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  1. Not the slightest bit daft. He was a tremendous presence here and I know you are not the only one who considered him a friend.
  2. In honor of Trump's pet name for Hillary...
  3. Thoughts of the upcoming Norway show brought back memories of a great and much loved Laker, Jack. He has been gone for a while now but many of us have fond memories of his time here and holes in our hearts from his passing. Thinking of him, and his loved ones and family, as Bruce prepares to rock Norway.
  4. Robert Reich had an interesting take in a recent column; basically saying that this is not thematically shaping up as a left/right, red/blue, conservative/liberal election but instead an establishment/antiestablishment one, and that Hillary is playing a risky game by focusing on being the "safe' or "competent" or "sane" alternative (however unlikable/unpalatable/untrustworthy/unexciting). I think I agree to a point. But if that is true, what is she to do? Try to come off as some antiestablishment bomb-thrower? She has zero credibility playing that part and she can't out-crazy Trump. Puts her in a tough spot, basically hoping that come the fall, the undecided will say something like "OK, the circus and the shouting was fun and entertaining, but at the end of the day we are actually electing a President to do the President job, and one of these two people is going to hold that office, and one of these two people has demonstrated more of the basic competency and temperament to do it."
  5. Was there twitter in 1908?
  6. She does this thing she calls the Jump Back Jack.