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  1. The truth is like that some time
  2. Hitching Post menu
  3. The Hiching Post is not on the list ergo ipso facto the list is invalid.
  4. But Jim - he has made his whole campaign about not being "politically correct" and "saying what he thinks" damn the consequences. Which is it?
  5. Holy cats look whose here
  6. Holy cats look whose here
  7. Holy cats look whose here
  8. I guess what I add, from the legal perspective, we aren't holding one election - we are holding 50. Each state has its own rules about when recounts can take place. My bigger concern re Trumps statements are not the prospective legal challenges those can be handled per the rule of law in the jurisdiction. I am concerned that he will incite some of his supporters to violence - it's almost like I live in some African country . . .
  9. A Rand Presidency would be akin to a Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump Presidency - none of them have relationships or a natural constituency in the Congress. American Presidential candidates run as if the can deliver Corvette promises but deliver Chevette results. And let's remember 2008 then Senator Obama ran a campaign akin to Bernie Sanders. HRC was the "chosen one" then - he ran an insurgency campaign got the ground game going in Iowa and managed to out maneuver HRC. He made all sorts of promises - close Gitmo; revamp health care coverage in way that lowered costs - the implicit promise seemed to be some sort single payer, although a review of the party platform does not make that explicit. Despite having a Democratic Congress for the first two years of his administration he was not able to come close to accomplishing those. Do you really think Rand or any of those other people would have better chance with Congress. And there is no guarantee HRC will make government operate better - she just has the best chance. Third parties are not successful because they can't be - they just choose to go for the gold and not do all the work required to get there.
  10. Tomato - tomato - the demographic you describe fits the region - that's why George is in play the region is changing due to demographic change.
  11. I agree about people's cynicism - but a new party at the Presidential level first is simply not a realistic answer. In my view were a Rand Paul to win the Presidency - his victory would deepen that cynicism. Who in Congress works with that Administration? No one. If people think the Congress does nothing now - just wait till there are no allies in the Congress.
  12. It's a fair question. Look at California - the GOP, Pete Wilson specifically, made the decision to support Prop 187 in 1994. That proposition essentially attempted to augment Federal immigration law and policy. Although widely supported a Federal Court later ruled it to be unconstitutional. But the GOP chose to take a stand, a useless stand, against a group that is largely defenseless and largely non-white. Illegal immigrants are real people with real concerns, and many people are sympathetic to them and their plight. There are plenty of things that can and should be done about illegal immigration but those people are largely poor, defenseless, both here and in their home countries, and not white. Pete Wilson left office in 1999 and no Republican has held a statewide office since then. Of the 53 members of Congress only 14 are Republicans. The GOP is a regional party in California. California has long led the United States in social, legal, and cultural change - the California emissions standard comes to mind. One of the complaints about our current system is the disproportional representation - every state must have at least one Representative - so Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota are over represented - so those three GOP Governors and Reps in the House, based just on numbers, create the impression of more influence than they really have. It's not as if the GOP is dead today; it's just choosing to regionalize itself.
  13. The End of A Republican Party “This isn’t the most artful way to say it, but it’s like, where do you go when the only people who seem to agree with you on taxes hate black people?” Howe laughed ruefully. “I think what you do is you say, ‘Well, I may lose but I can’t align myself with them.’” But instead, Howe said, he made moral compromises he regrets. “There are some things that I don’t have core values about, that I can be negotiable on, compromise on. But then there are other things that I can’t budge on,” he said. “I think I thought I had to budge on some things: ‘Yeah, this guy talking to me right now just said he agrees with my taxes and also we need to get that Kenyan out of office.’ Why did I stand there and say, ‘Yeah’? You know? I shouldn’t have done that. I should’ve said, ‘Wait, what? No, that’s stupid. You’re stupid. Don’t be stupid.’” ___________________ I think we are seeing the end of something here - it will play out over a couple of years - but I think functionally the GOP is done.
  14. 538 says 60% + of dems controlling the Senate.
  15. I'm just trying to make sense of all this . . .