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  1. Happy birthday, my brother-in-arms. And books.
  2. What does this mean?
  3. Can't argue with any of that.
  4. I'm thinking you don't understand how flimsy these safety nets are. Medicare doesn't pay for assisted living or nursing homes. Do you understand how difficult it is to get SSI? I'll give you a hint: In PA, there's a paid social work unit devoted to helping sick welfare clients receive SSI. They are often coupled with lawyers, who take their cut out of the initial check that the sick clients, if they are so fortunate as to qualify for SSI, initially receive for back benefits. Are you aware of how much money per month SSI clients receive to live on? You know, I've squabbled with P13 often about government and the "heights of inefficiencies." The government handles SS, which is one of the most efficient programs ever. The delusions about how superior the private sector is compared to the government is laughable to me. But then, I actually worked for the government. I know the standards we had to meet. I think there's sustainable and then there's sustainable. It depends on the priorities of the nation in question. We do know every other industrialized nation offers universal health care. If we're the richest (or greatest, to use the Trumpian term) country in the world, you'd think we could do as well as the least of those industrialized nations. But we have other expenses we consider more important.
  5. I wish you were in charge of messaging...
  6. $1,000/month--so where do elderly Alzheimer's patients whose SS benefits are slightly more than that go? Remember--nursing homes start at $6,000/month. Do you think the government should help diabetes patients survive--or not? If, say, they live on $600/month. That's before the cuts to Medicaid take place.
  7. I love Al. Just finished his book and plan to share some passages. He is dogged like a pit bull, and wry and funny and super-smart. But I think he will get slimed by the anti-intellectual Trump machine. They hated Obama for his intellect--they'll go crazy on a smart-ass who seems even more condescending using ridicule. And the Jew-haters will be in full force, mostly behind the scenes, but it will seep out. Tulsi supported Bernie. Not sure that will be redeemable. No one knows the others...for good or ill. We do need a new/positive message but I'm still unconvinced we have any messengers.
  8. For some reason, you still haven't taken a guess at that income limit for Medicaid. Don't you think it's worth knowing? If not specifically for people you know, as a fact that you can either defend or regret? I always want to know more about things I opine about, such as the health care bill. You don't? If you still don't want to play after this last request, I will tell you. But it really is a superior learning experience if you guess. Even if you don't do it on this forum. Again, you are focusing on the link I used rather than deal with the facts that were in the link. Did Mulvaney say this or did he not? The link is immaterial if the facts of the piece are accurate. Again, if they are not, you'll receive my apology. I'll mea culpa til the cows (or the facts) come home. Otherwise, please focus on the facts of a matter, rather than ignore them to focus on a source you don't like. I absolutely agree that editorials and opinion pieces from agenda-driven sites are suspect. Always. But facts are facts, and it doesn't matter if they appear on the Drudge Report, Breitbart, or a more progressive resource. Do you think people with diabetes deserve to die instead of receiving help from the government? It's up to you to agree with THE WORDS MULVANEY SAID or disagree with them. As far as I know, diabetes doesn't discriminate, but impacts Republicans and Democrats alike. Is that link acceptable to you? I would use Fox News, but for the oddest, most incomprehensible reason, they only quoted part of what he had to say on the issue:
  9. Same difference.
  10. I think this is a valid question on its face.
  11. Some individual television journalists transcend the muck. But for the most part, yes.
  12. The GOP's superiority in messaging will be the death of our democracy. If Democrats don't get it together. And I don't know that we have the material to do that. Policies, yes. People who can sell them, no.
  13. I have spent the last few months assiduously avoiding watching Trump on tv. I have my mental health to consider. But that time away convinces me that he is just an admittedly exuberant symptom of a far more wide-spread disease.
  14. It sickens me that this is happening in the country I love. I guarantee that no other country has the race issue handled perfectly, but I'm only responsible for my own. The more I observe, the more I become sadly convinced that the election of Trump was a reaction to having a Black President. And by that, I mean resentment and nostalgia for a time when things seemed better for White people--so others' problems and the unfair treatment they received were immaterial. The cancer isn't just on the Presidency. Today a friend and former schoolmate of mine posted this about her niece: I told her I was sorry. I have never felt so useless and effete in my life.