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  1. It's hard to handle high call volume when the primary language of all of your operators is Russian.
  2. A moment that just don't come.
  3. I say it's all just wind in sails
  4. I always suspected bbb and sky were just separated at birth.
  5. Do water sports count?
  6. Maybe they were busy covering the Texans' playoff run.
  7. Packers need some of those alternative facts we've been hearing about.
  8. "The conscious manipulation of language is inherently authoritarian..." I need an umbrella with all of the dripping irony.
  9. She was probably wondering if she had time to grab his sidearm and put a quick round through her own head.
  10. Baby I got my alternative facts learned real good right now.
  11. "Bigly" is the new "doubleplusgood".
  12. Guess the jellybean count contest: Spicer says 1.5 million.