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  1. I think the shows are as long as they are because Bruce loves what he does, and knows this isn't going to last forever. NOT saying "this is it." Just saying he's living in the glory of the moment, as nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.
  2. Will be thinking of you, sending good vibes your way. XO
  3. When is it? The very best to you that everything goes well.
  4. It's Hard to be a Saint in the City
  5. The Last Carnival Thinking about Danny today. Such a beautiful song.
  6. Time in a Bottle
  7. I'm nervous on your behalf!! Good luck everyone!!
  8. Protection I soooooo want an official release!
  9. Me and Mary we met in High School, when we were just seventeen... The River
  10. Clocks
  11. High Hopes
  12. Um... Is this real? I mean, really... Is it really real? Not an Onion type thing???
  13. And his talking about, as well as being able to watch the clips with Clarence. Flies all over my eyes...
  14. I tried to get tickets to the New Yorker event at the Town Hall. I got in, clicked on 2 tickets, scrolled down to find nothing more to click. No basket, no cart, no 'next page,' nothing to get to a credit card... So I scroll back up and click again, I get in again, same deal... No next step. I try one more time. Sold Out. 12:01. Then the site crashed. Several people on Twitter complaining of the same thing. Talk about frustrating!!!
  15. Open All Night