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  1. $500 tickets

    No, not that. The article itself.
  2. $500 tickets

    What about the article bbb posted. You don't believe that? Also, Auburn Hills is a little different than trying for tickets at MetLife. I agree that some good seats are released a few days before or the day of the show, but I don't think it's a lot. You still risk not getting the seat of your dreams. Plus, a lot of people can't wait for the day of the show to purchase. Some people need to plan.
  3. $500 tickets

    Yeah but, StubHub has a lot of those 'good seats' available.
  4. $500 tickets

    Thanks. Honestly though, I don't like the fact that so many 'good' seats are held back at all anyway. We have no control at all in this and it's our money that are buying the seats.
  5. $500 tickets

    But chances are you won't get three or more seats together if you wait, correct?
  6. Just BRUCE!

  7. Did something happen?

    Was something done to the forum? All of a sudden my 'Unread Content' was gone and I'm pretty sure I didn't 'Mark as Read'. Also, the 'stars' are gone from the threads I commented in.
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JaneyMaryWendy

    Just saw this! Hope your day is wonderful!
  9. Never liked Air Supply, but I did like Leo Sayer. Used to hear this song when roller skating.
  10. $500 tickets

    Um no, it's not.
  11. $500 tickets

    How is $500 the face value of the tickets when tickets in the same area are $150?
  12. Bruce and Patti in Madrid

  13. $500 tickets

    Ugh...stop posting this bullshit! What an elitist you are! Let me drive a Porsche. Not everyone has money to go to college, some people work their asses off and still would never see a CEO title, some people have uncontrollable hardships in life preventing them from living in the lap of luxury, etc etc etc. Some people here use their hard earned vacation time and pay just to see Bruce. Don't you dare tell them that they need to sit in the back because the CEO's that can afford it have first dibs. And don't say that's not what you meant because your words are... "I don't believe a nurse should get a CEO's seat just because she is a great person because that's not how any business works."
  14. Sinead O'Connor Reported Missing in Chicago

    They're talking about Patti LaBelle.
  15. Bruce Cookies

    I'd eat the BITUSA one.