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  1. I would like to vote ten times for Trapped. But there are some there that are nice as well. Stage 9 passed me by unnoticed. Never mind.
  2. Once again, I have the feeling I have actually been in Bruce country (no country for old men). Alongside of Rachel's pictures and descriptions, I had Bruce read me of the early days in Freehold and Asbury Park from his audio book. Made a great combination.
  3. Longing for more...
  4. I'm having trouble with my neck anyway, but after looking at all those pictures, I'll have a permanent crick in my neck. I really blame you
  5. When you have some time and are tired of sightseeing, Rachel, you could maybe call up Bruce at Ellis Island on the internet, if you don't know the clip already. He got some sort of award and gave a great speech, and his Mom and two aunts were there. (It's several years old). But above all: Enjoy Asbury Park!
  6. Looking at this picture, strangely enough a comment from the orange one comes to mind: So sad.
  7. Rachel, this brings back so many fond memories of a NYC trip in the early 90ties. I felt so wired up, just like you are coming across! Enjoy, enjoy!
  8. What can you say? The old guard are leaving one after the other. It's getting lonely down here. But the music stays on forever.
  9. Have loads of fun! Beware of mosquitos as big as airplanes!
  10. Can't promise, of course, but I would bet the weather is warmer here in October than in Scotland
  11. Then it is high time for a trip to Berlin! And yes, @SydneyGirl, Andrew is @AMIW, what would we do without him!
  12. I shall post a gentle reminder every week that you ought to make travel arrangements for your trip to Berlin. I am counting on a big group of Lakers on October 8th!
  13. Didn't we know everything was better in 78? - Well, maybe not the quality of the video, which was mysteriously black for long stretches, but that performance of Quarter to Three beats all! Thanks, @Paolo's Circus Story for searching out these clips!
  14. It would be interesting to know how the typing is achieved when both hands are thus occupied?