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  1. Based on the crap some of the members of the E Street Band have dealt with, I'd say Bruce would be a fool to put himself out there.
  2. Trump's New Target...Sanders Supporters.

    There are people on this site who have shared a hell of a lot more vitriol towards HRC than Spiritual could ever muster. If I felt Sanders were harming HRC for the general, I'd be angry. He isn't. Don't make me go back and research the massive loads of crap the Clintonistas were spewing in 2008 in May and June. No one was sure Bill Clinton would even give a speech at the convention long after HRC "accepted reality." I'm further along in the process than Spiritual is. I never thought Bernie would do as well as he has, and have been delighted by his unexpected strength. A lot of Sanders supporters still hold on to hope--including the hope that HRC will end up in the pokey vis-a-vis the (bullshit) email scandal. (And not just Sanders supporters--ask the conservative fans how they feel about it. Yet somehow they get a pass? Nah, I can't go for that. No can do.)
  3. That's too polite, frankly.
  4. He did speak out on his website re: his SC decision. People may not have been satisfied with what he wrote or how lengthily he wrote his message, but he did provide one. He didn't take to his website when he added album shows in 2013 (?), either.
  5. Trump's New Target...Sanders Supporters.

    Who are the fan boys? Bernie has as much right to continue as HRC did in 2008. HRC is the one who needs to reach out to Bernie (and to his supporters, I may add). Spiritual was not the one who got personal here. (Besides, he doesn't live in the US. No need for overkill.) Anyone want to argue the fact that Hillary lied about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia? Or that she voted for the Iraq war? Or that she was for single payer before she was against it? I wouldn't put it quite the way Spiritual did, but he's not wrong.
  6. I loved those shows. Magnus didn't. What matters, ultimately, is that Bruce Springsteen didn't want to do them anymore.
  7. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    Or, "What Charlie said."
  8. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    I know all about Kasich's anti-woman agenda. Nor do I think he's remotely folksy and moderate only in comparison to Ted Cruz. But he DOES have actual governmental experience at the state and federal level. Policy-wise, he is more moderate than Cruz and Trump on immigration. More moderate than Cruz on GLBT issues. More to the point, he is temperate in his speech, unlike Cruz and Trump--he can actually come across as a non-loon. The 2016 GOP candidates were a large field, but not a good crop. It seems to me Kasich is the least moldy of this year's berries. I don't support Kasich nor could I ever vote for him. But I lived in the US under the Bush years; I can't imagine Kasich would be much worse.
  9. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    You dislike Trump less than Kasich? Why?
  10. Since We're Now Talking VEEPs

    The Craven and the Cravin'...
  11. Trump's New Target...Sanders Supporters.
  12. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    I hate the heat. I'm a hothouse flower. On my good days, I share your hope. But we were almost sunk into the mud when President Obama took the reins and righted the sinking ship. Many people have such convenient memories. I've said it since the beginning--people like President Obama don't grow on trees. They are very rare. I just hope HRC wins. I believe she's capable, maybe the most capable person running. I say that as a Bernie fan. But she's no President Obama. She'll have to work on that vision thing. And be able to separate from the personal interest lens to serve the people's interest.
  13. Cspan on a Saturday night

    He sure did. Drop mic, indeed. Wilmore wasn't as funny as usual, and I realized most of his performance was not dedicated to White people. Which I can understand. When will we have the next Black President? This was a once in a lifetime chance and he took it. But the President was the tour de force. And what the media didn't acknowledge after was how he took them to task for taking Trump seriously and putting him on the airwaves for free publicity. The media made Trump's candidacy. Own your shit.