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  1. I don't think peeing is the problem there...... Most of my racing kits are one piece kits.....if you have a bad stomach during a race, it can be.....complicated.
  2. I'm sorry....but that is just horseshit. It simply isn't true. The right has been beating that drum for decades and now people take it as gospel. Not liking what you are reading / hearing is not the same as bias. Questioning those in authority is not bias, it is not slanted journalism. It is their job, no matter who is in office. But the right only sees it when it is "their side" being questioned. It is called "bias confirmation". I offered to have P14 come with me next weekend to the March for Truth. She declined. Why? Because she is a journalist (albeit college journalist, but a journalist nonetheless) and didn't think it would be appropriate.
  3. Despite the canard of the right, most of them are.
  4. This....so much THIS.
  5. For the first time in my life, I am planning on participating in a political march. Next Saturday, marches will be held around the country. For a list of marches near you, see the link below. https://www.marchfortruth.info/find-a-local-march/
  6. Which goes back to my point....assigned spots or not, the manner in which Trump behaved was disgraceful. A simple "excuse me...gonna squeeze by" changes everything. But nope...vintage Trump GTF outta my way moment.
  7. Journalism and the First Amendment are the lifes blood of democracy. When we become casual about events like this, or the reporter who got arrested recently, the fight is well on its way to being lost. Too many people take journalism for granted without realizing the massively important role it plays in our society. As noted earlier, this jackhole got over $100K in donations after he attacked a member of the press. Not to mention that his campaign flat-out lied about what occurred....but ya know, damn liberal MSM so it is all good.
  8. For two people who are supposed to be in a relationship, there is zero chemistry between Kim and Jimmy. Absolutely nothing....they are more like roommates, adn maybe not even that.
  9. I'm not defending the buffoon, but apprently there were assigned spots for the photo op and he was moving to his assigned spot. So there is that... However, HOW he did it was ridiculous and completely emphasized who Trump is as a person. Everyone else is subservient to him and he doesn't care one whit for manners or decorum. If you are in his way, get the fuck out of his way, literally and metaphorically.
  10. Well, to be fair, i don't think it is as grievous as the article makes it out to be.....
  11. Right now, no one is looking to trade an ace.....but talk to me in July or August as teams that are out of it look to unload and rebuild. Chris Archer has already been mentioned as a possibility. Quintana would be too except no way in hell the White Sox would trade him to the Cubs. ETA - but yeah, the Cubs would have to include a prospect or two along with Javy. That particular tweet came form the Cubs....so it makes sense that your wrokplace has blocked it.
  12. Here you have it....proof that Trump's portrayal of the media as the "enemy of the people" is working. *sigh*
  13. For me, Lou is one of those artists that I respect the hell out of, but just don't "get". But along with Jimi and Prince, he is in pretty good company.
  14. Bears sign Victor Cruz to a one-year deal......dunno how I feel about that. But since Kevin White is potentially hurt again, it may have been necessary.
  15. Oh....and Hi Jubee!!!