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  1. Remastered Album Collection Vol I: November 17th

    Those 'pretty average' official releases include Seeger Sessions, Magic, The Promise, Wrecking Ball, not to mention the BTR anniversary box set, and the Live in Barcelona show. To me, that's way above pretty average.
  2. Remastered Album Collection Vol I: November 17th

    I'm actually very happy. I've been dying to get a remastered copy of both Greetings and The Wild.... I'll finally get them, with 5 others and a booklet that may or may not be ground-breaking, but it's something new. Bring it on.
  3. So my cousin said...

    Badlands Jungleland Racing in the Street Land of Hope and Dreams Thunder Road (I was really tempted to put 'Pony Boy' in to stir things up)
  4. Bruce's Most Underated and Unrecognized Songs

    From what I've seen written about on this forum, from what I've seen on twitter, and the fans (casual and fanatic alike) that I know, the general consensus is that of dislike towards the song. It's a polarising song I guess.
  5. Bruce's Most Underated and Unrecognized Songs

    Great shout. County Fair contains one of my all-time favourite Springsteen lyric: "It's James Young and the Immortal Ones, two guitars, baby, bass and drums" My mind is blown every time I hear that line, it's pure genius.
  6. Shame bruce can't do a U2

    Clayton looks old.
  7. Bruce's Most Underated and Unrecognized Songs

    I agree completely. I said it on this before, somewhere, but it's a return to the epic, not really seen since Jungleland. Every part of it is great, lyrically, musically. Loved it live, too.
  8. Bruce's Most Underated and Unrecognized Songs

    This is true, but it does seem that the majority of fans dislike it. They may dislike it all the more when its companion book appears.
  9. It's not an album that I return to. I return to individual tracks every so often (Dream Baby Dream, DITH, The Wall, and Hunter, mainly). I don't return to it as an album, because it just doesn't gel. It's hard to listen to it in one sitting because it's so different from song to song. I wouldn't disregard it, there's some fine stuff on it, possibly one of his best songs in The Wall, but as an album as a whole, it doesn't flow for me.
  10. Bruce's Most Underated and Unrecognized Songs

    Outlaw Pete. Anyone got a can opener for this pesky can of worms?
  11. "Incident on 57th Street" - The Main Point 1975

    That would be great, but apparently they aren't in contact. She left because he was infatuated with her, and her fella wasn't too comfortable with that! Shame, she could really bring something to the stage. And yes, that version of I Want You is exquisite.
  12. "Incident on 57th Street" - The Main Point 1975

    I must have been mistaken: I always thought that this was a prop or something, used by Bruce at the song's close.
  13. "Incident on 57th Street" - The Main Point 1975

    I do love this version, but there's something about the police siren at the end that kills it for me. There's no need for it, and it just seems clumsy.
  14. Shame bruce can't do a U2

    Well, I was mainly saying it in jest, but it is true. What I mean by it is that they haven't really released anything of great worth since 'Achtung Baby'. There's been no brilliant album that would attract a major new following, and U2 fans are known to be as zealous as, ooh, em, gosh, I can't think of any other group of fans!
  15. I wouldn't say my percent division of Bruce / Non-bruce is 90 / 10 %. I try to listen to as much different stuff as I can. But I don't know the names of members of most bands, and this includes the Stones, Crazy Horse, The Eagles. Sure, I know maybe one name, or personality. The difference is that I don't really care. I'm so invested in Bruce's music and the E-Street sound that I want to know who plays/sings what. No other band has inspired that same curiosity in me, apart from The Band, (who are of course, the exception to every rule).