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  1. the person below me

    Never! tpbm likes to watch old black and white movies
  2. Name Game

    Rose Kennedy
  3. Songs that link

    Friday On My Mind
  4. Songs that link

    Working for the Weekend
  5. the question conversation

    My husband...hands down, no question! Where is a place you'd like to visit, but haven't as of yet?
  6. Songs that link

  7. One Or The Other

    Depends on the person... but forwards for the most part roses or wildflowers? (and of course homemade !)
  8. Songs that link

    Rainy Day People
  9. What is the theme of the tour now?

    This is the only thing I found on Nils' feed. Seems like a good time was had by all... Nils Lofgren ‏@nilslofgren 11h11 hours ago Nils Lofgren Retweeted Victor Vazquez #Madrid #TheRiverTourMadrid A Joyous, Magical, unbelievable crowd tonight. Thank you #Madrid
  10. One Or The Other

    I tan... chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin?
  11. Name Game

    Henrik Lundqvist
  12. The Last

    A few years ago... DC last time you went on a picnic
  13. the person below me

    Sadly yes... 9/11 Wait... just saw the word "great." That certainly wasn't 'great' but it was world changing... tpbm has broken a bone
  14. Songs that link

    My Oklahoma Home