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  1. A New Contender for Stupidest State in the Nation

    Look - I love TOPGUN - I was 18 when it came out; my military career started in the Naval Reserve - I had hoped to got college on an NROTC Scholarship or attend Aviation OCS - neither of those panned out - and I enjoy watching the movie once a year or so - but the movie is tremendously sexist - "the plaque for second is in the ladies room" - This is where people start to complain about "political correctness" - it's not that one should not enjoy TOPGUN or Team America - but recognizing there are elements of those movies that some people would rightly find offensive because the humor or plot advancement relys on at the very least an oblique insult to others. People who wine about "political correctness" being "stifling" don't seem to be able to hold two conflicting ideas in their head. References to the "Film Actors Guild" in Team America is a moderately subtle way of sending up some pretentious actors; it is also at the expense of historically marginalized group - it is possible to chuckle at the first part and also recognize the second. I can certainly understand why some people would not find it funny at all.
  2. Wendy's New Employees

    In 1999 Tony Soprano said "I feel like I came in at the end." And this is precisely why - short term thinking.
  3. A New Contender for Stupidest State in the Nation

    Not specifically, no. But what I had known for a long time, but really came to grips with in April 2014 was that I live in a world designed for ((c) Floom) me - a straight white guy. Very conventional in every sense. The thing is I have made so many mistakes or errors in judgment that had I had any disadvantage I would have been derailed long ago. And it's obvious in the put downs we use with each other. Guys with call each other's "pussy" because it is slang for a woman's reporductive parts. The implication is you are weaker and not manly. So too with the use of "fag" or even "gay" - again you are less than manly and thus not up to whatever task is being discussed. White people will use the term "ghetto" - because only the basest among us would even use the N-word - heck I won't even type it for concern it will be taken out of context - to mean "low class" or somehow the other. What I also learned that as long as only women, LGBTQ, or persons of color speak up - then that allows the majority (note women actually make up the majority of people in the US) that at least runs the show to poo poo them as overly senstive, or demanding we be politically correct. One does not actually need to take their perspective into consideration. Now hey - I'm 48 - I grew up in a time when it was OK to call people pussies and fags, and at least make oblique references to people's racial background. And when I am irritated, pissed off, or some how otherwise frustrated with someone or their actions - years of conditioning still lead me to think some of those things - but that doesn't make it right. They are equal and fellow human beings who deserve equal consideration based on their merits. I remember growing up in the 70s - a lot of teachers in elementary school had been on the fringes of the Civil Rights movement - they were, understandly, eager to help a new generation not be like previous generations in their attitudes towards race. The problem was while they correctly identified systematic, cultural issues - they made it sound as if we as individuals needed to take individual responsibility for those things. And while we could do small things to help - it is not obvious to a grade schooler they benefit from privilege and as they struggle to find their own way in the world trying to saddle them with the sins of the father leads to . . . well . . . Trumpism. In January 2009 I took solace in the inauguration of President Obama because I thought it was the obvious "end of racism" Asst least in any practical sense in America. I couldn't have been more wrong. So yeah - I will be an ally - and when I see someone using terms to denigrate others at the expense of the brothers and sisters - regardless of gender, oreintatyion, or race I'm going to say something.
  4. Wendy's New Employees

    People complain about good paying jobs leaving the United States, but then complain about the wages people recive. Henry Ford was a racist asshole, but he understood, at the most fundamental level, that for car manufacturing and marketing to succeed he needed to sell to not only the wealthy, but a broad based middle class. To that end he understood he had to pay workers enough so they could turn around and by his product. I have gotten to the point where I try to buy most of my clothes made in the United States; not universally, and I have notable exceptions such buying some things from the UK or Italy, but that is at least my starting point when I am looking a goods. I just picked up a new suit today it was made in the US - I paid as much for it as four suits I bought two years ago - they were made in Jordan and Egypt and they were not as good quality. Jeans, shirts, all the same - but if you wants those jobs in the U.S. then you need to be willing to pay for them It's really as simple as that. You want your fellow citizens to have good paying jobs that support a broad based economy that allow many of us to enjoy a high standard of living? Then you need to pay for it.
  5. A New Contender for Stupidest State in the Nation

    Did you read the article? A high school district has chose to use a system like they do in college and universities so as to ensure all the high achieving students have the better opportunity for college admissions and to encourage cooperation as well as competition. And your use of of a misogynistic term is noted.
  6. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    Part of the problem with politics in our country is some people seem to believe you need to agree on things such as politics so fundamentally to be someone you care about or have strong feelings for.
  7. Hillary Clinton and Email

    Well it's the OIG. As you note this is not a surprise - she clearly was on her on program and she also clearly suffers from what most people who rise to levels not even as high as that, that they know everything and their professional staff simply does not because they are not in that role. I have not had a chance to read the report but hiring the Schedule C employee to also be a personal employee without clearance was criminal on both their part as well. The thing of course is the OIG report and the investigation underlying its findings may not have been done to a legal standard that would support a prosecution. More importantly though is SEC Clinton is the only person remotely qualified for the job of President who apparently wants the job. Prosecuting her hurts the country at this point. (Joe Biden please jump in)
  8. netanyahu fires secdef, installs fascist in his place

    I you have. a Dutch passport, anywhere in the EU - tri Italy.
  9. Happy birthday, 53E!

    Thank you everybody. I am 48 - I'm glad Power at least remembers what he needs to bring to the party.
  10. so anyone here voting for Trump ?

    An amazingly fact free post.
  11. Wendy's New Employees

    It's a economic truth that if costs rise; that cost has to be paid from somewhere. It's also true wages and personnel costs tend to one of the higher costs; but businesses deal with cost increases in other areas and the consumer base does not seem to get so incensed over those costs. In our home area where in California two businesses we liked a great deal recently shuttered their doors due to rent increases. No one suggested the landlord should not increase rents because it would raise the cost of goods sold. So why do people get so incensed about wages? I am philosophically opposed to a minimum wage because I think it depresses wages. If a business was starting up and had no government telling people the minimum they should pay I just can't imagine anyone would think they could hire anyone if they were only offering $7.35 an hour. Maybe I'm wrong but the idea that would an opening offer seems ludicrous based on the cost of living in this country. We pay for the low wage worker - either at the fast food counter, the Target checkout, or the social safety net. Why should companies big or small be able to shift their costs to the public at large? Additionally the idea a fast food job, or a grocery bangers, or whatever low wage, low skill job is not worth more money simply has no support. Governmental interference in the market ensures there is no way of determining what the market really is for those jobs. But as long as the Governemtn is going to interfere in the market they might as well try to keep those businesses from doing cost shifting.
  12. Born In The USA Offical Video

    Videos have never been Bruce's long suit - Dancing in the Dark and Glory Days are far better - but it is classic Americana - the point to the OPs question is that it is all of us.
  13. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    The idea anyone who wants the fuckin' job (Tony Soprano) is is virtuous is insane.
  14. ...& Then There Was One

    George W. Bush looks like U.S. Grant or Metternich compared to Trump. I hear people saying we survived (insert incompetent boob here) thus we will survive Trump. The problem with that theory is that the Roman Republic/ the Roman Empire etc - was fine until it wasn't. While I understand the cross-eyed looked at the "extinction event" thread - there is also, at least an understanding, America is not the end of history entity.
  15. Church of Friday Night football

    Connie Britton is insanely hot.