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  1. So far he has blamed the Democrats, the so-called Freedom Caucus, and then using a Fox commentary show to call for Ryan to step down. I don't think he grasps these people all have their own constituencies and interests. I really think he thought they some of them would just roll over for him just to give him a victory. He really thinks it is all about him.
  2. Absolutely - excellent point Wasted. Trump is nothing politically - he has no ideology other than himself as the center of everything. He has previously identified as a Democract, but I think the 2011 White House Correspondents dinner really pissed him off - his fragile ego never let that go - the GOP broadly identified as the party of business just managed to be a better optic for him.
  3. I'm glad your insurance situation did not change for the worse judy. Trump has no understanding about how the legislative process work and yes that is why he has egg on his face today. The notion he is playing 7 dimensional chess on a 4-D board or whatever the current talking point trying to make this guy look smart is just silly. Of course what no one has talked about is that even if this had passed there was no way it was going to pass the Senate, Sam Brownback and his asinine comments aside. A brand new President, in his first 100 days - pushing a signature issues - with his party in control of both houses - can't get stuff done. let that sink in.
  4. I'm not sure what role you think the President has in choosing the Speaker of the House. Moreover it's unclear where any change would come from - Ryan would need to quit - but moreover Ryan was a compromise figure along - the so called Freedom Caucus certainly does not have the numbers to replace him with one of their own, and the more moderate elements (1) are not going to sway the aforementioned to support and (2) which of them, to paraphrase Tony Soprano, "wants the fuckin' job?" Additionally the GOP in the House more generally suffers from a problem that can be summarized as thus; (1) their constituents voted for Trump; (2) they like the "idea" of repealing the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) under the belief that alone will bring down premiums; and (3) they don't want to lose any of the benefits the ACA provides. You can't square that circle.
  5. When Alex Jones of InfoWars backs off . . .
  6. Tort reform is a total canard when it comes to costs associated with medical care. Missouri implemented tort reform to the point my wife's old firm, where she did MedMal defense, has reduced the MedMal defense department to one -third of what it was. And this is firm that also does business in Southern Illinois a forum that is much more plaintiff friendly. There is this notion, that is completely false, that all you have to do is file suit and you will received a nuisance value settlement at a minimum. It's simply not true and there is no data to support it. My first choice would be to have free market system. To do that though you need to do many, many things that simply will not happen - First address the massive doctor shortage in this country. The AMA has been slow to approve new medical schools and allow other medical schools. In 2016 -2017 - 830,000 applications for medical school were filed; 21,000 matriculated.Data Even assuming each applicant applied to 10 schools that means less than 30% of all the people who wanted to be doctors were able to enroll in shock to become doctors; we don't even begin to discuss who makes it though school, residencies, etc to make it into practice. Doctors command such high fees and costs, not because they are good, not because they do well, not because they deliver the desired outcome - they command such high fees and costs because they are scace, and they they are scarce by design. The same goes for hospitals. States will prohibit for profit or non-profit hospitals from building in certain areas because they don't want an area "over-served" and other areas "under-served." Allow insurance companies to offer a variety of coverages that allow people to buy the insurance they want and most importantly disconnect health insurance from the work place. That will let insurance companies assess their risk pools and free up labor where a worker who all of the sudden had a new condition does not need to stay wedded to employment. You can take care of the poor on the margins with Medicare. But none of that is going to happen. So what is option #2? The third party payer system is why we re we are today. A national health service seems to be the other alternative.
  7. During my three weeks in South Africa in January there was clearly a bigger willingness to frankly discuss race than there is in America. We loved our trip.
  8. The notion that straight white men, who live in a society built by and for them, are in any danger of being scystematically discriminated against and not having any meaningful say about their collective future, is absurd. Made more nauseating as old white men makes jokes about losing their mamogram benefits.
  9. 83 Women serve in the House - 19% 21 women serve in the Senate - 21% People who at least care about optics would know there are some they could have persuaded to be there -
  10. I remember some discussion of whether to HRC should have a woman on the ticket and there was objection from some circles that two women on the ticket would somehow be an unprecedented monolith - after 225 years of two white guys on the ticket.*** ***** Excepting 1984, 2008, 2012, 2016
  11. The President always capitalizes on the office to advance the agenda. It's the nature of politics -
  12. Here are a couple of givens - Federal judges are smart people, that does not mean they are decent people. The legal profession prizes collegiality - we collectively love they idea when can "battle" in court and then go have drinks together. That is doubly so in the Federal judiciary. So know one involved in that group; the Federal Judiciary or Ivy League law (meant broadly to include all the top law schools) are going to say anything harsher than "I respectfully disagree with my learned colleague." The decision we are discussing is transparent in why it was written. If you have a different view, please explain.
  13. I think the slate article is a pretty good takedown of the dissent and Gorsuch's ruling - he's not really a textualist, he's not an originalist - he's clearly, at least in this case, trying to make the facts and law fit how he wanted the outcome to be. The article touches on this a little, but if he was really as focuses on the operate/non-operate issue - he would have had to say - "we can't tell" - by taking the tractor off the trailer the argument would have gone some thing along the lines of what vehicle were the statute writers talking about? In trucking clearly the important thing in fact is the trailer and goods it is carrying - the tractor and the driver interchangeable and ultimately unimportant to what they are regulating because they are not unique, but each load is unique and the driver chose not to operate the trailer because that was unsafe. Gorsuch is a fraud like his mother was.
  14. In the first instance I am not and did not suggest some sort of action was not warranted. Second I would note the article you linked to notes that citing a flight from Somalia and Sharm El Sheikh as justification for these other airports strikes me as odd. Additionally the airlines who should all be subject to the same security regime at any one airport is weird. Don't forget Yemen raid was carried out in partnership with Emirati Commandos and I am guessing Dubai has as rigorous security as Abu Dhabi; heck Doha screens you on the way in as well - although they admit in addition to weapons they are looking for sex toys and drugs.
  15. But did you bring a bottle opener and napkins?