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  1. European Tour Confirmed -

    I just bought a GA at 10.20.   Keep checking - people miss the 15 minute window to enter their details (somehow). These tickets then become available again.
  2. European Tour Confirmed -

    We bought for Padova 2013 and thetickets were delivered to the UK. I'm going to buy Milan tickets from ticketone.
  3. The Boss For Fathers and Sons

    This is an interesting article and is certainly something that I can relate to. My dad sadly died in August at the age of 56. We had always had an wonderful bond but Bruce's music strengthened it enormously; so many happy memories from listening to music in the car to traveling halfway across Europe to see Bruce on my birthday a few years ago. Since his death, Walk Like a Man has had a huge effect on me, particularly the final verse. "Well now the years have gone and I've grown From that seed you've sown But I didn't think there'd be so many steps I'd have to learn on my own Well I was young and I didn't know what to do When I saw your best steps stolen away from you Now I'll do what I can I'll walk like a man And I'll keep on walkin'"
  4. European Tour Confirmed -

     I assume "Prato posto unico" is pitch standing/GA?
  5. Should we create a head 2 head league too?
  6. Thanks guys, I didn't get any when they first went on sale and my naiivety told me there woulld still be none. I should know better by now.
  7. Hello all, It's a long way off but I would love to see U2 in October/November. If anyone has any spare tickets for any of their UK shows please let me know. James
  8. Jakes living room shows

    Unfortunaetly not, I've been a bit out of the loop recently and I don't know too many people well enough in the Bruce community. It'll be fantastic.
  9. Jakes living room shows

    Does anyone know who is hosting in Leeds?
  10. Upcoming UK election

    Fair point regarding opportunities, I agree that these are currently limited. Though, I would also argue that this is more a result of greatly-weakened buisiness confidence due to the economic climate of recent years. I don't think any Government can produce the same number of opportunties in the short term. This is especially true for someone who is middle-aged as almost all Conservative and Labour policies on this issue focus on those who are under 25. Opportunities will result from greater confiedence from buisinesses, something that, in my opinion, is much more likely to be brought about by Conservative policies than Labour, or other centre-left or socialist parties.
  11. Upcoming UK election

    The nationalisation of building societies in the late 2000s was very positive - it allowed for their infrastructure to be rebuilt through quicker funding by the Government. However, they were run inefficiently and ineffectively (as with many nationalised institutions), meaning the tax payer covers these costs, which is obviously negative for the country as less can be spent on public services etc. This meant that reprivatisation had to occur, but only under regulatory framework changes. Under these changes, there was much more consideration for risk, resulting in greater stability. Additionally, the Governent paid too much in its acquistion, though, admitadely, this wasn't as clear at the time, and needed to gain this money back. In answer to your question, whilst privatisation is positive for a company due to the effects of competition, of more importance was the benefical impact on the Government's budget and resultantly the country.
  12. Upcoming UK election

    I am currently unemployed. For those who are seeking work, surely it is better to have opportunities, that the Conservatives would brign about, rather than soley benefits, that both the Conservatives and Labour supply. With regards to the NHS, it will remain free at the point of service. This did not start with the Consrvatives, Brown and Blair Governments both used private providers within the NHS. Privatisation - which would still be a small proportion of the NHS - is better for almost any service. It creates profit, which drives improvements and better value for customers - it's basic economics. If the contracted company wishes to keep its contract, it will have to provide a service which is better and more valuable than its competetors, otherwise it will fail and lose its contract. Again, the NHS will remain free at the point of service.
  13. Upcoming UK election

    It'll be interesting to see how much the support the SNP get in 2020, provided the Scots haven't left the union by that time. It will soon become clear that there is no alternative to austerity that actually works and socialism is fundemantally flawed. The choice will be between nationalism and sensible, beneficial policies.
  14. Upcoming UK election

    Wonderful news to wake up to this morning, except for socialism in Scotland. The country can continue to work towards prosperity.
  15. Upcoming UK election

    Results are looking positive for the Conservatives so far, and therefore also the UK. Hopefully current trends continue or, better, that we have a Tory majority.