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  1. Author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. One of those books on which there seem to be few middle ground opinions. People seem to either love or hate it.
  2. (Note to Daisey - satire follows) http://www.theonion.com/article/berkeley-campus-lockdown-after-loose-pages-wall-st-55815
  3. Such a pity there wasn't a guitar lying around anywhere. Ol' Ted coulda played this. I am sure the 45th President would have loved it. Jailbait you look so good to me Jailbait won't you set me free Jailbait you look fine fine fine I know I got to have you in a matter of time Honey you you you look so nice She's young she's tender Won't you please surrender She's so fine she's mine All the time, all mine mine It's all right baby It's quite all right I asked your mama Wait a minute officer Don't put those handcuffs on me Put them on her and I'll share her with you Jailbait, jailbait
  4. F***ing Bumgarner. Dumb move. Dammit. http://www.sfgate.com/giants/article/Giants-Bumgarner-seriously-hurt-in-dirt-bike-11090232.php
  5. Bet your lungs on it.
  6. Wanker. Him not you.
  7. And I am no fan of JBJ.
  8. Even if true the music would be infinitely better.
  9. Well I'll be damned, Here comes your ghost again...
  10. "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."
  11. Certainly that is possible. And I suppose some creative research in the prison library could get one this information. Not like he had much else to do with his time. Or Baez may have dropped some hints if his client asked if there were any way he could take care of his daughter. But we don't really know why Hernandez took his life let alone when he made the decision so it is all just speculation. I think it is almost equally plausible that he was too dumb to understand that the 2 cases had zero to do with each other and that the second acquittal meant nothing to the first conviction and thus he was still going to do life and when that truth set in upon his return to prison he just decided to check himself out. Or that seeing his daughter in court for the 2d trial caused him such anguish over what he lost at his own hand that he could not deal. Or that he was really pissed about not meeting Trump at the WH. Or that he was just a narcissistic sociopath coward. Pick your theory. I stopped trying to explain the unexplainable the day the Cubs won the Series.
  12. We mean it ma-a-a-a-a-a-n!
  13. Down at the courthouse they're gettin' ready for a hell of a fight. Gonna see what them lawyer boys can do.
  14. As I look into it more, and I am now dimly recalling this, a famous application of the doctrine was Enron crook Ken Lay, who died with appeals of his fraud conviction pending. Thus technically innocent under this doctrine. And yes much litigation ensued over claims to his estate etc.