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  1. insufficient dog quota on this thread
  2. it is amazing how many peeps appear in Rachel's photos it is like a post -apocalyptic wasteland.....
  3. it is a bug that apple introduced with an OS upgrade but being apple they refuse to admit that it is a bug instead calling it a design change basically they are storing the image on the phone/tablet orientated differently than they display it which means when you copy it somewhere such as to the Lake it needs to be rotated before posting because they decided to store it a different way then they are showing it to you. Android devices do not seem to exhibit the same level of "we know better than you" that Apple does.
  4. you have an iphone or other apple device correct???
  5. yay after all the Asbury tour pics were somehow The RIght Way Up - the return of sideways pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hey look it is a Laker peep - maybe she knows RACED???
  7. drive/fly to Nashville - we can boo Raheem MoneyGrabbing Bastard Sterling together...
  8. phil jones who injured wayne rooney last week is taken out himself by chris smalling and is out for a few weeks. man u players seem prepared to do anything to get a game....
  9. chelski not playing anywhere near Don this summer they are off to Singapore to play Bayern Munich and Inter Milan.
  10. still not seen a local game but been to Chicago 3 times. Denver, Toronto. Charlotte 3 times, Kansas City. D.C Orlando,,,,
  11. definitely sounds a place JMW would love The outstanding feature of establishment is the dining room menu and the 'feral feast' on offer. Camel mettwurst and camel sausage; goat and goat cheese and feral pork form a feral platter available as an antipasto or main meal. Kangaroo and emu, although not feral, are also on the menu, with smoked roo, roo fillet and emu pâté on offer. \
  12. but wait pick up JJ off the floor as they will be playing Spurs in NASHVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just a short drive from St Louis or Atlanta It is a Saturday Night!!!!!!!!
  13. west coast bias Man City to play Real Madrid at the Coliseum (ie next to The Dump that Jumps !}! om July 26th I think the tournament organisers have over saturated the left coast market with all these games for Man city and Man Utd
  14. man utd to play lots of games on the left coast against minor lteams like Real Madrid and Man City,,,, and one on I-95 against Barcelona
  15. for our friends in Oz and NZ the photos are upside down