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  1. Spent a little time in Asbury this weekend. Watched the Giants (lose)game at the Wonder Bar. Took a few pictures.
  2. Jill Stein says she'll 'escalate' Pennsylvania recount case after earlier plans to drop it
  3. Just saw this thread. Congrats everyone!
  4. Great pictures everyone! So happy for you all!
  5. OK, this looks creepy.
  6. I call my son Bruce all the time. It's not his name but in my defense his name does start with a BR too. Then again I also call him by my dog's name and the names don't even sound similar. That really pisses him off.
  7. He is delaying that because he won't know how to answer direct questions asked of him. He won't have his script handy. If he does it I could see him wearing an earpiece and getting the answers fed to him. As far as bringing back jobs, I personally think his grand gesture of the Carrier jobs remaining in Indiana has been in the works for a long time (something like this can't happen this quickly) and he is now taking credit for it (I'm sure Pence had more to do with it) because he wants to show the world the really really amazing and terrific things he can do. We still don't know all the details of what transpired with the deal but from what little we have heard it does not sound like a terrifically amazing deal in the long run and will only cause more problems. Trumpster is nothing but a show boat. His purpose of going after the office of the President is so he can say he won something else and to be king of the world. He only cares about himself. His Thank You/Victory rallies are again to put himself on a pedestal. There is nothing he has said during them that shows he is trying to unite the country. If anything he is dividing it more. People I have voted for have lost before. I am not a sore loser and know there is only one winner and I can always easily accept this. But not in this case. Every time I see or hear Trump I am somewhere between feeling literally sick or very angry. I have never experienced these emotions before during the election process. I still cannot fathom that there are people in this country that voted for him and hold him in high regard.
  9. CNN is playing the video from one of his 'Thank You' rallies today and he is still dividing the country with the shit he is spewing. I have never heard a political figure talk like this. He's saying how much fun it was to beat Hillary, etc. What the hell is wrong with him?