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  1. Seventy four percent of REPUBLICANS polled support Trump and want the GOP pols to do the same. That was 12 days ago, after the emergence of the Access Hollywood tape. "Short of leaving the party, what should they do?" -- Immediately repudiate any sexist, racist, or xenophobic candidate seems to me a good start. That goes for molesters who brag about committing sexual battery, of course. Not sticking your head in the sand and grasping at straws would be another. There are many socially liberal, fiscally conservative people like yourself who deserve a party that isn't anti-science (e.g., evolution is the work of the devil--and let's be honest--not one GOP candidate for President in 2012 would acknowledge believing in evolution...and don't get me started on climate change). There's big tent and then there's the insane asylum. You'd be right if you said that would weaken the party in terms of numbers. But then you have to live with the Donald Trumps and the Ted Cruz's, as well as the defeats of the Jeb Bushes and John Kasichs. If you are looking for a viable party, you are going to have to rebuild and hope that there are other thinking fiscally conservative people who will grow your party.
  2. I've always thought Devils and Dust would have been a great book of short stories. Especially Black Cowboys, but the whole album. (And frankly, it didn't grab me much on the musical side.)
  3. I definitely think it's over-reach to suggest that Bruce is a political activist in this election--he has answered some specific questions put to him in interviews about his memoir. A memoir that, once read, should convince everyone with a scintilla of comprehension to stop saying he has no right to speak to working class issues. The kind of poverty in which he grew up was astounding to me and the kinds of privations he and his family shared aren't the kind one forgets, no matter how much money one has now. And I must make the point that the urban poor today in Chicago, etc., don't have to tote hot water up the stairs in order to take a bath. Even homeless shelters have hot and cold running water. Expecting a President to eradicate (or even make a sizable dent in) poverty in the inner cities--even a two term President--is unrealistic. That would take even more than a President with a Democratic Congress. But they'd sure make a dent in it--esp. if Bernie Sanders becomes Chairman of the Budget Committee. (HOPING HOPING HOPING) As for "always with something to sell"--he is an artist. Artists sell their products. Shocking and appalling. You seem to be making the argument that, once they receive a particular level of wealth, they should just give it away or shut up about politics and world events? Who made you Boss? <G>
  4. With Mikey's endorsement, how can you lose? (See forum rules. LOL)
  5. I miss civility and grace and decorum. George H.W. Bush has all of those qualities. He was not a bad president. (I far prefer him to his son and also to President Reagan.)
  6. Sending. What a heartbreaking story.
  7. Well, these are isolated cases and it's dangerous to make assumptions on any individual anecdotes, no matter how true or personally horrible. However, these stories show assumptions on others' parts, assumptions about race and education. I live in a very diverse city, so I've been exposed to doctors of all races and ethnic backgrounds since I was born. But if someone has grown up in a less diverse environment, ignorance is understandable (not justifiable, just understandable). On the other hand, one would think flight attendants who travel the world would have much more exposure, and less reason for ignorance. Justin wanted to make his stand on the fact that the first woman was not a full-fledged doctor. So I'm interested in what newly-constructed, diversionary excuse he'll come up with on this one. I am really really tired of diversionary excuses. I do not find them diverting. I find them dishonest and annoying.
  8. Trump has the delicate touch of a stevedore.
  9. Oh, Justin... This one's not a resident. Looking forward to your decidedly non-liberal spin.
  10. I hope that's not true. I hope the party can get its principles back and not cater to the worst elements. But it will take an enormous amount of work, because what was the thin edge of the wedge is now the White Nationalist Party. I think John Kasich is the kind of guy Republicans should rally around, but what do I know? I'm a Democrat.
  12. Reality tv and how it has molded the thoughts of some Americans is one facet of the Trump phenomenon, but it's not the only one.
  13. She mopped the floor with him if you're looking at normal metrics. But Trump's supporters loved every minute of his big talk--and I use the word big (as opposed to bigly) to mean not just his braggadocio, but his lack of specifics (the big picture). They like his philosophies--build a wall and get rid of all illegal immigrants without exception (not a variation of general GOP policy, I should note), bully other countries into doing everything the US wants but expect to have influence over them, as well (rather unrealistic, but a fantasy of those who feel powerless and want to think America can do this), bring back manufacturing to the US (also unrealistic in terms of the economy, but it sounds good--as long as you can ignore the fact that all Trump's goods are made in other countries. Some talking head made the point that there are more undecideds remaining than you would think, because Hillary's unfavorables are so high. If you are inclined to disregard the Wikileaks onslaught (as most Democrats are), you do--but if you are inclined to appropriate and assimilate any negative reports about HRC, you have plenty to embrace. I'm still trying to figure out how strong the self-esteem issue is tied in with the automatic Hillary hatred, but there is absolutely a link and a desire to double down--even if you don't like Trump. A lot of people have also disengaged from the election. It's not exactly inspiring. In a way, that's a testament to how far we've come, that women don't see a woman President as something for which to fight. But it's also a testament to how far we have to go that a woman of her qualifications isn't mopping the floor with him. Part of that is absolutely her affect--she seems like a preachy, know-it-all teacher you just want to tune out--and people not recognizing that you want someone super-knowledgable to be President. And there are both men and women who don't think a woman can handle the presidency. This election has a lot of complex pieces to it, despite the relative simplicity of Donald Trump's approach. Most people don't want to think very hard when it comes to government.