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  1. Oh I know! I've been to shows in Philly. He can love the people and the city. BUT...!!
  2. It's Eagles alright. But I don't think he cares one way or another about football, as he has said as much in interviews. Still... I think I'll send him a Giants hat ASAP!
  3. I sing that every time I pass the Mahwah sign on rt 17... Oh yes, everything goes back to a Bruce song.
  4. Same here.
  5. There's a guy on Twitter who does just that. He quotes a ridiculous Trump tweet, and then "fixes" it to sound dignified and presidential. I loved Friedman's alternative tweets. Right on the money. So very sad.
  6. Sorry judyg. I'm dealing with complications from knee surgery , as well as complications from the complications. The knee bone's connected to the hip bone...and so on and so forth.
  7. That's the fella. He makes my skin crawl. A very scary man.
  8. I'm completely with you on the Jazz, and 100% with you on Kitty (DJ knows alllllll about it!), but for some reason I LOVE E Street Shuffle. Go figure... There are some Dead songs I love, but I never really got into them much as a whole. I do like a lot of Floyd. I like Steely Dan a lot as well. Jackie Evancho has a lovely voice, and she does seem very mature. She should live and be well, but I just can't support anything that celebrates or normalizes that day. I can't seperate the two. Just MHO.
  9. Helen Keller
  10. Those Were the Days
  11. It's just so unbelievably sad. Talk about one step up and two steps back as far as human rights are concerned.
  12. I saw them at Tradewinds as well! Yes, the good ol' days for sure!