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  1. New Trump ad: Rapist Clinton, etc.

    Eh, this nickname is trying a little too hard, IMO.
  2. Holy shit, I'd been away for a while but I had no idea Welby died. I used to argue with him a ton during my stupid, ranting, political years. And while I almost always disagreed with him, he had a nice way to spin the conversation. He would take all of our serious debates, and post something to show the utter absurdity of it all. Sometimes exposing how ridiculous we sounded attacking each other. I imagined him sitting back while the left and the right went at each other, just smiling. He would have loved some of the recent political news. Plus, the dude gave me my nickname... Kayson. Always loved it. Will be missed.
  3. If you guys could guarantee ONE River song at every show, what would it be?
  4. Bruce Cookies

    Hmm... what a surprise... No River in sight!
  5. Cop Killers

  6. Why does Bruce have to do only stadium shows in Europe? Why can't he do arenas?
  7. Yeah, this reaction is definitely appropriate after two whole non-River shows...
  8. Since when does everyone hate Working on the Highway? It's one of my all time favorites.
  9. Here's just a few: Growin' Up - Buffalo 2009. THE definitive version of the song. American Skin - Buffalo 2012. Incident solo - Toronto 2012. Atlantic City - Rochester 2012. Drive All Night - Rochester 2012.
  10. This tour

    Didn't see any shows on the High Hopes tour, but I think Bruce and the band on the Wrecking Ball tour was just otherworldly. Some of the best shows literally ever. I'd rank this tour easily last since Magic. The River + greatest hits did nothing for me.
  11. $500 tickets

    And you can also see her for 40 bucks. So no, I would not. Paying top dollar for the best seats in the house doesn't send me into a tizzy. 2,000 for front-row seats and soundcheck access to see Paul fucking McCartney? Yeah that's fine with me, actually. Welcome to capitalism, folks. Front-row at Springsteen or Madonna or McCartney isn't healthcare. It's not something you should hope to get cheap.
  12. $500 tickets

    I have no idea how much Madonna tickets go for, but McCartney tickets are actually fairly reasonable. Twice I paid less than 60 bucks for pretty decent seats.
  13. $500 tickets

    Uh, guys... you know you don't have to pay the 500 bucks, right? The vast majority of tickets cost 150 bucks or less. Just because you can't get cheap front-row seats doesn't mean Bruce is some money-grabbing whore. Try sitting with the rest of the unwashed masses for once in your life.
  14. Stadium Tour Confirmed

    There better be.