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  1. According to this article, typical cost of a pair of Epipens (how they're sold) is $600. If you didn't make $600/month, as is true of every single parent on public assistance with one-two children, how would you pay for the drugs?
  2. Pharmaceuticals aren't covered by my health care plan. (I have a separate pharmaceutical plan that pays a percentage of my prescription costs.). Isn't this typical?
  3. I'm so sorry, rtb. It's absolutely criminal, ethically speaking. And it's not just EpiPens. i see no defense for this. Parents who can't afford to buy these put their children's lives in jeopardy. But they're not the guilty parties.
  4. Don, what if the cousin, etc., isn't a racist and you've seen this relative behave in the manner opposite to how a racist would behave? What if the Trump supporter is Black? Or married to a Black person? (I know, highly unlikely, but they do exist.)
  5. Humor, right? Here's something else funny...and not.
  6. And if you can do more to help, even better. I should have posted this last night. I think I'm overwhelmed with the chaos in the world.
  7. I agree. I don't think that makes me smug.
  9. I think the various issues concerning Hillary's emails were worthy of some investigation, but when I weigh them as an issue against the money and time and energy spent on them, I can only view them as an excuse for a witch hunt. (Feel free to call Hillary a witch and my description being apt. It's just more evidence of my point.) Had she committed murder (on or off Fifth Avenue), she wouldn't have to face double jeopardy, let alone quadruple jeopardy.
  10. Oh, and this is from the same John Oliver show that included the brilliant Trump-Should-Quit-the-Race... Perhaps my passion for defending government isn't misplaced.
  11. He isn't all that typical of a Democrat, but damn, I love me some Bernie Sanders. Always. The cost hike of this and other meds is so unconscionable that it makes me wonder if government should get in the pharmaceutical game in some fashion. I guess I've become a real big government Democrat. It was my fate, I suspect.
  12. On the subject of education--this came across my FB page in a telling synchronicity: It would change everything if education in this country were as much of a priority for its citizens as professional sports.
  13. My friend the journalist and I discussed my current despair and we came to the conclusion that it's all about education. And the lack of education our populace currently "enjoys."
  14. I wouldn't want someone in construction to be stoned, but if the person smoked the day before, it wouldn't make much of a difference.
  15. Be specific as to why you feel this way. Was she competent as a US Senator, using the normal measurement of competency for a US Senator? Was she competent as a Secretary of State, using the normal measurement of competency for a SoS?