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  1. Bruce Springsteen Photographer Preps Book of Unreleased Images 'Further up the Road' compiles images from Frank Stefanko, who shot 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' cover This November, Wall of Sound Editions will publish Bruce Springsteen: Further up the Road, a collection of four decades of Springsteen photographs shot by Frank Stefanko. Many of the images are previously unreleased. Stefanko has a longstanding working relationship with Springsteen: he's the man behind the covers for Darkness on the Edge of Town and The River. He also took cover photo for Springsteen's autobiography, Born to Run. Further up the Road will include a number of images from two unpublished shoots with Springsteen, one that took place in 2004 and another from this year. Wall of Sound plans to print 1,978 copies of Further up the Road. The first 350 of these will be available as a deluxe edition for $630, while the remainder will make up a collector's edition for $380. Pre-order starts May 8nd. Stefanko will sign every copy and Springsteen penned the book's introduction. In Born to Run, Springsteen praised Stefanko's work. "Frank's photographs were stark," he wrote. "His talent was he managed to strip away your celebrity, your artifice, and get to the raw you. His photos had a purity and a street poetry to them. They were lovely and true, but they weren't slick … We had other cover options but they didn't have the hungriness of Frank's pictures." Eric Meola, another photographer fortunate enough to photograph Springsteen for the Born to Run album, also applauded Stefanko in a statement. "I love the 'in-your-face' immediacy of these images; their stark innocence and how they appear to be photographs that don’t try to be something they are not," Meola wrote. "As Bruce entered the vernacular of American music and its psyche, Frank found his world. And in this book, he shares it with us." LINK:
  2. A beautiful chocolate cake...the most beautiful chocolate cake you have ever seen.
  3. Trump's MO...make a bigly tremendous deal about something so it looks like he's doing something important and then actually doing nothing at all. His followers suck that up.
  4. I love your picture @Eileen. It is exactly what I picture as a classic English garden.
  5. Speaking as a so called 'empty vessel' myself, does anyone else think that Ivanka is almost trying too hard to come across as poised, eloquent, articulate? I've always thought she was all these things, but lately I've been thinking that she's almost trying to make herself come across this way. Also, I do believe that Trump is grooming them for 2024. He wants him and his family to control everything. Barron will be running someday too. And we stupidly opened the door to the Trump Kingdom.
  6. He needs to get something done before his 100 days are up. So why not strike North Korea. Asshole.
  7. LOVE the barn...and the flowers!
  8. I LOVE having the pool!
  9. I was thinking of making it into a 'Mom Cave'. Here's the other one.
  10. Well, it's still kinda pretty on the outside, but I'll try to snap a picture of it when it stops raining.
  11. The kids would sometimes use it as a play house when it was emptied out in the summer. That one is mainly used for patio furniture and pool items. I have another shed on the other side of the yard that's used for the smellier things like the lawn mower, etc.
  12. Let's try this again! Here's my shed.