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  1. game.... describe yourself alphabetically

    Hobbling around on crutches, Hoping to get back to work soon!
  2. Songs that link

    A Pirate Looks at 40
  3. River Tour Merch... What Have You Picked Up?

    Oh, now I don't know! I didn't get near the merch tables on Saturday. I just assumed, as there were single ones at MSG, as well as a double sold at the 'make up show' and a single for Monday at Brooklyn. Hmmmm.... But yeah, the double one is gigantic!! But oh so beautiful!!
  4. Not on the 4th, but I did hear it on July 2, 1981 on opening day of the then Brendan Byrne Arena. Close enough for me!
  5. Happy Birthday Seeger Sessions

    Not everyone's cup of tea, but I love that album, and had a great time at the shows! I was even lucky enough to get to go to the rehearsal shows in Asbury Park before the start of the tour. That was an unbelievably great experience!!
  6. Is our hero taking the piss?

    It didn't seem that way, AT ALL the 6 shows I saw... And Crush on You was TONS OF FUN... every damn time!
  7. River Tour Merch... What Have You Picked Up?

    Did you get the double one, for both nights, in Brooklyn? I didn't get one on Sat., and then wanted to get the double one on Monday, but the lady in front of me got the last one! Ah well... I got 2 of my 6 shows; MSG from the January show on the 27th, and Brooklyn from Monday. I wish I had gotten the one from Prudential. Again, ah well...! I swore I wasn't going to get any more t-shirts (!!!!!), but ended up getting one from the 'make-up' MSG show, as it was specific to the venue, and I am weak! I got a 'Two Hearts' t shirt in Rochester for a friend, as that's one of her all time faves, and I hadn't seen that one before (or since now that I think about it!).
  8. Happy Birthday Karsten

    http:// Have a great day! Thanks for all you do!
  9. Someday it will be Bruce

    That made me tear up a little. Let's hope we don't have to find out how we'd feel, or what we'd do for a long, long time.
  10. Yes, and I will be there!! BTW, Andrew...LOVEto listen to that song,but you've got the wrong bridge there. If BD is going over the GWB, she's in big trouble!
  11. Rest in peace Doris Roberts

    I know... unbelievable! I always liked her as well. She most certainly will be missed. Thanks for posting BD.
  12. You know how I (and just about everyone I attend the shows with)feel about this...
  13. Detroit Review

    I agree, but then I know AM biased. No 'maybe' about it!
  14. Detroit Review

    Not everybody can be as cool as usdie hard Bruce freaks, ENJ!