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  1. I have some pix. Will post tomorrow from my computer.
  2. There will prolly be 400 people when all is said and done.
  3. I didn't even try to get NYC B&N tix--and I could have gotten them. I was lucky Ritchie posted on FB as soon as both events became available. The Apple event should be quite different. I hope they're as prepared for lunacy as Freehold B&N was. They were super-organized and very gracious hosts.
  4. Not even available on bootleg. It's been a trying summer and I look like I ate Bruce Springsteen. And not in the erotic way. I hadn't expected to be as moved as I was. Not to go new-agey on you, but his energy is amazing. The Freehold B&N did a great job handling the event, but for those who are unable to attend one of these events, your time with Bruce is only six seconds long. It went by in a blur, faster than the quick of the knife. I took great joy in the joy of my Bruce posse, including April.
  5. If I'm not being my usual verbose self, it's because it was so quick. It was a real blur. You know how I was more excited about the Soho event because I want to hear what he has to say. How I have met him before and was really more excited for my dh and friends--I got tix for five other Bruce fans besides me. Yet when the breakdown came at 11 am (not midnight), there was nothing I could say...except thank you. My emotions, Bruce's warmth and kindness and Bruceness, completely swept over me. I teared up and he recognized what a moment it was for me and I think that moved him a bit. Certainly he smiled and was so warm and kind (the only words that fit so I can't replace them) that, even if he wasn't moved, he was all I could ask. There was a table set up for gifts for him. I brought him a book I thought he'd like and included a letter in it. I tried to keep it brief (I know I'm verbose!). It included this paragraph: You’ve heard all this before, so going on and on would be selfish and, frankly, uninteresting. Instead, I’m going to ask you a favor. I frequent a fan board, Greasy Lake, where a New Zealand woman named Nicky is an avid presence of constant kindness and humor. She is particularly passionate about Kitty’s Back and it would mean everything to her if you played it when you go to Christ Church. (She also loves Prove it, 78-Intro Style.) Hope he grants my request for you, Daisey.
  6. I was struck with awe. B&N is doing an amazing job. On my way to Federici's.
  7. Can't upload the pic of B&N
  8. Hillary is ambitious. I guess that makes her a ladder-climber. How strident. How unfeminine. That bitch of a machine.
  9. Somebody has to give Hillary a few good lines, since Trump is playing George Burns all night. Like when he talks about all the jobs overseas that he's going to get back, she could say, "Well, you could start with the clothing companies you and your daughter have in China."
  10. I'm not ashamed that I can't identify with the way Trump voters (don't) think.