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  1. No where in that article does Denzel discuss politics in the slightest. "Obama has consistently shown that he has a strong anti-Christian agenda, so Washington’s brave words have enraged Obama-lovers everywhere." I think that's all you need to know about that website...
  2. Clint might be the only vocal Republican celebrity that is actually talented. I love Clint. His politics are whacked, but he did For a Few Dollars More, Good Bad & Ugly, Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino... he's excused as far as I'm concerned (although he hasn't put out anything decent since 08).
  3. If only... there was like a sort of convention where you could all gather together and sort this stuff out.
  4. bbb (to hijack this thread for a moment)... did you see this story? Fire at home of firefighter who received racial threats under investigation Shit's fucked up.
  5. He was holding a sign for "Waitin' on a Sunny Day". He fucking deserved it.
  6. Couldn't be less scared if I tried. Hoping he does another 500 before he leaves. Love this guy.
  7. This is dangerous revisionism. The fact that W. was able to show a few shreds of humanity and humility doesn't erase the damage he did. Yet another way Trump is hurting our country. Lowering our standards for what is acceptable behavior for a president.
  8. So do you just not vote for Republicans as principle in respect to your grandfather?
  9. God bless ya. Nothing wrong with voting 3rd party in a solid blue/red state, but you're doing the Lord's work in the swing states.
  10. I love that guy, I really do. Obama/Biden was an incredible team. This country fucks a lot of shit up, but we sure as hell got this right. America at its best.
  11. Bernie supports (and I am one of them) don't seem to understand that we fucking lost! The DNC treated Bernie horribly, and DWS is a piece of shit of the highest order who should be tarred and feathered. But ultimately Hillary got more votes, and it's time to accept that and not scream about oppression and tyranny and all your other buzzwords that let you pretend that you're an actual victim. Electing Hillary is more important than your "revolution" getting significant attention at the convention. These are the same idiots who were part of Occupy Wall Street. A bunch of hypocrites who just want to be part of a group. That's the problem with the Left in this country. If they can't get it all... they would rather destroy the whole thing. The America that the Left built was built on incremental progress. Grow the fuck up and realize that Hillary is 10,000 times better than the alternative.
  12. As a Bernie supporter... I fucking hate Bernie supporters.
  13. That makes me insane. You shoot the guy that has no weapon and then are still so scared that you have to handcuff him? What a coward. Take this guy's badge and kick his ass out.
  14. I still don't really get why THIS is the thing everyone has decided to take a stand about...
  15. Cruz has major balls for not endorsing Trump. Good for him.