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  1. That is absolutely awful. Don't mention the kid... ever.
  2. 40,000 people in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan gave this to us. It takes more people to fill a football stadium.
  3. All references to climate change and LGBT rights have been removed from the White House website.
  4. It feels absolutely awful to not have Obama as our president anymore...
  5. "We come in the age's most uncertain hour and sing an American tune. But it's all right, it's all right. We can't be forever blessed..."
  6. Jokes are alright. If we can't chuckle a little each day during this nightmare we'll go insane.
  7. I think you have taken up Welby's lifetime mission of mockery... and I say that as a compliment. I know the left (and the rest of the civilized world) has some annoying "the world is ending" stuff going on... and my biggest hope is that people like you and Swaps get to say in four years "See how fucking ridiculous all that worrying was?".
  8. I get what you and Skin are saying. But it's little things like this that help normalize him. If we normalize Trump that is the end of this country in terms of what we supposedly stand for. As others have said, Trump's presidency is going to test the strength of our democracy and our institutions in ways that they really never have been tested before. Are we going to stand up to him and stop him from hollowing out our government, destroying our international reputation, and creating a culture that makes hate, ignorance, and racism acceptable... or will we slowly and slowly, inch by inch, day by day, let things drift into normalcy. Normalizing Trump opens the door for the dark side of America to take center stage and dictate the future of this country, a country that may still be named America but will be fundamentally and radically altered at its core. Now will the Girl Scouts be responsible for this? Yes! ...well, no. Of course not. But the little things that don't seem to really matter will build and build...
  9. Swamps... I love ya but why do the people on the right-wing constantly need to feel like they're victims? Not everything is a slight against you.
  10. Young girls in a group that proclaims to stand for female empowerment being forced to march for a man who vowes to grab them by the pussy when they get old enough. Wow... almost instantaneously that organization basically loses all credibility.
  11. Again, let's not downplay the horror that was the Bush administration. The fact that Trump will absolutely be worse does not mean that Bush and co. didn't have the most destructive and vile administration this county has seen since Andrew Johnson. I mean we barely made it out of that thing intact.
  12. I didn't think I could like you more than I always did... but then you pull out a Doctor Wu!
  13. This must be what kids feel like when their parents don't love them...
  14. Whoa whoa... what's going on here? Who's been bashing The Dan 'round here? That I do not forgive.
  15. Well you're already the sole Queen of the Supermarket lover so what's one more royal title?