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  1. Problem for those of us in the UK is that a lot of people are using the app that's not available here. The app takes away the stupid captcha thing and is easier to get in straight away.
  2. Suffering from Bruce deprivation, went to see this band at my local rock club last night. "The sensational new tribute to Bruce Springsteen" according to their advertising. Well first the good parts. The band were ok especially the drummer and bass player and they made a decent enough noise at times. The singer's voice was powerful but.........he had a problem - and a pretty big one. He didn't know the words of the songs!! Things weren't promising when he missed out two lines of the opener - er a little known song called Born To Run. Thunder Road was even worse. Verses muddled up, lines missed out. And the pattern continued all night. By the end of a fairly short set, it was getting comical. Plus he took himself very seriously. We left during the encore that nobody had called for. I suggest until the singer gets himself a songbook Bruce fans stay at home and listen to a live album!!!
  3. High Hopes DVD in the UK

    Wow hd has it for £8.49 today (Friday) only. Understand they're not the quickest at delivering!
  4. Probably my favourite of the recent Bruce albums - particularly Gypsy Biker.
  5. Got to say I prefer this version from the great concert in Bilbao in 2009
  6. It's like having to discard one of my children!!!
  7. Fabulous. Looks even better than the Paris show recording - which was great. I was lucky enough to be at both shows. Very different - but both brilliant.
  8. Great piece on the Guardian blog. Mind you he did go to get a beer during LOHAD!
  9. Not going to get involved in the Cardiff v Leeds debate because I wasn't at Cardiff. Sounds like two fantastic shows. All I would say is I've never seen so much energy in a Bruce show as tonight.