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  1. Once again no San Diego show (since 1996) so it looks like I'm doing one of the LA gigs again.
  2. Tour extended through August?

    That was going to be my birthday show but just as well, there's a big data convention in town that week and hotel prices are crazy.
  3. Change is here

    I too lost a bunch of posts and am down to Jr.Member but now I understand why. However, when I use this site on my phone there is no field for me to post, just the submit reply button (granted my phone is pretty old) and my status along with everyone else's is "members".
  4. Tour extended through August?

    If these dates become official, then the San Jose show on my birthday will be worth the flight from San Diego, and I'll most likely forget about LA. I can only afford to do one show so I have to choose wisely.
  5. If it's faster than your cellular data signal, then yes, and it keeps your data usage down.
  6. I was just on TM trying my luck for LA, only nosebleeds for both nights right now. The waiting game begins.
  7. It's when additional tickets are released between the on sale and show dates. Not every seat will go on sale tomorrow, some are always held back.
  8. Since I'll be at work when they go on sale, I'll do my usual wait for a drop. I still have a good three months before LA.
  9. Honda Center, Anaheim California, April 8th 2008 Scored a floor ticket the day of the show and just missed the pit, though I was right on the rail. when the lights went down and the carnival music started the electricity was palpable. Then Bruce appeared and opened with Thunder Road and I knew it was gonna be special! I was just rediscovering Bruce after a long absence and though I only knew about half the songs in the set I realized I had some serious catching up to do. Favorite moment was Meeting into Jungleland; couldn't believe I was getting this at my first show! Thunder Road, Radio Nowhere, Lonesome Day, Gypsy Biker, Murder Inc, Magic, Atlantic City, Candy's Room, Reason To Believe, Prove It All Night, Because The Night, She's The One, Living In The Future, Promised Land, Brilliant Disguise, Ghost Of Tom Joad (w/Tom Morello), Last To Die, Long Walk Home, Badlands, Out In The Street, Meeting Across The River, Jungleland, Born To Run, Dancing In The Dark, American Land (w/Tom Morello)
  10. Originally begun during bathroom breaks while recording Nebraska at home, and worked on throughout the following years, the infamous "Bathroom Tape" may finally be seeing the light of day. Not wanting to interrupt the creative process, Bruce decided to bring his guitar and four-track machine into the loo with him to work on these songs, though they only exist in bits and pieces. During a recent interview, Bruce expressed a desire to finish off this material (considered to be THE holy grail amongst his hard core fans) and release it: "There's a lot of really strong shit here, and I wanna finally get it all out." There are even rumors of a tour to promote the album, with unconfirmed reports of holds being placed on arena restrooms.
  11. Some really gut wrenching performances here! Your Own Worst Enema is another one.
  12. Machine translation can give some weird results sometimes! I had to work last night, so I'll have to catch the show on YouTube. Can't wait to see Bruce in front of a crazy Brazilian crowd! I'm learning Portuguese, so it'll be interesting to hear him speak it. Muito bom!
  13. Bom dia, boa tarde, ou boa noite to all the Lakers out there. Enjoy the show!
  14. I can't see the article, just getting a bunch of blue lines. Not compatible with the mobile version of this site?
  15. I've always liked 57 Channels. However, that "country blues" version of Countin' On A Miracle where he yodels through it in that weird falsetto, YIKES!