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  1. Now, that's unfair. There are no other pictures of Michelle Obama that are more flattering: And Jackie Kennedy? Always the quintessence of Presidential Wife class: What could possibly be racist or sexist or unfair about the image badlands chose?
  3. This latest shooting just took it all out of me--the proverbial straw that broke this camel's back. I heard a Louisiana pol (senator?) say there was a war on cops in America. That's a convenient way to shut down the argument that there is a war going on in America where the police kill unarmed Black peeps and pay no penalty in court. Because who the hell wants a war on the police? Certainly not me, nor anyone I know. The guy who killed the policemen in Louisiana was a member of an anti-government group. Not BLM. Who is the party of anti-government? If this guy wanted a race war--he's in good company. He and Charlie Manson. The guy in Dallas? A crazy ex-military. Who is it that keeps taking money and mental health benefits away from veterans in Congress? This isn't rocket science and we have got to see that we have a shitload of problems, not the least of which is that our country is likelier to strengthen the penalties against police for killing the unarmed because of these two shootings. We only seem to react to direct threats and blood, instead of doing what is right. LA begged for money from the feds before Rodney King and the riots. It was turned down until the riots took place--then we couldn't throw enough money into the pool. We have got to stop misdirecting. We have got to stop all this blind anger, violence and hate. We can not afford this. We never could, but now we have no choice but to change.
  4. It wasn't me who said the line about hurling. No no chile, it wasn't me. It must have been some other body, no no chile, it wasn't me.
  5. One act is the beginning of change. Good for you!
  6. It's infuriating, yes. But a lot of times, people don't know that they're making veiled assumptions. What I have often thought of as mendacity is usually just habit and acquired bias. I know that sounds condescending. But there is no one on this board, including me, who doesn't have bad habits and acquired biases.
  7. Every now and again, I would see someone trying to game the system. I think the conservatives on this board would be surprised at how seriously I took my job when it came to people trying to run a game on me--I have a strong bs detector and I'm pretty smart. One rip-off artist moved out of my caseload after I made her document things and proved she was lying when she said she didn't know where the father of one of her children was--it turned out I had his case file, because he was on Social Security Disability and she was living in his house. It didn't help to make her go to court for child support, but he was part of the mandatory food stamp household, which lessened both their allowances. But most people weren't running games at all, and were eager for help, and not just the monetary kind. Treating everyone with respect goes a long way with everyone. I was very polite to the rip off lady who ended up moving. And the one who attacked a former caseworker who I later had to remove from benefits. And the man who told me he was royalty--I told him he still needed to hand in a medical form if he wanted to receive benefits. I remember one woman who was just coming on assistance--her brother had helped her get her oil turned on, she acknowledged. Once I ascertained that he wouldn't be helping her in the future, I didn't make her go through the hoops of coming in the next month to prove it. She didn't have to tell me her brother helped her in the first place. Most people are honest. Rich ones and poor ones. That's why you don't hear me inveighing against the rich or the poor.
  8. I know Jimmy has very good intentions. And the only difference I can see between smug libs and smug conservatives is that the libs generally have the facts straight. Or at least, more often than the conservatives. (This is a generalization. Maybe even a bit of a stereotype.)
  9. Jimmy, I understand Jerseyfornia's frustration with this remark. Why do you think Melania lived her statements and Michelle was simply pandering? Are you familiar with the First Lady's life story? This kind of bristling response that ignores facts is a big part of the problem with polarization in this country.
  10. Even if he loses, we're still smooching the apocalypse.
  11. Is this for real?
  12. I honestly don't think anyone on public assistance thinks it's any kind of gravy train, except children of the very wealthy who don't work but have the temerity to get food stamps, etc. and then buy lobster for after their day of surfing, as the person who was shown on FOX NEWS boasted of being. I didn't meet anyone like that in my decade with the PA Dept. of Welfare. I mostly met with mothers of two-three children who did their level best to be good parents, who very much wanted to become work-ready and get a job. That is the truth. I did meet with one pregnant woman who had eight other children who had been taken from her for abuse. She was applying for the extra benefits we give to pregnant mothers. She was clearly a woman with a very bad drug habit. I think that may have been where my mandatory birth control idea originated. I can still see her in my head, 30+ years later. I didn't want to be a part of helping this woman, but it was my job and I did it.
  13. To which I would say that that kind of ignorance is not what you want for a mother of any number of children.
  14. Nope. It was that way in the 80's when I became a caseworker. I remember thinking it had to be a misprint and the family size allowance was weekly, not monthly. Very few people who have never been on welfare have any idea what kind of pittance people receive. That's why it's so easy to demonize welfare recipients living the "high life" on the dole.