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  1. Actually, the President has nothing to do with choosing the Kennedy Center Honors award winners. Maybe they just won't invite the President? Because I am sure many honorees will refuse to attend if he is there. And you really can't blame a Hispanic person or a Black person or a Jew to attend under the circumstances. Not to mention women... How did we get to this ugly pass?
  2. way. Swamps has defective sources again? It's been a good five minutes since the last factual mis-step. BTW, this isn't a personal attack. It's my desperate attempt to keep the FC a zone free of stories like Pizzagate.
  3. Allen West. Ok. Now the asylum inhabitants have truly taken over the asylum. West makes Ben Carson look almost normal.
  4. There will be Trump celebrities, big league talents. FABULOUS, let me tell you! You'll know them by their melanin deficiency.
  5. Definition of rally plural rallies 1a : a mustering of scattered forces to renew an effortb : a summoning up of strength or courage after weakness or dejectionc : a recovery of price after a declined : a renewed offensive 2: a mass meeting intended to arouse group enthusiasm 3: a series of shots interchanged between players (as in tennis) before a point is won
  6. Where does the article you posted say "they were chased off by protesters"?
  7. I just didn't want anyone to not read the thread carefully and delude themselves that there was no KKK rally because Swamps said it was cancelled. Those are the kind of non-factual facts that are so dangerous at this time. I know (because I've spent a little while in the FC) that bbb will say it wasn't a big deal. Not very long. Not very populous. And he will be factually correct. But you only need one White Nationalist to kill a lot of people. See: Dylann Roof. And when you have more than one--multiples more--the danger increases. There were many lynchings done with only five-ten people of like minds. These are facts. Not non-factual facts. Actual facts.
  8. Yes, wink wink. You're WRONG.
  9. What do I know? I just watch WRAL because they cover the Tar Heels:
  10. Every act of bad behavior is always the fault of someone else in Trumpworld. Kinda like "The buck stops here," but it's "The buck stops over there."
  11. I am not following you at all.
  12. "
  13. And again...that's your takeaway? "White people oppressed on Springsteen fan site--but that money-grubber doesn't care!"
  14. Actually, I was talking about the fact that so many people believe this crazy story. You expect the occasional nutcase, but the masses who believe this kind of shit scare me far more.
  15. Another alarmist. Have a milkshake. Worry not. Facts no longer exist, so you won't gain weight.