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  1. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    Presidents get both blame and accolades for things they had no control over. In 1940 the US was hardly better off than they were in 1932. FDR came from a "do something" school of though - while Hoover was of the school that "these things have to work themselves out" school of thought - and more so he came across as less than empathetic - FDR was a rational political choice - but if he had left office in 1940 as opposed to dying in 19445 his legacy would be much different.
  2. Burundi could headed towards another Hutu/Tutsi massacre

    The world will simply stand by an watch it happen.
  3. Another thread for the air travelers

    I am sitting toward she rear on the upper deck - FRA- LAX, last time I flew into the US it was AMS-LAX on a KLM 747-8 it took forever to get off. I can only imagine what this will be like.
  4. Another thread for the air travelers

    Will be taking my first A380 flight here in a few weeks.
  5. Bruce's recent gut

    I have seen plenty of fat Italians, Austrian ps, and Czechs. The ideas Americans are the only fat people in the developed world is at odds with the facts.
  6. RIP Prince

    Princes chef speaks i found this story terribly human. Prince was suffering in his last days in a way we all might. RIP.
  7. Venezuela

    Venezuela runs out of beer Socialism wrecks a perfectly good country
  8. Since We're Now Talking VEEPs

  9. Since We're Now Talking VEEPs

    Is there a precedence for both members of he ticket being of the same gender?
  10. Our Next President Will Be...

    The really sad thing is now I hope this thread was right.
  11. Apparently the answer is Zurich.
  12. Is our hero taking the piss?

    If Bruce is keeping properly hydrated I'm sure he has to urinate several times per day.
  13. Someday it will be Bruce

    Some will take it as further evidence he doesn't care about his fans.
  14. Zurich

    Does anyone know when ticket will be mailed out?
  15. That's triue of most kids going to schools like that.