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  1. I was struck with awe. B&N is doing an amazing job. On my way to Federici's.
  2. Can't upload the pic of B&N
  3. Hillary is ambitious. I guess that makes her a ladder-climber. How strident. How unfeminine. That bitch of a machine.
  4. Somebody has to give Hillary a few good lines, since Trump is playing George Burns all night. Like when he talks about all the jobs overseas that he's going to get back, she could say, "Well, you could start with the clothing companies you and your daughter have in China."
  5. I'm not ashamed that I can't identify with the way Trump voters (don't) think.
  6. It's who he is. He never tells the truth. Plain talker my ass.
  7. CNN agrees Clinton won. Solis Doyle is calling Trump out.
  8. I thought so, too. So nice I quoted it twice.
  9. Steve Schmidt, Chris Matthews and Eugene Robinson all say she kicked ass.
  11. Scariest thing to me is that all of us are listening to Trump ramble on about things he really doesn't understand. It's like the babbling of an indulged toddler who thinks he's very very smart.
  12. Frank Luntz just posted on FB that 7/10 of his focus group think Hillary is crushing Trump, especially on the Birther issue.
  13. I think Hillary is kicking ass if you care about facts. Otherwise, ISIL is 60+ years old.
  14. Is it me or does he look like a shithouse rat?