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  1. You will have a lot of people tell you that health care is no place for profit; I disagree. However, profit, to be justifiable, is delivered in a free market system - that is as demand increases supply increases - at least as much as the system naturally allows - sometimes supply cannot increase as rapidly as the demand has because the it can't. Maybe you simply can't produce more oil for instance. But in the health care field the supply of doctors is artificially held down - less that 45 % of the people who want to become doctors are able to be admitted to medical school because the AMA refuses to accredit more med schools or allow the existing schools to expand their student body. Until one creates and actual free market in medical care profit is hard to defend in this field.
  2. Tim - thanks for your thoughtful answer. Absolutely agree that there are partisan people here (and everywhere) - any GOP person could have been elected President and you are correct only the specific graphics and name would change. I also think the Hitler comparisons were overblown, I do think ignoring history is dangerous, but assuming the future challenges will be the same are is problematic. Hitler and the Nazis were so horrible, so awful it is almost unbeleiviable to the point we make jokes about "Illinois Nazis" and "Nazis? I hate those guys?" I do think this administration is showing a lot of the indica of traditionally fascism, but I also think they are more interested in protecting the guilty, than persecuting the innocent. The innocent who are persecuted will be small enough for most people to just right it off. Your comment about access to information is also well founded. INormation today is much harder to get and analyze because there is so much out there; much harder than when all you had to do was tap into Walter Cronkite. But the right also cries wolf - no one lost gun rights, Sharia was not imposed, the Obama Administation did none of these horrible things the right predicted would happen under his Presidency. As you have noted in other places Trump has no vision, no ideology - that he was the Republican nominee is further evidence of the GOP decline - no one with a long established history in the party could do it - it's like watching a Cape Buffalo go down - it can take awhile and it demonstrates a huge amount of strength just before it goes down. Nothing about the GOP today would look remotely familiar to Ronald Reagan - heck the conservatism of GWB looks practically quaint in my view. Thanks again for expounding.
  3. LTG McMaster is brilliant, and both physically and morally courageous. He was was awarded the Silver Star for his actions at a Troop Commander at the Battle of 73 Easting, the last great tank battle of the 20th Century. His Armored Troop wiped out and attacking Iraqi Republican Guard armor brigade while sustaining no loss of life of his Soldiers. He wrote Derelction of Duty s stining indictingment of military leadership and the National Security structure at the time. He is the anti-Flynn - at some point there will be the face off between him and Bannon, but LTG McMaster has been here before. He was passed over twice for Brigadier General when SECDEF Gates, looking at the list for Army BG's seeing not only McMaster not on the list, but COL's Mullholland and McFArland not on the list ordered General Petraeus home from Iraq to conduct a new board, because it was obvious the Army's most innovative thinkers were being pushed aside. My guess is LTG McMaster will marshal his arguments and allies and when the realists like Mattis and Kelly line up against Bannon - Bannon will be done.
  4. I see lunch in our future together . . .
  5. Even most people in the tactical shooting community know Yeager is a moron.
  6. One is that start. I'd have told then to go fuck themselves.
  7. First order since 9 February - Published 24 February 2017 Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda It looks like they might have cleared up the formatting train wreck that was happening. Interesting in the call for a Regulatory Reform Officer - I assume this will be a political job. There are over 500 political jobs no one has been nominated for. I think they are having some serious internal problems.
  8. CBP has apparently been checking ID's of people getting off domestic flights. I smell 1983 actions all over the place.
  9. Tim - is it your view that most of the discussion re the Trmup Administration, Trump v. Clinton, etc - is just more p[artiosan nonsense. That Trumnp and Clinton were really just two sides of the same coin and the Trump Administration is simply another normal one?
  10. Have I changed and learned things over the last 15 years that affect how I view policy? Of course - I hope we all have. I was born into a Goldwater Republican family. Supporting Ronald Reagan was as natural as breathing - I was 12 when he was elected. I voted for 41 and then twice for President Clinton - my ideas were all over the map - I think like many Americans. Then I went to Law School in 1999 and had the fantastic opportunity to really learn about rigorous intellectual analysis. Specifically I was fortunate to have a professor/mentor who I took Criminal Law, Corporations, Agency & Partnership, Securities Regulation, Anti-Trust, and Law & Economics from. Even though Law & Econ was the last course I took from him, the ideas in that area really formed the presentation of the other courses. The two most important ideas I took away from that process were that "all people count" and "people are usually the best people to make decisions for themselves." Those are the ideas that still animate my thinking. Free markets, free people. Where does your decision to do something impinge upon another's freedom. Who or what body can make the decision that essentially referees our interaction that is in conflict. The discussion self belt laws is one good example. Should the nanny state compel you wear a seat belt? On the one the person most likely to be killed or maimed for you not wearing a seatbelt is you. But of course when you are in an accident without your seat belt you have the potential to become a missile. Imagine a single car accident - the driver, unbelted, becomes a 160 lbs missile hitting a passerby killing them. The decision to not wear a seatbelt has now impacted many more people. Is it really yours? I mentioned free markets. Let's look at health care. I think the best, most efficient system would be a free market - but even before you get to the inefficient insurance companies and third party payers you need to look at the artificial doctor shortage. If that is going to continue, and it will, then the analysis needs to ask other questions - namely how do you deal with that. But like I mentioned - I have changed - Iraq and Egypt - and now apparently the US - people are not so interested in participatory democracy , but their strongman. They just want to vote for him every 4-7 years. Finally, on the very personal basis, I came to grips with that even with a law degree, even as a Foreign Service Officer, I am fundamentally "working class." I need my job and my education does not assure me of a high income - I have much more in common with the mill worker than I do with the investment banker.
  11. Mount Rushmore was named after a New York Lawyer and the carving project was conceived as a way to increase South Dakota tourism. The selection was ostensibly based on President's that secured and expanded the Republic. President Coolidge (R) insisted on a democrat and two republicans in addition to Washington - the most natural addition then would be FDR - securing the Republic and balancing the D v. R - of course those party designations meant different things at different times. I find though the carving simply artful vandalism - the mountain and the area were beautiful before hand - and all the men already memorialized in DC.
  12. IF someone is enrolled in a unitvesity they are here legally. The school issued a an I20 the Consular Officer reviewed before issuing the F 1 visa. Under our current system a student from one of the seven countries on that list could have gone home to see family for the holidays and then been prohibitively from returning even though they had a valid visa.
  13. Hysterical - DJT had not heard of LTG MacMaster until a week ago - and he thinks he knows something about National Security policy. #shocking. #sad!
  14. It's not legislation, but the hiring freeze is really hurting many of my friends in the State Department, and it may hit us later. All Embassy's have positions dedicated to "Eligibile Family Members" - these are jobs that are criticize, but are not staffed by Foreign Service members and also a recognition that in some families spouses want (or need) to work. My wife has worked at this type of job in Cairo and now here in Abuja. The hiring freeze has meant those jobs cannot be filled even though they are critical to Embassy operations. I understand they may soone be approved but it hurting a number of people and embassy operations.
  15. President Trump said he was "the least anti-Semitic person" he knew. That is an admission he is anti-Semitic, just not as anti-Semitic as say Bannon or Richard Spencer, but still. Now clearly he was trying to use superlatives to show how awesome he but still failing.