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  1. 1) KISS Alive II 2) Styx - Cornerstone 3) The Cars 4) Devo - Freedom of Choice 5) Jethro Tull - Aqualung 6) Pat Benatar 7) Tom Petty - Damn the Torpedos 8) Journey- Escape 9) AC/DC - Back in Black 10) BITUSA most of my list skews towards my early teens, but I tossed BITUSA in there since I was technically still a teenager (18) when it came out.
  2. Why do you concstantly pivot to criticism of Hillary whenever someone points out things that Trump has done or said? This isn't about her....he has promised that he will "destroy ISIS" and even questioned whether we could use nukes against them. Bur yeah, we should be thankful he is deferring to Putin in Syria.....
  3. You do rememebr that Trump has said that he will "wipe out ISIS", right? You ain't seen nothing yet.....
  4. In Season 3 and Paige just took down her Springsteen poster....WTF? i'm done with this show. And just to nitpick, the events are taking place pre-84, but that was definitely a BITUSA poster.
  5. If only it mattered in the regular season....
  6. This guy invested in a medical device company....Trump never said anything about medical devices.
  7. Number 2 may not be far behind
  8. We once had a bike race team called "Wrinkled Meat".
  9. I didn't say healthcare was an economic model....I made that point because you said that under capitalism, people die of starvation or because they cannot get the healthcare they need to survive. I simply pointed out that the "healthcare systems" of a hunter / gatherer system were pretty poor. Regardless, the idea that a H/G system is viable on any kind of scale today is kinda silly, dontcha think?
  10. Well, you have certainly changed your tune on Trump if you don't think voting him for him was a dumb decision.
  11. OK...just seems to prove that relatives of famous people can make dumb decisions, but whatever....you're gonna build your own narrative anyway.
  12. Sure, but a "representative democracy" is not an economic system. And I'm pretty sure the healthcare systems in "hunter / gatherer" economic models sucked ass.....
  13. If believing in conspiracy theories makes someone a scumbag, Swamps is gonna get the sads.
  14. Really...what system doesn't 'cuz history indicates otherwise.