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  1. BCFO...I think you're fitting in great here already!
  2. To me he looked ill. He was literally pink. He is always saying how Hillary has health problems, but she looked the picture of health last night.
  3. They're using 'Land of Hope and Dreams' at Obama's speech in Florida.
  4. He already heard me babbling!
  5. He's an asshole.
  6. Linda, how far have you gotten?
  7. Was the listening link posted yet? If not, here it is:
  8. I love the picture! Thank you Mike for sharing and enjoy the book!
  9. Can't stand Kayleigh McEnany.
  10. CNN: "You can't polish this turd."
  11. I have to say, Hillary looked very elegant and poised tonight.
  12. His fucking face childish.