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  1. In the hundreds?! Oh dear...
  2. Talk to Me
  3. Oh. Sorry, rtb. I truly didn't mean to fan the flames or anything. I completely understand the "no win" sentiment. It took me some time, and a lot of research after the primaries, to make peace with voting for Hillary. I personally find a Trump presidency beyond odious and very frightening, but again, I meant no disrespect to rtb. Thanks for the heads up JustDan.
  4. I like your optimism!
  5. I agree 100%. He's a very complex person (more so than the average bear...) and incredibly reflective (30 years of therapy will do that!). I think he's pretty brave to have been so open and honest. Oh, yes Tie, I'm finished as well!
  6. Yes it is! How's your French, Marilla? Mine, (despite falling in love with Quebec at the tender age of 16) non existent!! I know the story, but it would have been cool to hear it from Rosie herself!!
  7. Yes!!! Me too... And there are literally thousands of such moments... Mostly Bruce, but others as well.
  8. Ha! I did not know that!
  9. Me too!! Well done boys! BTW... I know someone who was at that show. He was going to college at ASU, I, in upstate NY. Long distance phone calls were VERY expensive in those days, but he called me after the show with that post Bruce high (despite the expense and time difference!) and detailed every inch of the night. I haven't seen that particular Bruce Bud in over 30 years, but think of him every time I hear Sherry D. MANY a night dancing to that one together back in the day... I know!! Hope it's not too bad for them!
  10. I was already rooting for the Cubbies, but now even more so!!
  11. We need to get used to using reusable water bottles with a filter. Or a pitcher with a filter. We tried putting a filter on the faucet, but we can't find one that fits I know we could be doing much better. Our poor planet...
  12. That made me tear up a bit. P14 is absolutely beautiful inside and out.
  13. Meeeeeee toooooo!! Enjoy basking in the glow of this win !
  14. Boom Boom