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  1. Songs A-Z

    Baby Blue (Badfinger) 
  2. Songwords (A-Z)

    Kiss me once, then kiss me twice, then kiss me once again   It's Been a Long, Long Time Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee, a bunch of other people...
  3. Songs that link

    Southern Cross 
  4. It was acknowledged without it being acknowledged, if you know what I mean...!  I've been listening too, and thinking about the BABY IF YOU WANT TO BE WILD moment.  Still gives me the chills.  The roof nearly came off the place!! 
  5. Yes...a bunch of us behind the stage were yelling (as if he could hear us ) "GARRY...YOU FORGOT GARRY!"    The next day Jake tweeted a big shout out to Garry W. Tallent...! 
  6. Baby if you want to be wild!!!!!!!     
  7. It gave me the chills, and make me tear up a bit. So beautiful. 
  8. Haha... well, I'm not there, so it matters not to me!     Good to see you STh!!!  
  9. The OFFICIAL January 31st 2016 Newark SETLISTVISION Thread

    Those sprinkles will taste mighty fine on a nice warm day...! 
  10. The OFFICIAL January 31st 2016 Newark SETLISTVISION Thread

    No, but today driving home I saw a sign for Italian Ice and thought of you .   You are most welcome, BTW... I couldn't have asked for a better dancing partner!!!  Hope to share another show sometime soon!! 
  11. The OFFICIAL January 31st 2016 Newark SETLISTVISION Thread

    "I'm gonna tear it down and blow it awaaaaaaay!!!"  SO AWSOME!!!      Well, I have at least been to the stadium !      
  12. The OFFICIAL January 31st 2016 Newark SETLISTVISION Thread

    Ah it's the work, the work, the working life that got in the way!! I happen to have my laptop with me today, and have 10 seconds to post!! FANTASTIC show from start to finish!!!!!!!!  There's my short and sweet review ! SO Great to hang with Horley!!!  WONDERFUL to have met VABossfan!!!!  Wish we could have had more time...  Lovely to get a hug from HSHemi!!!  I'm having withdrawal symptoms as I type...  I brought that stupid shirt with me BD, on the "off chance...!"   
  13. i believe....

    oops!!!  HearTs!!!