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  1. I don't think those people care about Wrecking Ball. 
  2. Absolutely not. We have only a handful of songs to look forward to after The River is done, I do not want to hear these two for the 120th time. I think the setlists so far have been pretty crappy overall, with the exception of Backstreets the first night. But I guess we should just be lucky that we're not getting Waitin' on a Sunny Day. 
  3. What's the holy grail live song?

    Jungleland. I absolutely need to see this one live. 
  4. Bruce's Bowie tribute was pure class. And Rebel Rebel sounded fantastic. I fucking love this dude. 
  5. Wrecking Ball? Christ, I think we've heard that one enough!
  6. What I'd like for the First Encore At MSG

    Johnny 99 Youngstown Lost in the Flood Born to Run Jungleland Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Give me that encore, please!
  7. You're not alone, buddy. There's about half of that album that is gonna put me to sleep. But I couldn't not go to a Bruce show.
  8. Well yeah, but most big acts aren't Bruce. He's an entirely different entity.
  9. - 8 1/2 by Fellini. Classic Italian film. Beautifully shot, full of life and energy. A pure joy to watch. - Spotlight. Meet the new Oscar winner for Best Picture. Spectacular.
  10. Casual fans are gonna be bored out of their minds.
  11. The fuck-up that was yesterday morning's ticket debacle has been getting a lot of attention. As someone else mentioned, reddit had a few discussions about it. It was on's front page. TIME has some info on it. I don't know if I've ever seen so much attention for a tour's ticket sales.
  12. Prices

    It's getting harder and harder to make this comparison.
  13. Nosebleeds in Buffalo. Prices are pretty steep for the shit seats. But hey, I'm in the building for a Bruce show!
  14. Bruce talked about Steely Dan. As if I couldn't love the man more!