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  1. Like JimCT, I am a passionate Monet fan, my favorite of the Impressionists. I also am crazy about Pre-Raph art--hard to choose one painting I DON'T like. On my cel phone and in NC, so can't currently share some faves. When I come home...
  2. Not respectful
  3. I ain't afraid of no Boast.
  4. And that is why it's his home away from home.
  5. Tim Russert is a good role model, though he got a bit too passive towards the end.
  6. His/their loss.
  8. I was referring to your "effort" to effect change in SC nomination procedures.
  9. That is what you might call "effort."
  10. I called the office. I will be getting an email back. I was not the first call regarding this article
  11. If I can find her email address, I'll be glad to do so. Thus far, I have not been able to do so.
  13. As with almost anything, you can take diversion too far. No way to not know Trump is the President-Elect. But for me, turning off MSNBC and CNN has been a godsend.
  14. Food for thought:
  15. I think that people who never see exceptions, but only ideology, are dogmatic. And that's my subjective opinion. Rigidity tends to be very unrewarding when dealing with human beings. In fact, solely relying on logic is illogical when dealing with human beings, who all possess illogical emotions. Every single one of them. Each person has their own range of consistency. Too much dogma or too much reliance on flexibility both end badly, but each person has a different middle ground. For me, you're too rigid. And for you, I am probably too flexible. C'est la vie.