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  1. European Tour Confirmed -

    My understanding is the 29th being held in reserve and will only happen if there is enough demand. 
  2. MSG 2016/1/27 Download available!

    Sound quality wise, yes, definitely. But assuming this quality is to continue with the new guys on the job, there may obviously be setlists that you would prefer down the track.
  3. European Tour Confirmed -

    The pit was deemed to be full before everyone with FOS tickets had entered. They had to do their best in the GA behind the pit. A lot of (understandably) unhappy people.
  4. MSG 2016/1/27 Download available!

    This mix is spectacular compared to the others!

    I'm thinking this thread has gotten a little off topic. You guys should move it over to a snowman fucking thread. 
  7. Those who pre-ordered other formats (flac etc) will find it available in 'My Downloads'. Downloading mine now. 
  8. It has this on the download page: "MP3s and CDs and higher fidelity formats will go on sale Wednesday." Doesn't quite make sense re mp3, but  guess you've effectively pre-ordered it. Probably worth grabbing the free mp3 in the mean time.
  9. Sound quality seems about on par with the other 'on tour' downloads to me. i.e. decent but not fantastic. Bruce's vocals are kinda distant and echoey. 
  10. Here it is folks!,13584/Bruce-Springsteen---The-E-Street-Band-mp3-flac-download-1-16-2016-Consol-Energy-Center-Pittsburgh-PA.html
  11. The iTunes version will certainly have compressed aac audio. The Blu-ray has hi-res pcm audio, so the blu-ray would be WAY better. I don't have the DVD version so I'm not sure, but it's probably standard PCM which is still much better than aac.
  12. True, it's not overly hard to rip the audio from the blu-ray/dvd then add these new songs, but it's certainly fiddly. Would be much easier to have the whole show as a download.
  13. You can pay for the flacs etc but mp3 is free!
  14. Latest download - Rome 2013

    To me the issue is the placement of the audience effects mics. I love a good amount of "ambiance" from the crowd, but don't like to hear individual audience members. I'm no sound engineer, but to me the mics should be placed far enough away to not pick up individuals. I can only imagine though how difficult all the this can be, these mics would no doubt pick up the PA and any echo etc in the venue. Of course when Bruce takes his mic close to, or in the crowd, there's not much an engineer can do.
  15. Presumably. This is the description in my EPG: In this program, director Thom Zimny looks at the making of Bruce Springsteen's album The River. In an intimate interview, Springsteen reflects on the lengthy writing and recording process.