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  1. Yep Me too. Weird.
  2. I'm seeing the same. 9th are there but not 7th. Seems like a glitch, a very odd one though. I hope to collect my tickets in the next week or so. I let you know how I get on!
  3. Yep. The most disappointing of the archive shows sound quality wise. It's not the entire show, just here and there but enough to be quite annoying.
  4. A little more fuel for the fire
  5. That's why you can also choose to download ALAC. The "A" stands for Apple! These will also play in most players including iTunes and all "i" devices. Of course you can also convert either flac or ALAC to MP3 or burn them to CDs if that is what you need. But you can't (really, really shouldn't) convert or burn mp3s.
  6. I learned this morning that we have lost yet another of our community. David was the founder and driving force behind a great community Facebook page. David died suddenly recently of an undiagnosed brain tumour leaving behind a wife and beautiful young daughter. He was in his early 40's. Taken way too soon. I know he was active here for some time, but not sure about recently. I can't remember his screen name, but perhaps one of the admins can help with that. His page can be found here: RIP David Edit: Thanks to ross, his screen name here was Dalison.
  7. I always buy music in lossless format. You can then always convert them to mp3 or any other format if that suits your needs. Just make sure you keep the lossless versions as 'masters'. If you have only have mp3, then that's what you're stuck with.
  8. As Phish release their shows through Nugs also, I have assumed that Nugs introduced Bruce's people to Jon Altschiller. John Cooper is behind the board for the show and is reponsible for the setup. He was also the guy who did the crappy early mixes. Overall I'm not that impressed with his work, but he has been working for Bruce for a long time. In fairness though, I think it is far too much to expect the same guy to be responsible for setting up all the sound gear, mixing the show on the night, then do mixes for release between shows on a tour of this scale.
  9. Doesn't really qualify as a rumour i guess.
  10. Hi, Travelling from Australia this summer to catch a few shows. Just need one inner pitch for Copenhagen. Thanks!
  11. The previous show (Oakland) has only just become available a few days ago. LA will be in the next couple of days I'm sure.
  12. I think the situation with the live downloads is very telling. They were pretty bad when they were being handled by the same people. Instantly improved out of sight when they started being done by someone with the right skills. The fact that they were willing to put out a product of that quality with their name attached to it to me is very telling. In their defence, though, I think it's a lot to ask one guy to set up all the sound gear for a show, do the live mix, travel to the next city and mix shows for release between. Seems pretty hectic to me.
  13. I really don't know why there should be any slowing of the archive releases. Nugs is just the distribution channel. They should be able to pump out a few releases each day if they needed to. There seems to be two distinct teams now. Toby Scott for the archives and Jon Altschiller for the tour releases.
  14. I received an email from Spanish promoter Dr Music a little earlier. Here is the google translated version: It can also be found here. I really wish them well and I really hope they can make some progress, but alas I'm not overly confident.