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  1. 1 GA for Coventry

    Has anybody got one going spare? It would be greatly appreciated
  2. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    That's his call. What I meant was it was a completely irrelevant response and a bizarre method of discussion.
  3. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    Precedent for what? What I said was that people can agree with Bruce for reasons other than they agree with him on everything and think the man can do no wrong.
  4. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    Or they might just agree with him here - it's not like it's particularly inconsistent with views he's espoused for a long time that have attracted a lot of people to him.
  5. This Sex is On Fire!

    Going from the title of this thread to seeing the actual girls in the picture creeped me the fuck out. Secondly, I know the DITD girl is a thing but what makes this stuff good is the spontaneity, like the girls bursting past security on that Rosalita video - that couldn't happen now but this is a crap imitation of it.
  6. Seeger Sessions PBS Exclusive CD

    Yeah, I have no idea how there are so many good versions of this song.
  7. European Tour Confirmed -

    Got 2 FOS for Berlin, Eventim worked brilliantly. Now I can go on holiday with my mate rather than make him hate me for making him queue for 2 days (or hating him for not being able to queue for 2 days). Hope all others get what they want.
  8. European Tour Confirmed -

    I'm in! Woke up my housemates with the despairing swearing but I'm in!
  9. European Tour Confirmed -

    Still couldn't get shit for Milan... these ticket sales have taken years off my life and nothing out of my wallet.
  10. European Tour Confirmed -

    Really wanted FOS but I finally managed to just get anything, 1 GA for Gothenburg 2 in the bag. Do people reckon Gothenburg 1 will be easy to buy from touts?
  11. European Tour Confirmed -

    I'm getting really good at identifying images with salad...
  12. European Tour Confirmed -

    5 gigs I've been on the site before tickets went on sale, 5 gigs I've not got tickets for.
  13. European Tour Confirmed -

    My wait time has been 7 minutes for a good 18 minutes.
  14. European Tour Confirmed -

    Milan fucked, Gothenburg fucked, by the looks of this queue Wembley and Coventry are going that way too.