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  1. European Tour Confirmed -

    http://www.holland.com/global/tourism/article/malieveld-3.htm Here on the 14th it would seem. Gives the impression they're scrambling for venues.
  2. European Tour Confirmed -

    Well, if it is just a presale there should be more tickets at some point.
  3. European Tour Confirmed -

    Good news, thanks
  4. European Tour Confirmed -

    Where do you get that from?
  5. European Tour Confirmed -

    Well, if anyone ends up with a spare GA ticket then please message me. That was a depressing start to the day.
  6. European Tour Confirmed -

    All sold out it would seem...
  7. European Tour Confirmed -

    What's the Italian for GA tickets then?
  8. European Tour Confirmed -

    How do any of the UK guys go about buying tickets to Italian shows? Want to get a couple for Milan, is it fine getting them delivered to England?

    Rockol.it have an article saying it's official.
  10. Wrecking Ball is a huge track and I'd love to hear it again. The Rising I'm less fussed about but I'm sure it has its fans.
  11. Bruce & E Street Band - SNL - 12/19

    Meet Me in the City was a powerhouse. And Steve looked really happy and involved on stage for once.
  12. Not great quality but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPDNt1kePqQ
  13. Stray bullet

    I didn't expect to be genuinely surprised by something on this boxset. God Bruce had such a versatile songwriting talent!
  14. Don't care much for a lot of the music on Magic although Long Walk Home and the stunning Terry's Song put it real close with Wrecking Ball (for me that's the best goodbye to a friend). However, the title track on Wrecking Ball is brilliant Bruce and I love the album's righteous anger. Rocky Ground into LOHAD just about clinches it for me but glad there's been two quality recent albums. Don't like much on WOAD to be frank and although it's patchy, there are some great songs on High Hopes, GOTJ and American Skin are huge.