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  1. Oh I know! And you know me... I just wanna be where the band is! Especially after the last four months!! It's alllllll good!!
  2. Ok, I can take no more... Backstreets?? I was really hoping for this on Tuesday!! Ah well, what can you do?? Going to bed now. Will find out what else I won't be hearing in the morning! Night everyone! Enjoy the rest!
  3. I think you are right! Simulcast was from Brendan Byrne, then the next night was the Capitol "instant reply...reply...reply" (remember that??). I was home listening to that as well. Poor poor pitiful me!
  4. Yes!!! And one night it was simulcast. I couldn't go and was listening to Drift Away with tears streaming down...
  5. Says the (lucky!!) woman who saw him in...what folks?? 1978!
  6. Waaaay back in the day, there used to be people writing furiously with you know...pen and paper. They'd send the list to Backstreets Magazine, which used to come in the mail. So unless you knew someone who went to the show, you'd wait for the list... Imagine that young mad man! Welcome to the Lake...
  7. I can't hear la la la la...can't hear you
  8. We chiseled the set list on tablets when I was young...
  9. There was a row of cops sitting behind us at MSG. They were fine with the song. We chatted before the show. They said people reacted without listening to the lyrics. But when you do, you realize it's not anti-cop. And what happened to Diallo was beyond horrific. This particular group understood why Bruce wrote the song.