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    Great post, agree with what you're saying. Other than touts often not being very nice people, I have no problem with what they're doing (provided the tickets are bought without cheating). We live in a relatively free market (I'd like it to be freer still); and demand and supply dictate the prices. No once is forcing people to buy the tickets.
  2. Barcelona Queue

    I understand that point of view, that people can't take time from their lives and that it's unfair. I agree with it to some extent but it's also unfair to stop someone who wants to book time off work so that they can queue to get to the front from doing so. The fact that everyone has spent the same amount on a GA ticket should not give everyone the same chance of be close to the stage. Something being equal does not necessarily make it fair. This. Communism, even socialism, creates so many problems.
  3. Barcelona Queue

    Why shouldn't people who are prepared to invest more time into queuing be closer to the front than those who aren't?
  4. It's a free market. No one is forcing the fans to buy the tickets - they choose whether they want to buy. Provided that the tickets are bought fairly (i.e. not using a robot) by the people wishing to sell them on, I have no problem with ticket touting. Ultimately, the touts still need to set a price low enough so that people are still willing to purchase. The clear big issue is that ticket websites immediately switch tickets to the resale sites. This needs to be banned. Touts also need to be regulated in some way, which is obviously very difficult, so that they are unable to collude, pay VAT etc.
  5. European Tour Confirmed -

    Do we think there will be a pit queue for regular GA?
  6. European Tour Confirmed -

    I got a regular GA for both nights
  7. I'm looking for one GA ticket for the second Milan show, 5/7/2016. Please reply or send me a pm. James
  8. European Tour Confirmed -

    Do tickets for Paris go on sale on 8/3 or 9/3?
  9. European Tour Confirmed -

    It's a great place, worth going for the architecture, beach and food alone. Would wholly recommend it. I saw Bruce there in 2012.
  10. European Tour Confirmed -

    I just bought a GA at 10.20. Keep checking - people miss the 15 minute window to enter their details (somehow). These tickets then become available again.
  11. European Tour Confirmed -

    We bought for Padova 2013 and thetickets were delivered to the UK. I'm going to buy Milan tickets from ticketone.
  12. The Boss For Fathers and Sons

    This is an interesting article and is certainly something that I can relate to. My dad sadly died in August at the age of 56. We had always had an wonderful bond but Bruce's music strengthened it enormously; so many happy memories from listening to music in the car to traveling halfway across Europe to see Bruce on my birthday a few years ago. Since his death, Walk Like a Man has had a huge effect on me, particularly the final verse. "Well now the years have gone and I've grown From that seed you've sown But I didn't think there'd be so many steps I'd have to learn on my own Well I was young and I didn't know what to do When I saw your best steps stolen away from you Now I'll do what I can I'll walk like a man And I'll keep on walkin'"
  13. European Tour Confirmed -

    I assume "Prato posto unico" is pitch standing/GA?
  14. Should we create a head 2 head league too?
  15. Thanks guys, I didn't get any when they first went on sale and my naiivety told me there woulld still be none. I should know better by now.