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  1. That makes me insane. You shoot the guy that has no weapon and then are still so scared that you have to handcuff him? What a coward. Take this guy's badge and kick his ass out.
  2. I still don't really get why THIS is the thing everyone has decided to take a stand about...
  3. Cruz has major balls for not endorsing Trump. Good for him.
  4. Very classy. This is the kind of stuff that makes me proud to be a Democrat...
  5. It really does seem we'll let any angry testosterone-filled idiot be a cop these days. The scariest thing about all of this might be just how cowardly all these cops seem to be. Something moving? Breathing? Shoot it dead before it hurts us!! It's like a teenage girl killing a bug before it gets too close to them. Oh wait, not all cops... blah blah blah.
  6. And a king ain't satisfied...
  7. So what about the thousands of people who don't give a shit where trans people, uh... shit? It's nice in theory, but kinda shitty in practice.
  8. No way this can be the last tour... they have decades left in them!!
  9. Angry Bruce is the best Bruce!
  10. Interesting... I had no idea he said the Beatles were "too pop". Kinda a ridiculous statement, honestly.
  11. One of them, yes. But as long as there are albums like Sgt. Pepper's or Dark Side of the Moon, it's tough to claim "best rock album ever." That being said, Bruce should sleep soundly knowing he's perfected live performances, and will probably go down as the greatest live performer to ever live.
  12. The director who did the finale also directed Battle of the Bastards. He said it was like doing Saving Private Ryan and then following it up with The Godfather.
  13. The transition from baby Jon to "King in the North" Jon with the music playing behind it was maybe my favorite moment in the show's history.