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  1. Mattis has no business being SECDEF. The last thing we need is another General in the Pentagon - rather than being thrifty he will be like a kid in the candy store - "new shiny things for every Marine." Moreover it requires more than a "waiver" from the Senate - it requires legislation passed by both houses of Congress - unless someone can show me something in governing statue. With Flynn in there - and maybe Petraeus - it's beginning to look like a Argentinian junta.
  2. I mean there are plenty of people such as the President-elect and BTW my step-father - who managed to avoid service in Vietnam and now talk about reverance for dead soldiers. Please forgive me for my broad skepticism,
  3. It depends on why they are burning it. If they are not burning to merely dispose of it - if they are burning as a symbol - they absolutely place a great deal of meaning in it.
  4. My wife and I are public servants - as nauseating as it is - he will be our President.
  5. I don't know you so I don't know if this applies to you. I do know there are plenty of people willing to invoke a so-called respect for dead Soldiers on this basis even thought they and no one in their family sacrificed. Look I find burning the flag distasteful - I also find threatening jail and other punitive action for doing noxious to the ideas the flag stands for. Does that make any sense?
  6. People they saw on TV. People they think they know who are dead. It's merely their way of assuaging their guilt - they or their children may not have charged off to war - but by God they are indignant over the flag being burned.
  7. So what does that have to do with the legality of burning the flag?
  8. We certainly aren't talking about the presentation of the flag to a mourning family. We are talking about protest - a very distinct and different act.
  9. Of course that is not what we are talking about.
  10. The flag is a symbol - symbols have power because of the ideas behind them - the cross has power for people who believe in the resurrection; the turned swastika has power because it represents the hate and genocide; the Confederate flags have power because of what they represent. So too is the flag of the United States of America - - it represents ideas - and those ideas and actions behind them evoke strong feelings all over the world. I have worn the flag of the United States of America in combat, in Iraq; I have and continue to walk into an office with the flag flying over it and a seal that says "Embassy of the United States of America" - I believe in Bruce Springsteen's America where there is room for everybody. I have stood up in Federal Court and been able to say "53 Esquire for the United States "- I am proud of all that service - but I recognize too that my country has flaws, serious flaws both in idea and in implementation and I know there are many people here and abroad who have less than the same idea. But the flag beyond the ideas is a piece of cloth or frequently paper - It is heavy cotton duck - I have hauled a garrison flag like this down at Fort Myer - I have folded this flag off the casket of men and women I have never met - and I have watched such a flag in a rich red, white, and blue pulled across the a stretcher carrying the body of men I loved and far more importantly was responsible for his well being . . . and he went home in a metal box covered by that flag. I have held that heavy nylon all-weather flag - tattered after being flown over the Red Sea and Iraq - I have put cheap cotton small printed flags in the graves at Arlington . . . I have had cupcakes with those small paper flags - Some of those flags now sit in honored glory - as families remember someone they love - Others have been discarded after the celebration - That cloth, that paper - is meaningless without the idea . . .
  11. At 48 a major change to the system like this really makes life much harder for people like you and me.
  12. Natural born US citizens cannot be stripped of citizenship; one can surrender - but even that is difficult.
  13. It's the same thing with the Iranians - we allowed it to become personal - we took the overthrow of Batista as personal affront - just like we let the Embassy seizure hang over our relationship with Iran - it's just dumb.
  14. Soviets gonna Soviet.
  15. I ran into Franco yesterday . . .