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  1. Dr. Jerry Punch....Hope Fox or NBC picks him up...Not only NASCAR but he's a great college football reporter.
  2. Horrible looking hit by Kevin Fiala of the Predators....Wish him the best.
  3. Philly Magic Night 1 & 2 Cleveland Magic Night
  4. Yeah....they won by a touchdown tonight!
  5. Candy's Room
  6. Was cruising around Netflix tonight and saw that it was there...Hadn't noticed it before but maybe it's been there awhile.
  7. This is what Easter is all about...Thanks BD. Happy Easter everyone.
  8. It was a realllllly good show. 2008-08-23 - SCOTTRADE CENTER, ST. LOUIS, MOSoundcheck: THEN SHE KISSED ME / WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM / LITTLE QUEENIETHEN SHE KISSED ME / RADIO NOWHERE / OUT IN THE STREET / ADAM RAISED A CAIN / SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT / RENDEZVOUS / FOR YOU / MOUNTAIN OF LOVE / BACKSTREETS / GYPSY BIKER / BECAUSE THE NIGHT / NOT FADE AWAY - SHE'S THE ONE / LIVIN' IN THE FUTURE / COVER ME / MARY'S PLACE / DRIVE ALL NIGHT / THE RISING / LAST TO DIE / LONG WALK HOME / BADLANDS / GIRLS IN THEIR SUMMER CLOTHES / JUNGLELAND / DETROIT MEDLEY / BORN TO RUN / DANCING IN THE DARK / AMERICAN LAND / THUNDER ROAD / LITTLE QUEENIE / TWIST AND SHOUTWow, what a show. Has to go down as one of the best of the Reunion era with all sorts of surprises. Premieres for four classic covers - "Then She Kissed Me" opens, last played exactly 33 years ago in Atlanta. "Mountain Of Love" (also 33 years away), a snatch of "Not Fade Away" as intro to "She's The One" recalls 1978, and finally "Little Queenie", one of three songs played after "American Land". "For You" is the full band version, and the set also includes "Adam Raised A Cain", "Rendezvous", "Cover Me", and "Drive All Night". "Mary's Place" includes "The Monkey Time". "Rendezvous", "For You", "Mountain Of Love", "Backstreets", "Drive All Night", and "Little Queenie" are played by sign request. During the soundcheck, Bruce sings a snippet of "Living In The U.S.A." before "Little Queenie". Patti Scialfa is not present.
  9. "Good evening fine citizens of St Louis!"
  10. This was truly an EPIC show...One of the top five I have ever heard.
  11. Hard to believe that Sunday marks 10 years since the VT tragedy....I'll never forget that day....Living here the news was on non stop from the beginning, and when the first word of the number of deaths came in I remember the local newscasters just gasping and getting their emotions in check as best as they could....They wept along with many others that day and in the days to follow....Let's keep these great kids and professors, as well as their families, in our thoughts this weekend (without turning this into a gun control debate please).