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  2. Even Anonymous rejects Julian Assange--hence my link.
  3. So. I was listening to Joe Jackson and he addresses the media issue, Hillary and Donald, all on his first two albums. And of course:
  4. Then I should get one of your infrequently given (some might say "stingily-given" "likes" . . . )
  6. Bottom line--I don't think Elizabeth Warren will lose her seat to Curt Schilling.
  7. I think the question--and it's a legitimate one--is how much they MADE the story. Media attention brings results. This isn't news. Sometimes it's a great thing--the media covers a story about a girl who needs a wheelchair and money from readers/viewers pours in. Sometimes it's not such a great thing.
  8. I think MSNBC was motivated by ratings and also a desire for gaffes and shocks that they thought would make Trump a non-entity. A major overestimation of the discernment of the American people and the current Republican Party, who thought it was great stuff. Bigly (big league) overestimation.
  9. Sports figures are good athletes, but it takes a rare person to excel at more than one thing. People should be admired for what they exhibit, not what they don't, and some things don't cross over.
  10. I certainly don't think media wears all the blame/credit for Trump's rise, but the amount of free attention was something money often buys, but was free for him. Additionally, it legitimized a candidacy that wasn't so legitimate early on. If you can't go to MSNBC and NOT see Donald Trump's speeches when he's still a tiny eye stye, that's a problem and led to him taking over our communal retinas. Most people don't watch MSNBC. That's allegedly a hangout for progressives...yet all we saw was Trump, Trump, Trump, from the beginning of his candidacy.
  12. It is hard to have faith when 74% of Republicans support Donald Trump--and some are beloved members of your family. I try to remember that Donald Trump's brand of hucksterism is befuddling to many. The media is now doing quite a bit of self-examination about how they contributed to his rise. Hendrik Hertzberg was on MSNBC last night and was talking about the same things I've been saying for a while: the ratings-seeking extensive coverage that legitimized him vs. the appropriate amount of coverage--and what will be the plan going forward, assuming he isn't elected President. It was very interesting.
  13. You do know that's not how the statistic works in real life, right?
  14. I couldn't read the WSJ article--I'm not a subscriber. The CBS article subscribes to your theory that headlines falsify information. In the first paragraph, we read: We read this . . . It's misleading. Misleading and "It's a complete myth" are two quite different things. In addition, it blithely ignores that the "lower paying jobs" women take are ghettoized. Why should education and health care/home care jobs be significantly lesser paying--they are every bit as challenging and perhaps, more necessary than the others. Everything is based on one person's interpretation of the facts in the CBS article. I decided to do a little digging of my own, and found this: It seems that one thing everyone agrees about is that, taken as an aggregate, men tend to work more hours than women. Another fact is that there are few "smoking guns" where we know people are discriminating against women. Another is that the gap widens increasingly with age/number of years worked. But the biggest difference is "temporal flexibility"--women tend to be the primary caregivers and thus are working in more than one capacity than men, but they don't get paid for non-paying work. Occupational segregation is also mentioned. I think it's important to note how little those who work in child care make--and of course, the vast, vast majority of child care workers in this country are women. Compare that field to garbage workers, where the money is significantly higher. I think a case can be made that both jobs involve unpleasant tasks. I think the anecdote at the end of the Freakanomics article speaks to something more internalized in our society and specifically in women. I have alluded to it before ("I'm sorry.")
  15. There's a sucker born every minute: