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  1. No. There are many puke-filled threads, Let's make this one free of puke.
  2. He can do it! Bigly!
  3. How unfair, how very unfair. lol If I were a Democratic Senator, I'd go with the guy Orrin Hatch spoke so well of: Merrick Garland. And I would not be moved.
  4. Newsflash! When you go to an event, it evinces more enthusiasm than watching it on tv. And changing the parameters is a desperate acknowledgment of same. Also, water is wet.
  5. This reminds me of why I can't help chuckling when people say, vis-a-vis Trump, wait and see. Sometimes we already have sufficient evidence. Is anyone really surprised by CK's response here?
  6. This.
  7. It really isn't.
  8. Nothing but class, these people. Because gold gilt toilets = class
  9. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but when a robbery is committed, no one tries to blame the homeowner for having flimsy locks.
  10. I told you there are always people who want to put the victim on trial.
  11. Why does everyone forget Marla Maples' spawn? I guess because Donald Trump does. Rim-shot. i promise to ignore any and all of his children if they are not actively involved in his administration and campaigning and, of course, his business. Unless they bring attention to themselves by their actions.
  12. So you are comforted that finally liberals are hoisted by their own pc petard?
  13. And because of that talk, I keep seeing how evil liberals are who've mentioned it. As if wondering if someone is autistic is evil. As if being autistic is something of which to be ashamed. It's a birth defect. And yes, Daisey, there's a large range. I don't know that we're all on the spectrum, but we all know people who don't look us in the eye and have problems responding "appropriately." Many go undiagnosed, and many have Aspergers.
  14. I think that's a good idea. Being informed is always the best way to go, if one can. The fact that she would even interact with him via text after the rape is troubling to me. In the US, there would be people insisting it must not have been rape, simply based on that. I know better, but after reading Missoula (great book by Jon Krakauer), rapists often don't think they did anything wrong. And women self-doubt all the time--they blame themselves for being drunk, for dressing in a certain way, for kissing someone, for being alone with someone or going back to their apartment. They don't recognize themselves that they have the right to say no and that if that no is ignored, it's rape. One last fascinating fact and I'll shut up...while the number of rapes is very high, it's not that most men are creeps. It's that most rapists are serial rapists. Most men don't rape, but the ones that do, do it again and again.