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  1. Manning was treated poorly from the day she joined the Army. She should never have been there in the first place. I am glad she will not spend more time in prison. That said her motives are irrelevant and were not pure. She released a large amount of information that damaged our ability conduct day to day diplomacy and she admits a she had no idea of the significance of what she was releasing.
  2. As the prophet said,"When the little bears from the windy place take the flag, ye shall know the end is nigh." Cubs win then Trump is elected. Do I need to paint a picture?
  3. Love Kenya.
  4. That's not dog bite.
  5. Nothing good happens between midnight and 5am.
  6. U.S. Diplomat Targeted in Guadalajara GOP takes US diplomats hostage until US Embassy to Israel is moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
  7. Of course one of things people never talk about is the supply of doctors in this country. The supply of doctors in this country drives higher prices regardless of anything else.
  8. I think you have done all you can.
  9. Beucase that is where the big expenses are - if you have no health care insurance and you are in a auto accident with life threatening injuries you will be treated and then have bills you can't pay. Conversely if you have disease that needs expensive treatment you will likely not get it. How hard is that to understand?
  10. Then that's Sweden's problem, not ours. Nonsense. They have done a tremendous amount of damage to the United States. Funny how they never go after the Russians or the Chinese.
  11. Wikileaks clearly does not know the difference between a lie and having bad information and I certainly would not look to Wikileaks to "set the record straight." Whether he has been indicted or not is immaterial - Swedish law enforcement has enough of the procedural work done to ask for formal extradition.
  12. A declassified report is never going to reveal sources and methods.
  13. Whatever the merits or lack thereof repeal does not return us to the status quo ante. The health insurance market has been so manipulated for the last 70 years it is impossible to tell what will happen when it gets undone. But here's the thing - the GOP wants to repeal it - but does not want to take the blame for the fallout when it really hurts people.
  14. The Senate and the Electoral College both effectively lost their purpose when the Seventeenth Amendment was adopted. The direct election of Senators essentially made the Senate a second house and the States were no longer represented in the National Capitol - the People suddenly had two houses; today the Senate is only useful to block a piece of legislation. Given the current circumstances there is no reason the House could not vote on presidential appointments instead of the Senate. But given the chances of amending the Constitution or calling a Constitutional Convention to eliminate the Senate and/or the Electoral College is some where between slim and none - there are things that could be done to spread the vote out more evenly. The principal one would be to eliminate the difference in voting "power." Repeal The Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929. This act fixed the number of representatives at 435. Originally each Representative had 30,000 constituents. Were that applied today there would be 10,500 representatives. Clearly and unwieldily number. But given, each state must have a t least one representative one could take the least populace state. Wyoming, and then determine that population would be the maximum of any one district - thus Wyoming would have 1 rep for it's 536,000 people - if that was you baseline number - the California's 39,250,000 people would go from being represented by 53 to 73 and giving California 75 electoral votes instead of 55; Texas's 27,900,000 people would go from being represented by 36 representatives to 52 thus giving Texas 54 electoral votes instead of 38. Now there are some obvious challenges here - does Delaware at just under a million people get one or two seats? How do we decide how much variance is tolerable or "fair."