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  1. The OFFICIAL 11/6/2012 Electionvision thread

    While the Maryland and Maine votes certainly are uplifting in that they indicate a greater opposition to discrimination... gay marriage/rights should not be decided by the states.
  2. Private commercial

    "I know a little German. He's sitting over there."
  3. Private commercial

    I'm half Greek, so I'll translate... All my life, I had a lump at the back of my neck, right here. Always, a lump. Then I started menopause and the lump got bigger from the "hormonees." It started to grow. So I go to the doctor, and he did the bio... the b... the... the bios... the... b... the "bobopsy." Inside the lump he found teeth and a spinal cord. Yes. Inside the lump was my twin.
  4. Private commercial

    In July, he referred to 53E as "a fucking nut," which got that thread locked. I have never seen 53E post anything about someone else here that warrant such a response. OMMV. I have butted heads severely here with PT over the years, and the worst I can recall us calling each other was "clown" and "jackass." And we remain civil with each other via PMs. What we have here now is a number of left-wingers (certainly not including you, mis) who either can't or won't make cogent arguments against the other side, and simply resort to childish name-calling or repeated cartoons. I'm not sure why you feel a need to defend them, but that's your call. And for full disclosure, there used to be a similar number of right-wingers who did the same, and fortunately they chose to leave.
  5. #occupywallstreet

    You could tax the rich at a 100% rate with no deductions and there still wouldn't be nearly enough to provide everyone what you think they're owed.
  6. #occupywallstreet

    John Galt was a member of the working class.
  7. #occupywallstreet

    Hyperbole is so unlike you, Red.
  8. #occupywallstreet

    Yeah, there's that, too. The average Chicago household (not individual, but household) makes $47,000 a year, vs. a $74,000 average per teacher. And now thousands and thousands of those households have to find and pay for childcare because 300,000 kids have nowhere to go.
  9. #occupywallstreet

    You should really come and live in the U.S. for a while. Costa came here with $8 in his pocket, yet he supported a family of 5, opened a restaurant in Chicago, and was able to buy a house for his daughter on the day she married a xeno with big, long, hair on top of his head.
  10. #occupywallstreet

    I live in NJ, so I don't give a frog's fat ass how much they get paid. If the taxpayers there want to give them $740,000 a year, it's their business. I'm just pointing out that these folks are anything but poor by Chicago standards.
  11. #occupywallstreet

    Chicago teachers make enough to send their kids to private school. And 39% of them do exactly that.
  12. #occupywallstreet

    Chicago public school teachers make an average of $74,000 a year, among the highest in the country. And what do the taxpayers get for their money? According to the U.S. Department of Education, 79% of 8th graders in Chicago public schools are not grade-level proficient in reading, and 80% are not grade-level proficient in math.
  13. #occupywallstreet

    See my profile pic.
  14. #occupywallstreet

  15. #occupywallstreet

    No, I got it via email.