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  1. Bruce appearing two nights in a row in Asbury Park shows one thing: He's aching to perform. It was this way before he released Wrecking Ball, and before he went on the River Tour. He just loves the stage. Release the finished record, Bruce. And tour, tour, tour!
  2. Can't see anything wrong with those jeans
  3. A good time was had by all. We didn't dance around the fire like the pagans but sat around it chatting. The weather wasn't as cold as threatened, the kids were happy heaping branches onto the flames and the rain didn't start till we were starting the cleanup.
  4. I don't mind ants as long as they don't invade the house. However, every spring they seem to find a route via our small conservatory into the living room. The trick is to find the point of entry. I located it and spread some baking powder: invasion stopped, all is well. Now they can go and spread the seeds of spring flowers all over as they seem to do, because said flowers appear at places they never were before.
  5. Yes, yes, yes! This is suddenly looking up. Meet me in the city! (Well, actually it's a mite outside, but no matter)!
  6. I'll be glad to contribute, wait till tomorrow, please. I have to get Mr. B off on a short trip today, and it's more work for me than for him...
  7. Glad to see a lot of my choices made it. Good work, Paolo! Thank you for all the hours you put in. (It was a labour of love, I know)
  8. Well, here is another call to action. It seems Raced and I will be the only ones to uphold the Greasy Lake banner on October 8 in Berlin. Before this thread gets towed to the Palace as well, penalized for missing Bruce content - CONSIDER A TIP TO BERLIN!!!! I'm getting discouraged. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all
  9. New songs, I hope.
  10. I'm sure we're talking about different things...
  11. It entirely depends on the company. When I was 15 or 16 we had a group of friends - Germans and Americans - who would play it for hours. We'd laugh ourselves silly at the same time - famous quote that survives from these battles is the war cry "NEW RULE! NEW RULE!" What fun we had
  12. This makes me cry every time and I didn't even know him.