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  1. Those Australian "Sheilas" are way too pretty looking!!!
  2. Get ready to rock people.......The Boss is in town! For the lucky people in Cape Town.....have a don't know what's about to hit you!!!!!!!
  3. I'm not usually a lover of anyone covering a Springsteen song but crikey me, I do love Glen Hansard's voice!!! Thanks for posting that - made my night!
  4. New member saying hello

  5. High Hopes - FIRST LISTEN

    Have had a couple of listens and whilst I like the arrangement, the rhythm, the horn section, the E Street choir and dare I say it, even Mr Morello's guitar part (and I'm not a huge fan of him tbh) - I'm not loving it. Maybe needs to grow on me a bit more but I suspect it's not going to make my favourite list!
  6. I Ain't Got No Home from 1988 - Beautiful in its simplicity!!!!
  7. It was a wonderful moment at Hyde Park - with the lights on Bruce and the black sky - almost surreal. Fantastic. Now listening to Backstreets - 75-85 Haha, that gave me goosebumps again just reading that and remembering!!
  8. We Are Alive - God I loved seeing that live - just a stunning song!
  9. The Bruce Brunch

    Great show again today and yes, Dream Baby Dream. After repeatedly watching this clip for the past few days, I had only just about mopped by eyes dry then Tom Cunningham threw this curve ball and off I went again
  10. Stand On It from Tracks Don't mind telling you, I'm a wee bit obsessed with Tracks at the moment!
  11. The Bruce Brunch

    Brilliant show today from Tom Cunningham - made even better when he gave me a mention regarding my request for Spare Parts!!! I'm beyond childishly excited
  12. Sociedade Alternativa from the Rock in Rio gig. Catchy little number with the potential to become a bit of an earworm I think