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  1. I feel your pain @MagicRatAFC. I went to buy a few light bulbs the other day and was so confused I just walked away. @Jerseyfornia, don't you mean 'lightning bugs'?
  2. Happy Birthday @Mission Man in AZ!!!
  3. Another from today. Don't know if it was before or after the beach. I'm assuming before.
  4. Taken today. Looks like Bruce is trying to figure out the best way to keep everyone happy.
  5. Taken today on some beach in Jersey. Sea Bright, NJ 6/20/17
  6. CNN White House Reporter Questions Covering ‘Bizarre’ And ‘Pointless’ Briefings LINK:
  7. I was in Asbury Park over the weekend to see Willie Nile at the Wonder Bar. Debated posting because I didn't get any good pictures, but posting anyway. Got a much wanted (by everyone) seat at the bar and didn't move. Willie put on another great show as usual. Here are a couple of videos too. Oh and we followed the Range Rover on the way out the next morning thinking it was Bruce. Had to stop though because we were starting to feel very stalker-ish. Whoever was driving had Bruce sunglasses on, but I don't think it was him.
  8. This one is our favorite.
  9. N.J.'s move to legalize marijuana has begun. Here's all you need to know about it. LINK:
  10. I agree. Enjoyed last night's episode.
  11. Just something I saw floating around on FB.
  12. I so agree with the bolded part. And I am none of those three things.