhere O' shea (ex Man U), Papy (chelski), lescott (everton), denayer )man city), mcnair (man u) i'm probably forgetting a couple.....
  3. and brighton lose ... so the title is still up for grabs.....
  4. more joy for Toon - late goal for Bournemouth means Sunderland are doon.....
  5. as long as 4000 toon fans bought beer and food in the local pubs all is well
  6. ah spurs finally confirmed they are moving to Wembley - god news for ticket touts trying to flog tickets for final game
  7. Hope Queen Peggy makes you a lovely Herring cake
  8. this guy has no ticket but a few strategic bridge closures will keep enough peeps off the island that he will get one in the drop
  9. JoanFontaine, Skin2skin and Misadventure will be there
  10. expect some questions about Outlaw Pete
  11. \ Bruce Springsteen has had an illustrious career spanning over 40 years of unforgettable cultural achievements. The musician sits down with celebrated actor and longtime friend Tom Hanks to discuss Springsteen's unique place in American musical history and look forward to the future. Kickoff at 5pm