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  1. My grandmother would shrug and answer something like, “He said a lot of things — I didn’t listen to all of them.” “But what did you think when you started hearing the rumors about concentration camps?” I would press her. “Didn’t you ever listen to the foreign news reports?” “Allied propaganda” was my grandmother’s answer. That’s what Hitler said it was. Not hard to find recent similar quotes right here in the FC. Just replace "Allied" with liberal. Or George Soros.
  2. I appreciate your thoughtful answer. I always thought the ACA was simply prelude to single payer. I don't think most people thought it was perfect or a cure-all. Just better than so many millions of people not having any medical insurance. One thing I know from working for the Dept. of Welfare--prevention saves money in the long run. That's why EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Treatment) became law. Free dental and eye exams, including glasses, for kids on public assistance. Saved money by diagnosing little problems before they became big ones.
  3. Oh yeah. I did the second I heard Incident. It was my first Bruce exposure and I've never been the same.
  4. So cool. Neil is my husband's rock god. (Good thing I love Neil, too.)
  5. My high school boyfriend wasn't a big music fan. But even if he was, I am physically incapable of listening to music I don't like. I begin to vibrate and become nauseated. I am always super-aware of music and it impacts me very strongly. Mis can tell you I can name that tune in one note. (IF I know the song.)
  6. I respect Zeppelin. Just don't make me listen to them. UGH Same goes for Yes, ELP, and most of Pink Floyd. (I know--I'm not your typical Springsteen fan. Give me Motown or Aretha any day.)
  7. Bought this the same summer I bought Greetings from Asbury Park. Greetings was my priority, though.
  8. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad. (I had the Meat Loaf album, too.)
  9. I'm glad your friend is okay. Really puts things into context, things like that. Enjoy every sandwich.
  10. My beloved Tar Heel Coach on the issue: “It shouldn’t just be about athletic events – that’s the most important thing. It should be about what’s right and wrong. And what we have now is wrong.” Go, Roy! Go Heels!
  11. But did either of their coaches say, "Our President tweets out more bullshit than anybody I've ever seen"? Nope. #stickingwithroy'sboys
  12. Maybe they identified as non-binary?
  13. I thought it was meant to be a stop-gap. The government would provide money for a limited time. And if that were stopped by Rubio, then the insurance companies might just take their ball and go home (See: Aetna case in the SC), which would make the ACA fail in some states. No? No, it was meant to prop up the bill until all the people were paying in. That's how I read it. As for the issue below, that's in the article I posted, that the NYT was the only one to cover it. I don't remember it being discussed here and I had not read it.
  14. Did y'all hear me screaming? What a game! Love my Tar Heels!
  15. Um, yeah . . . textbook definition of narcissist.