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  1. well jjim there is definitely some creative accounting going on when the Evil One is involved as google threw up a couple of articles that suggested he earned about 9.5m euros a year at real Madrid so that would suggest he was paying 100% taxes! or could he be lying ?
  2. DI MARIA pleads guilty to not paying taxes when he was at Madrid - they are going to have a good prison team
  3. 3pm in Blighty and 3pm on I-95 are the only acceptable timezones
  4. RACED has gone missing - probably finally succumbed to some disease picked up in one of the Killer Animal attacks but the Beeb has done a story on giant killer things in Oz
  5. despite being fought over by Toon and Brighton the man called Tammy has chosen to leave the comforts of Chelski for the scenery in Swansea!
  6. maybe bruce will play a matinee show for the OAPs and then you will still have time for a late evening dinner at 5pm?
  7. not Music midtown the lineup came out today - so U2 ignore Atlanta for the umpteenth tour in a row,,,,
  8. Evil One a tax dodger too Lock him up and throw away the key I say...
  9. that indeed is the BEST street in NYC
  10. Trumpton, camberwick green, chigley
  11. On Play school for 20 years Humpty, Big ted, Little ted etc
  12. Luka Modric being charged with perjury for lying about his managers taxes Maybe Real Madrid and Barcelona should just play in prison uniforms from now on???
  13. Champions League second round Linfield or SP La Fiorita (San Marino) v Celtic Europa League 1st round St Johnstone v Trakai (Lithuania Rangers v Progrès Niederkorn (Luxembourg) ) 2nd round Aberdeen vOrdabasy (Kazakhstan) or Siroki Brijeg (Bosnia and Herzegovina) IFK Norrkoping (Sweden) or Prishtina (Kosovo) v St Johnstone or Trakai (Lithuania) Rangers or Progrès Niederkorn (Luxembourg) v AEL Limassol (Cyprus) or St Joseph's (Gibraltar)
  14. yipped MagicRatafc's beloved Aberdeen off to lovely Kazakhstan? In the second round, Aberdeen will play either Kazakhstan's Ordabasy or Siroki Brijeg of Bosnia and Herzegovina