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  1. I've been through that station....sad news to hear.
  2. I hope our boys leave the egos in their bungalows and play lights out golf.
  3. Awesome pic April.
  4. Downtown Charlotte is a fun place to spend time...I have been there many times...Have always stayed at the Omni....It's a shame to see it destroyed by a bunch of low life crazy stupid degenerates....I'm sure they come out at night because none of them have jobs to go to in the morning.....My best to my friends in and around the Queen City.
  5. Yes that is her...Cassie We hung out with Lisa and Cassie in Pittsburgh (as well as other shows over the years)...I'm so happy for her.
  6. I'm not sure what show you were actually at but you just don't get it....Great show and great crowd all night long....So glad I went and got to spend it with my Bruce buds.
  7. Something special's coming up...Something he hasn't played in a thinks....soon.
  8. Isn't it though?...Great crowd...Having fun in the pit.