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  1. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are conservative voices of reason concerning President-elect Donald Trump. Is that not the whackiest, most mind-fuck sentence you could ever come up with?
  2. She was an idiot then and she's an idiot now.
  3. How does Conway look her daughters in the face knowing she is almost singlehandly responsible for getting this man the presidency? How is this the legacy and the country that you leave your children?
  4. Does he have nothing more important to do than to hold a rally so he can wank it to himself?? When in the fuck has a president-elect acted like this? This will never not be surreal to me. This is a rapid acceleration of the collapse of the country, probably more so than even the most hardened cynic would have ever expected.
  5. Jailed for 50 years!
  6. Your future president ladies and gentlemen. We are completely and totally fucked.
  7. Classy as hell, this guy.
  8. Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving...
  9. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May it be full of food, family, and football (and no politics)!
  10. Bruce and Obama together is a badass team. I shutter to think about The White House for the next four years, but let's enjoy this for now. Bruce looks so proud in these pictures. Loved Obama's speech. Our boy deserves every accolade he gets.
  11. I still feel bad that Swamps missed his Springsteen show.
  12. InfoWars will end up being one of the prominent news sites during this administration. Terrifying.
  13. We're a 100 percent Italian family so we basically see each other all the time. Thanksgiving just gives us an excuse to eat more (and have a few beloved family members come in from out of town). if politics ever gets brought up it's a slightly left-leaning family. The one or two Trump voters are not gonna try to pick a fight or anything. We're too busy shoving food into our mouths.
  14. Sonofabitch! Do you know who I am? I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders!
  15. It's kinda tough to continue the idea of American Exceptionalism after unleashing this monster to the world.