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  1. Awesomeness......Bruce is looking pretty good too.
  2. So happy for you Mike...Again! lol Also happy for our own redheadedwoman Kim who made the trip from Columbus and also met Bruce today.
  3. Carol Brady will be missed. She passed away this evening at the age of 82.
  4. I've been around these parts for quite awhile now...Every year at this time I try to post a message of Thanksgiving because we all have something to be thankful for. First of all I hope all of our laker friends that are traveling over this long holiday weekend get to your destinations and back home safely. No matter what corner of the world you may live or whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, we all have so much to be thankful for...There seems to be so much in the world today that does its best to tear people and relationships apart...I ask that you all just take a brief moment at some point this Thanksgiving and reflect on what you are truly thankful for...I've seen friendships torn apart because of politics of all things (and other stuff) and in the big picture is it really worth it?...I don't think so...I have 2 of my closest Bruce friends that hardly speak now because of it...We have so much to be thankful for and hurting people we care about isn't the answer...Be thankful we have this place to come to-to share our happiness and our sadness....We are all riders on this train and we are also brothers and sisters. Even our lakers that may have fallen on some hard times of late, I have a message for you....You too have so much to be thankful for...You may not see that now but you do...People love you and care about you and there are better days ahead for you. Yes we all have so much to be thankful for...Our homes, families, jobs, etc...There is so much more than that too...Yes we all gather here because of Bruce and yes we are all so thankful for him and his music...His music helps console us or cheer us up depending on our moods...But I personally believe in more...This is our little part of the world that we can all come to and be one...This is our place and I am thankful for you all. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. Chris
  5. Night Moves
  6. Who wrote the book of love?
  7. Time off
  8. Squash
  9. Been to California
  10. I'm looking forward to my 6 day weekend
  11. Never....been to NY but never around Christmas tpbm is cooking on Thursday
  12. The UNC vs NC State game on Friday.
  13. No Jackie...It's because it's the only time of the year some of us see each other and we value the time we have...It's a day of fun...No bullshit....But if any political talk were to start up (which it won't) I'm sure my mom would put a stop to it quickly. lol