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  1. Happy happy birthday!!!! Wishing you a great day, and many happy returns!!! XO
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  6. Well, I'm late to the party (as usual), but the wishes are sincere. Happy belated! I hope you had a wonderful day...
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  11. Pretty much the whole weekend. Matter of fact, at the time of this posting, I know @VABOSSFAN is celebrating. His beloved Heels are officially in the sweet 16. TPBM knows how to play chess
  12. That does NOT sound good
  13. Have you seen The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas? Another one (along with the ones you've mentioned above) that keeps me up at night. As do the documentaries and propaganda commercials that were used at the time, which were shown as part of a semester long Holocaust class I took in college.
  14. Well that's two against one!! (And you know I also share your passion/obsession with the DM!)
  15. Yes! I say that every time I watch it.