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  1. That is fair. No need to be snippy. I know that LBJ created the concept of gerrymandering. But the GOP has taken it to obscene levels, including my county. It needs to stop.
  2. Again, you are going to argue that gerrymandering doesn't exist? Tell it to Ahnold: Trump fever is infecting the FC? Not on my watch.
  3. You are being sarcastic. I don't think the GOP leadership is filled with rubes and incompetents. They bought into Frank Luntz and think tanks about communication in a way the Democrats have yet to meet. That's not debatable. That's fact. If you want to make the case that thinking the ACA and Obamacare are not the same thing is a sign of genius, knock yourself out. That dovetails nicely with the alternative facts concept that I would think you'd disagree with, but perhaps I'm wrong to respect you as a person of logic and rationality.
  4. Usually people use pink font to say something untrue. Though it was slightly less than three million, factually speaking. I am not sure why you have such contempt for this fact. Yet it continues to be true, regardless of your derision. It will continue to be true no matter how many times you mock the truth of it.
  5. Promises hours of diversion. I had him say, "I am so stupid. I am big league stupid." I can do better. And I will.
  6. There is no question that the Republican spin machine was very effective in making people hate Obamacare. Many times it was the same people who benefitted from the ACA. I will always agree that the GOP is better at selling their brand than Democrats are.
  7. Kindness, but also a respect for self and others. An expectation that the person will be capable (Bruce asked the kid if he could do it before he brought him up on stage) and then let the person prove it. And takes joy in other people's abilities, at HIS show. It's a mentality that President Obama displayed in various ways, not least of which were the many events with talented performers who came to the WH. I miss that kind of leader in the WH.
  8. Please provide a link to the burning of conservative movies or products or a banning of conservative movies or products. Thanks! The Rock, Jerry Bruckheimer, Kelsey Grammer, Vince Vaughn and Bruce Willis seem to be doing okay. And Mel Gibson's anger issue and anti-Jew drunken rants had more to do with the fact that he's no longer on the A list, not his politics. But again--I want to see the burning rallies of conservative movies. The bans so that their movies weren't carried in theaters. And of course, the multiple death threats. Because that's what happened to the Dixie Chicks.
  9. Randy Rainbow is very talented and clever. I wish he were not also so very right. (Or should that be correct?)
  10. If you want to trust a Dukie, that's your first mistake. And I know you're joking, but it's really not funny when people base their votes on ignorance and those of us who aren't ignorant suffer for it. I don't count on the ACA (though I do count on the pre-existing conditions flank), but reading the stories of people whose lives will be destroyed without the ACA/insurance who voted for Trump just boggled my mind. Because no matter who wants to call it fake news, whether it's Kyrie Irving or anyone else--Obamacare and the ACA are the same thing.
  11. It's the only fried food I eat and very rarely, also for health reasons. But it's my favorite food! i would never eat KFC or Popeyes...I have my standards!
  12. So all the "People hate Obamacare" talk is simply pathetic. Why not say, "People know the world is flat" and "People think Trump is a great leader"... It doesn't make it so.
  13. Jimmy, this is just one of many proven examples of what I was saying: Keep in mind that the first video took place AFTER the election. But the ignorance is long-term. The second video was taken four years ago.
  14. Aside from the music, I just think Bruce really is the kind of leader I admire. He's no shrinking violet and he sets tough standards and makes tough decisions. If you read his book, he made it clear that the E Street Band is not a democracy. And his confidence from the stage is total--which is why he can be so generous. That and the mastery and experience he has developed over the years.
  15. It's your tablet.