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  1. Drones - ban the damn things

    I just wanted to make sure that for all your lecturing, you have the same blood on your hands as the rest of us.  And Obama could have stopped drone strikes, if he wanted....he simply chose not to, whether for strategic reasons or others. And if it was because he simply chose to roll over because he wasn't "independent" from Imperialism, then shame on him.  No idea why you are bringing up Trump to me....if you think I support him in any way, shape or form, you have not been paying attention to what I have been posting for 10+ years. 
  2. Drones - ban the damn things

    Didn't you vote for the guy who is ordering those drone strikes?
  3. Stay warm, peeps in Yankeeland

    Oh c'mon....I can remember doing training races in the area back in the day.  yeah, Feb sucks....and 'round here, March completely blows. Everywhere else in the country is warming up and we are still freezing our nads off with snow a regular possibility.  God I hate living in Chicago. Spring doesn't hit until Memorial Day....
  4. Stay warm, peeps in Yankeeland

    A balmy 1* F this AM @ Casa Power. Wind chill is -13*.  Next week should be decent though...mid-30's and 50* by Friday. A pretty decent winter, so far, at least by Chicago standards. 
  5. Did hero's point make a "woosh" sound or just a loud whistling noise as it went overhead?
  6. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    Oh...there you are.  Whew...thought your account got hacked for a second there.   Carry on...
  7. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

        'Zat you, Swamps?
  8. Gravity waves

  9. OFFICIAL 2016 Major League Baseball thread....

    I flew into Boston last night for a business meeting today....as we were coming in, I looked out the window.  "Huh...that looks like a snow ramp down there.  And it is kinda where Fenway should be....and why are the lights on?"  I then went about thinking of what I could have actually been looking at...was it Boston U stadium, etc. Turns out I was right....it was a snow ramp in Fenway!!! http://www.nbcsports.com/olympic-sports/big-air-fenway-park?cid=eref:nbcnews:text
  10. Bruce to release autobiography

    I dunno about that, Mikey.....look at his R&R HoF Induction speech for the E St. Band.  That was a pretty hard, unflinching look at himself and he laid it out there for everyone to see. He often talks about being "honest" in his song writing....I wouldn't necessarily expect anything less here.
  11. And it's a goodbye from me..

    I'm sorry to see you go, Kev.....I was profoundly moved by Daniel's story and your utter dedication to seeing him get better.  Your unwavering belief that what you were being told by "experts" was wrong and fierce determination to get him the help he needed was beyond moving.  It should be in every parent's handbook. I learned a lot about being a good parent from you...even if you didn't realize it. Daniel's story also showed the Lake at its best....rallying behind a member of the community, providing whole-hearted support, be it emotional, spiritual or financial (or all of the above).  It is somewhat disheartening to learn that this same community is playing a role in your departure. I wish you and your family nothing but the best as you move forward.  I do hope you will occasionally pop in and give us an update. Tailwinds..... (in the meantime, who do i send my mod application to? )
  12. Outrageous, Childish Jackasses--The GOP Congress

    Yeah...OK. Can someone tell me the last time Congress balanced a budget?
  13. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    No idea at this point....she has to submit an application, etc (not a proposal, though). It would involve journalism, though... I may not have mentioned this, but I am just so damn proud of her. She keeps getting more and more stuff from the schools she has been accepted into (opportunity for research, admitted into the scholars program (a step above the honors program), etc). We are still waiting to hear about the Ernie Pyle program at IU and after that we'll be able to zero in on what she wants to do.  Kid is so smart and driven...she is up for High School Journalist of the Year and the recommendation letters from her teachers are just glowing.   She is a great kid.....
  14. Gravity waves

    sorry...gravity sways. 
  15. European Tour Confirmed -

    Uh.....what?  Tickets for the US shows were a b*tch.