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  1. Stay warm, peeps in Yankeeland

    February made me shiver.
  2. Gravity waves

    Well done Wasted.
  3. Gravity waves

  4. Gravity waves

  5. If these were blacks or Muslims...

    Or in his case "cownsel".
  6. If these were blacks or Muslims...

    Cilve's first move was to request a gub'mint-appointed lawyer.  Of course it was.
  7. Gravity waves

    I think I'd rather hear Mike Tyson explain it.
  8. Gravity waves

    Einstein and Shakespeare, Sitting having a beer.  Einstein trying to figure out the number that adds up to this. Shakespeare said, "Man it all starts with a kiss".
  9. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    "Research".  Yeah let your college freshman daughter tell you that..."Dad I am doing research."
  10. Super Bowl commercials

    Love the doxies too but the pug rules.
  11. The Superbowl

    For those of you who were hoping never to hear variations of "Nationwide is on your side" again...sorry.     LikeCommentShare
  12. The Superbowl

  13. The Superbowl

    Signs of a really crappy Super Bowl - you are well into the third quarter, struggling to identify the current leading candidate for MVP, and after about ten minutes you settle on a placekicker.