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  1. This is very witty.
  2. You can almost see nothing on the video, but It's my Life is sooo powerful nevertheless!
  3. How the hell am I supposed to sleep tonight?
  4. At least he's not looking like old Elvis!
  5. That is the secret, isn't it: To know they treat their animals well, feed them organically and don't cart them to who knows where to get slaughtered. A number of years ago, I tried every butcher around to find meat that tasted like I remembered from long ago. I finally found a local source for organic meat, and ever since then, we have eaten only that. Ahh, farmer's markets! Not many of those around here. You have to go clear across this huge city, which usually is too much bother. So I shop at a chain for organic produce, which is OK but not the same.
  6. Could you find alternatives on the internet? I know how awful it can be when a regularily used source dries up. A chain with several outlets in Berlin which had lovely table cloths, bed linen and oh so wonderful and reasonably priced cashmere sweaters closed recently and I was asking the same thing: Where will I find all those things now? Of course, food is much more important than that, especially when you could rely on good products and easy availability. Perhaps the owners will have suggestions where you can go instead?
  7. I know there are some gems that fell by the wayside. But I am totally happy with the ones that made it. They're all favorites. Mine, at least.
  8. "We gotta get out of this place " is just one powerful thing to listen to over and over. I cherish the video of Drift Away as well because I was there in Hannover when he did that. There is another sweet audio take of it together with Steve, but for sentimental reasons I prefer this one.
  9. Glenmorangie and Glenfiddich are two distilleries along the whisky trail that are well worth visiting. You'll be a whisky person forever after.
  10. There are two covers I value above any others because he made them into entirely different songs: One is Trapped, the other is Dream Baby Dream. That does not diminish my delight in Jersey Girl or How can a Poor Man Stand such Times and Live and a few others. But what he has done to those two is unsurpassed.
  11. Wouldn't mind to read the essay, Mr. Calvary!
  12. When I first heard "Born in the USA" - to my shame I cannot remember when exactly - I thought immediately: What an angry song. But most people I met put Bruce down because of such "a jingoistic, uncritical glorification of America." I must have handed out dozens of lyric sheets, translated for some, in an effort to convince them this was no flag waving Yankee. Of course the record cover and the getup didn't help. The video of "Dancing in the Dark" was played incessantly on MTV, and some thought THAT was the cat's whiskers, in spite of - or even because of - its cheesyness. There were only two gigs in Germany on this tour, in Frankfurt and Munich, and I couldn't make either one. And even though MY Bruce was much more than the new album, I fell in love with Downbound Train, My Hometown and No Surrender. When it comes down to it, I was more excited about Live 75/85 than BITUSA. If I couldn't see him live, I could at least finally listen to him live. I knew not how to get ahold of bootlegs, and it was long before the days of youtube. Better days, these days.