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  1. If it's just U2 they want to see, in the eastern time zone they take the stage a few minutes before 9 and the show ends just a few minutes past 11....Just over a 2 hour total show.
  2. Awesome gesture to do this for your friend. If I were getting seats I would get a lower level seat about even with the "tree stage" that extends out from the main stage....This is where the show begins and they do return there at times during the show.....Also the screen is so huge that if you were sitting back from it just a bit you'd get the full effect.....The soundboard for the show is huge and looks as big as a small two story building so anywhere behind that would be a no for me....Hope this helps and I hope your friends have an incredible experience.
  3. The Greasylake delegation has arrived and is present in Derby City USA.
  4. My daughter is getting married next Saturday and she has selected When You Need Me as her father/daughter dance...I couldn't be more proud.
  5. Congrats to Mr. Lofgren.
  6. My Fathers House
  7. Halle Berry
  8. Queens
  9. X
  10. Horrible
  11. a' in a fast shaIke I got a Batmobile so I can reach ya in a fast shake.....
  12. Oh no!...Loved watching Batman...RIP
  13. Queen City of Charlotte NC
  14. New Orleans