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  1. Made a rare trip into the seats last night and the thing that struck me most was how up the crowd were throughout the night. Don't think I've ever seen a British crowd so engaged and having so much fun.
  2. European Tour Confirmed -

    This was his original tweet! Message to everybody: We have no "golden circle"! Please take a picture and post it if your ticket says that.
  3. European Tour Confirmed -

    Yes He's retreated a bit on his earlier tweets.
  4. European Tour Confirmed -

    Steve van Zandt has just tweeted that there is no golden circle for any show.
  5. European Tour Confirmed -

    Already 21 pages of tickets for Paris on Viagogo. Disgraceful.
  6. European Tour Confirmed -

    Did that for last Paris show. It's great. You can see setlist and changes and Bruce will come and visit you !!
  7. European Tour Confirmed -

    Yes but I will be there so will be available if there's a problem. DM me if interested as don't want to clog board up!!
  8. European Tour Confirmed -

    140 euro each. Are E tickets
  9. European Tour Confirmed -

    Because of my good luck I have two spare seats for Monday Porte P. Row 28 face value if anyone wants them
  10. European Tour Confirmed -

    Got in through Accorarena presale rather than GDP
  11. European Tour Confirmed -

    Wow. Front standing! Easy!
  12. European Tour Confirmed -

    Has any one been sent a presale link yet? Applied for one but not received one as yet.
  13. European Tour Confirmed -

    Popol I love you!
  14. European Tour Confirmed -

    Where is that info?
  15. Problem for those of us in the UK is that a lot of people are using the app that's not available here. The app takes away the stupid captcha thing and is easier to get in straight away.