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  1. Why is he still doing SHOUT?

    I've hardly ever heard him do "Shout"--I will enjoy it.  Last night he did Detroit Medley AND Shout--that's ideal.
  2. homesquid, you're in for a long wait.  
  3. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    Go Kasich, Go Kasich, Go Kasich!!!! (Aka, Go Sanity, Go Sanity, Go Sanity!!!!) Sadly, this will be its last gasp, but I cherish it nonetheless.
  4. Time for me to hit the hay. Good night, all. State Throoper, dynamite job on the setlist! 
  5. I'm not sure why, but this show has kinda gotten me frenzied. Maybe it's the shakeup.  I need a Bruce show bad.
  6. OMG This is my song, I don't care who disses it. It's my song for my best friend.
  7. I hope everybody's whoo-ing! (Even if you don't tweet)
  8. From the early, early morning til the early early night!!!! He's getting ready for Philly, he's getting ready for Philly, he's getting ready for Philly. (My new mantra)
  9. There needs to be a B&J Springsteen ice cream. That is what is wrong with the world today.  No B&J Springsteen ice cream.
  10. It's all sounding so good. So so good.
  11. Be True! I'm dying!!!! I wouldn't mind hearing that one on Friday at all.
  12. I hate missing him in Albany. I've seen two amazing shows there. Good crowds, too.