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  1. Book title

    I have a friend who, by most standards, would be considered a Bruce fan--she has seen him multiple times, has every cd, etc. She thinks the BTR title is just fine (and she's very literary, with a well-read, large library). I think it's just the hard core who find it mundane/obvious.
  2. A. I wasn't posting it because it's an endorsement. He expresses my sentiments exactly and with humor. B. If no one gives a shit, why have almost 200,000 people watched it in the last few hours?
  3. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    GWB was "good enough to get there and stay there"--yet he plunged our country into a depression and a quagmire war (the two things are not unrelated).  You missed my point. Oh, and in line with my argument--as per the discussion in the Gravitational Waves thread: David Reitze heads the not-so-prestigious Physics Department at the University of FL.
  4. Will Bruce support Bernie or Hillary?

    It meant a lot to me to have my long-time favorite artist whose lyrics have influenced and echoed and enlarged my thoughts support Barack Obama, especially at the time he announced for him. I always love it when Bruce does something i think he will or talks about reading a book I am also reading, for example. Would it have changed my voting plans had Bruce supported someone else? Hell, no. Would it have changed my feelings about Bruce if he had supported someone else? I hope not. (Unless we're talking Donald Trump. LOL)
  5. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    I think it's dangerous to overestimate someone based solely on their academic bona fides. A friend of my mom's is always checking the schools where various doctors have gone to school, insisting on Ivy League educations for his practitioners. I check, too, but I look at other things, too. My mom had a condition (radiation pneumonitis) that the local doctors at Penn (all with Ivy League educations) couldn't diagnose a few years back, so we went to Sloan-Kettering to see the best in the field. His college and medical school were the University of Louisiana. He figured out what was wrong with her. It took a while but she eventually healed up. Meanwhile, my mom's friend has had health problems that have never been fixed. GWB went to Yale and Harvard. I think I've made my case.  
  6. Bruce to release autobiography

    "I Wanted Everything"
  7. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    Ph.D from Harvard--didn't you include Harvard when you said, "Pick the school." Awards up the wazoo, and drafted financing plans for the US, and two states. Methinks you're a bit hard on him.  
  8. Michael Moore spotlighted another Flint Crisis
  9. The GOP does it all the time--they want to appeal the ACA and claim to be Jesus' best disciple simultaneously. That was my point.
  10. Fighting against health care for people while touting Christianity? Really? Really? Oh, what the heck--it's just another day for the GOP.
  11. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    How about this guy:
  12. Hillary Clinton and Email

    No. I'm not the one who ignores all the GOP-led inquisitions that came up with NOTHING NADA ZIP against her. That isn't me.  
  13. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    A few days ago, I was talking to a friend who isn't quite the avid political junkie I am. I was explaining that it was ironic that Sanders was forcing Hillary leftwards since it was Bill Clinton (and his pal, the triangulating, toe-smooching Dick Morris) who had taken the country and the Democrat party so far to the right/middle. There is no question that Hillary would be running a far more "centrist" campaign if it were not for Bernie, and I am grateful to him for moving her in that direction--a direction that I suspect is more in alignment with her true "values" (as much as she or 99.9% of any successful pols can have true values).