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  1. Cavalry this is actually a response to your point re Mugabe - I am having trouble quoting it  If your point is that history is formed by the history before it, sure that' s true - the rise of Mugabe and the liberation movements sure owe their existance to the colonial administration.  If those plac had not been colonized something else better or worse would have happened, and maybe it would have been of the local populations own doing - but that is about all you can definitively say.  In other words it is a completely banal observation about history. People sometimes forget America had a colonial history.  The Founding Fathers are lionized as visionaries of democracy and participatory government for all.  The truth of course is that it was very small and select group they wanted to participate.  Additionally many people would have crowned George Washington king or at least given him an unlimited tenure as President. George Washington is not our greatest President because he was first, he is our greatest President because he set the tone for the peaceful transition power, for well over 200 years.  I am pretty cynical about the quality of American politics but that is pretty rare record. A kleptocratic a autocrat is not the obvious result of colonialism.
  2. European Tour Confirmed -

    Any thoughts on when we will hear on Sweden?
  3. Well firstly you are correct generalizing isn't useful.  There are 54 nations in Africa and they are distinct with many different issues. In Nigeria, where I am is a synonym for corruption  - the previous administration looted the oil revenue  and of course now the price of oil has collapsed.  People tend to focus the people at the top who took billions, but the one who merely took millions, hundreds of thousands, or unearned trips  and bonuses enable that looting. I speak to 100 Niigerians everyday - one of the things I always ask about during their Visa interview is their Purpose of Travel - even though the President has said no more overseas travel at government expense I see a bunch of people everyday who want to go to some bullshit conference their office is going to pay for - the fact it is worthless and really a way for the office to pay $10k for a trip to the US never occurs and/or doesn't matter to them.  It's their due they think. Finally I would note that prior to the Biafran War Nigeria was growing economy that was a filled with potential - the culture of corruption really came in then. Also the poverty of a place like Zimbabwe has nothing to do with colonialism and everything to with Mugabe and the ZANU/ZAPU thieves.
  4. First one needs to understand that Islam generally is culturally Arab; the Q'uran is written in Arabic and many practices that are thought of as "Islamic" really have their roots in Arabic tribal culture and pre-date Islam. West African Islam is heavily infused with West African tribal religions and practices.  Just as West Africana Christianity is. Boko Haram is a brutal, criminal organization that is poorly led with no coherent goal.  They have made a few videos pledging support to ISIS but that is about the extent of it - there is no threat to anyone other than the residents of the Lake Chad reason.  You hear about them in the US and Europe becuase they have branded themselves well - there are equally brutal groups in CAR, CAmeroon, Burundi, etc you never hear about because they have not branded themselves with teh ISIS/AQ grouping.
  5. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    There are two type of people in the Senate who hate, and won't work with, Cruz.  First you have the Democrats, and  well , then you the Republicans.
  6. Tom Harkin won the 1992 Iowa Caucus with over 75% - Paul Tsongas got over 4% uncommitted got 11% - Bill Clinton slightly less than 4% - 
  7. I think it's pretty clear.  The ruling elites in Africa don't give a shit about the larger population.  This elite extends to what we in the US and Europe generally think of as the "middle class."  They have theirs and don't give a fuck about the masses. The Euro left likes to think the poverty and failure is due to the colonial era - they can falgelleate themselves and their country but the fact of the matter is after more than 50 years of independence that narrative is old. The American right likes to throw out Islamic extremism without understanding Islam in Africa or our own history of exploiting the people. What's so hard to understand?
  8. Let's not pretend people in Africa give a shit about poor Africans - much less people outside of Africa.
  9. The article is thin on the reasons for the shortages - it discusses "manufacturing problems, government regulation, and companies abandoning low-profit margin drugs."  How this is an indictment of the free market and support of government manufacture eludes me. Assuming  a governmental phameceutical agency makes all the drugs demanded regardless of profit margin - how does the agency avoid the other problems?
  10. Hillary Clinton and Email

    There are significant differences between this email scandal and that email scandal.  GWB43 and the other associated domains were set up to support political operations of the Bush Campaign and then the RNC.  That was absolutely appropriate - the problem occurred becuase some people made bad decisions about what was political and what was governmental - it's absolutely a problem but pales in comparison to the Clinton email issue.   She used her own private email server for government purposes - she made that decision before hand - she augmented the government's budget, that is illegal; she kept and destroyed government records, that is illegal ;; and now we find that 22 emails had TS information in them - it makes no difference BTW that they were not labeled that in the first place - the information was always TS. The really sad thing is that despite this astonishingly poor judgement - she still has better judgment than most, if not all, or the GOP field.
  11. Badlands

    Badlands is certainly one of my most favorite songs and it would be something I would rather see in the set list than not; I understand, given the commitment to play the entire River album in order some choices are going to have to be made.   Most of the people that go to concerts though will not be the obsessive fanatics we are - and while Badlands should have been a hit - it wasn't - there will be the expectation of BTR and something from BITUSA - I think Bruce just knows he needs to make choices that aren't going to make everyone happy.
  12. Name One

    The presumption in the poll is that you are compelled to vote and would therefore vote for an unknown someone else.
  13. Sarah Palin ....pure class

    Yeah - that's a a bullshit article.  I earned my Combat Action Badge before I knew it - at one second I was looking at rice bag I thought was an IED but I could not detonate - next thing I knew was I was on my ass looking at a LT saying I guess I was wrong.  Of all the stressful times in combat that was the least of it - the awards system is fucked up - I can't speak to his experience, and I certainly don't defend his or her behavior - but that article is a BS attack just.
  14. RIP, Bill Johnson, Olympic Gold Medalist

    The 84 Winter Olympics were thirlling - part of the at was due to Bill Johnson- so sad.  RIP
  15. ESTA question

    Your ESTA functions like a Visa - it is good for two years - you do not need to renew it or do something separate for the travel you describe. Remmber your visa/ESTA is permission to "knock on the door" - CBP grants you permission to enter. Safe travels.