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  1. If Bruce suffer from writers block..

    I'm a counselor, so I see similar things every day.
  2. If Bruce suffer from writers block..

    He's put out like 8 albums since he started the antidepressants. Why would you think to start blaming them now?
  3. Is our hero taking the piss?

    Haha, ah dude I actually remember you talking about this! Damn, that sucks. But glad you got your Darling this year (and I would gladly trade you my Toronto Sherry for one of your Junglelands). Goddamn, that show was amazing wasn't it? Yeah almost four fucking hours. And Incident solo. Perfection.
  4. Is our hero taking the piss?

    His website said full River shows on all "North American" tour dates, did it not? It didn't mention it for Europe. Is it a little sneaky? Yes, no doubt. They probably did it like this to see how they were feeling after America and then decide what to do for Europe. If you think I'm wrong with this then I may be missing something.
  5. Is our hero taking the piss?

    No he's not trying to screw fans out of money. When he first announced the tour, no one thought he was gonna play the album full. Then he announced he would play it full for the US shows, and didn't saying anything about Europe. And really, if you're big complain is that instead of hearing an old album played all the way through you're gonna get to hear the best live band in the history of mankind do what they do best and play a classic E Street set with audibles and improvises, then I have less than zero sympathy for you. Enough with this "Bruce is screwing us over" horseshit. The man does more for his fans than almost any other musician to ever live. Shut the fuck up.
  6. Is our hero taking the piss?

    Am I missing something, bbb? Weren't you at the August Toronto show in 2012? He played Sherry there.
  7. Give me this and end with Jungleland and I'd be a happy little boy.
  8. Completely agree. Hope he comes back to the states in the summer.
  9. YES!! Please come back to the US this summer!!!
  10. Bruce is so fucking classy with his tributes. Must have been amazing. (It's a shame he's had to do so many this tour). I remember when he did The Weigh in honor of Levon Helm. That was fantastic.
  11. Someday it will be Bruce

    Yeah, I can only imagine. I have Live in London and it's just magical.