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  1. What is Happening in My Country?

    Sarcasm font appreciated.
  2. What is Happening in My Country?

    Your mom would end up voting for Sanders. No intelligent person who was originally a Hillary supporter would vote for Trump. Sadly, I can not say the same about Bernie supporters. I just spent an hour trying to convince some of the error of their ways. Maybe they'll be more amenable in August. (It is actually quite scary how some very smart people can live in fantasy land. They think Bernie could win running with Jill Stein on the Green Ticket. Right. He couldn't get enough votes on the Democratic ticket, but somehow, he could as a Green Party Candidate.) Oy.
  3. Philly 2nd Show (shock!)

    Well, despite not intending to go, good tickets just dropped into my lap. So I'll be there, after all.
  4. New Trump ad: Rapist Clinton, etc.

    Calvary, do you think Hillary believes every accusation made against her husband? I do not, based on the way she defended him vis-a-vis Monica Lewinsky.
  5. New Trump ad: Rapist Clinton, etc.

    Viewed through a 2016 lens, such an apology is breathtaking. It is impossible to even imagine a Ben Roethlisberger or a Jameis Winston or any high-profile athlete accused of rape issuing a similar statement. The handbook today says to deny everything until your high-priced lawyers and Internet armies bury your alleged victim. Then, treat the entire incident like just another obstacle to overcome on the road to greatness. Yet in 2003 Bryant essentially admitted that, while he does not believe a rape occurred… a rape may in fact have occurred. Yeah, Kobe released a statement his lawyers and agents vetted and probably wrote in order to avoid jail. What a freaking hero.
  6. What is Happening in My Country?

    Not all Sanders people are behaving like "some damn selfish children"--just as not all Hillary people are smug and condescending to the people they expect (and in some cases demand) to vote for their candidate in the fall. Polls fluctuate and this is an insane election cycle. Right now Sanders looks better than Hillary against Trump because no one is going after him. Bernie isn't a socialist in the sense Trotsky is. He's a democratic socialist, a totally different thing. Having said that, I don't think America is ready to embrace his politics, even the Democrats aren't there yet.
  7. $500 tickets

    Finding the Platinum Seat feature offensive doesn't mean anyone is saying Bruce isn't a great artist or even that he doesn't care about the fans anymore. However, it is a way of charging more for seats that have been priced at one level, but offering them solely to people who will pay $500 for a ticket that normally costs $150. The only difference between that and scalping is that the extra money goes to the artist and Ticketmaster. It is odd behavior for someone who has fought scalpers for decades. Perhaps it was our (my) mistake--Bruce and JLM weren't concerned about the fans getting a fair deal, just that that scalpers were taking a cut of what was rightfully theirs. Otherwise, why ape the behavior? Bruce isn't God (hard as that may be for me to accept) and won't always behave in a way that is respectful of the fans (the pit process is hardly thoughtful). That doesn't mean he doesn't care about us. It means that he is inconsistent. Just like everyone else. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth and makes me less desirous of seeing him again on this tour. Still a fan, blah blah blah.
  8. New Trump ad: Rapist Clinton, etc.

    I am not so invested in my team winning that I can't fathom people viewing others in their totality--you are not acknowledging Bill Clinton's popularity, just agreeing with Trump that he's not an asset to HRC's campaign because he's an evil (if untried and unconnected) rapist. I believe it is you who isn't viewing people in their totality if you think Bill Clinton is a detriment to the Clinton campaign. As to whether she slandered the victims, I think that's subjective at best. I think Bill Clinton IS a rapist, specifically re: Juanita Broderick. The other women who have accused him of seamy actions seem less credible to me. However, it's America. I think Kobe Bryant is a rapist, too, but it didn't impact his NBA career. In this country, you're innocent until proven guilty. The end. I will also be voting for HRC. Is she a "quality person"--that's debatable and, unlike you, I really don't know her well enough to judge her as a human being, or think that I do. I suspect my acceptance that human frailty is kinda universal makes me a little less quick to judge anyone based on one action, unless the action involves child or animal abuse, because I think that's often just the evidentiary tip of a particular sociopathic condition. I try to look at the whole person and assess them in the spirit I would want others to judge me. I think HRC will be a quality President and that's why I'll be voting for her in the fall. Well, that's not saying it all. Even if I were unsure what kind of President she will be, I am very sure she will be superior to Donald The Walking Id, who has no political credibility nor the temperament of a functional elected official of any stripe.
  9. $500 tickets

    Yes, two. I got confused. That's still a hell of a lot of fervent Springsteen fans who are willing to shell out "the big bucks" to sit at a very far distance from the stage.
  10. New Trump ad: Rapist Clinton, etc.

    This is too true. It's going to be ugly. But logic and a belief that more Americans will vote thoughtfully and rationally for the most qualified candidate than ones who won't will see me through. It's gonna be close, though. The fact that Donald Trump is the chosen nominee of one of the two major parties is incredibly troublesome, both short-term and long-term, in the dumbing down of America. We've always had large pockets of ignorance but they didn't use to be the majority.
  11. New Trump ad: Rapist Clinton, etc.

    You're the one who went to see him--not me. And, in fact, berated me more than once for supporting Bernie over Hillary. So you might want to check your tone of moral superiority. I'm not dating or marrying Bill Clinton and he isn't running for President. But I see that Trump has suckered you not only into thinking that Hillary should wear Bill's sins like a shirt, melding them in your mind as one person, but now you think Donald Trump = Bill Clinton. Other than their compensatory, exaggerated sexual appetites, they have very little in common. So as to not confuse them in your mind, Bill Clinton is the one who served a two term Presidency, and was also a two term (or is it three) governor. Incidentally, he remains quite popular with the American people. It isn't about me and my feelings that I judge someone as a political liability. I am able to separate myself from what is popular. I won't be going to see Justin Bieber or hanging out with the Kardashians, either--doesn't mean I don't recognize them as popular. What a concept. If you want to think HRC made a mistake by saying her husband will be active in her administration, you are ignoring his popularity and good will with most Americans. Trump is trying to poison America against his competitor, HRC, by attacking one of her strengths--her husband. If you want to fall for his trick, you go right ahead.
  12. New Trump ad: Rapist Clinton, etc.

    The polls made it quite clear that the American public would have been happy to vote Bill Clinton in for a third term if they could. So most people see Hillary's access to Bill and his fine political and governing mind as a plus. If Trump wants to try and argue that Bill Clinton is incapable of overseeing the economy, he can certainly have at it. That's appropriate. Claiming he's a rapist and topping it off with a demonic Hillary laugh is not appropriate in any way. Any more than calling Melania Trump a whore amidst revealing photo layouts would be appropriate. There is no reason to think that particular "mule in hawse harness" won't dress appropriately in the WH, but SHE'S NOT THE CANDIDATE.
  13. New Trump ad: Rapist Clinton, etc.

    If you read my post carefully, my celebrating Bill Clinton and/or his behavior is highly unlikely. That doesn't make me blind to his virtues. The point is quite simple--HE'S NOT RUNNING FOR OFFICE. In addition, Bill Clinton doesn't openly objectify women, unlike Donald Trump. People are accountable for their public records. Not the things of which people accuse them. Punishing Hillary Clinton for her husband's peccadillos is as unfair and illogical as praising her for her Presidential experience, of which she has none.