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  1. Not necssarily....but from what I have seen, it is almost impossible for Trump to get to 270 w/o FL, while Clinton can get there without it. If you go to the interactive CNN electoral map and move FL over to Trump (now listed as leaning Democratic) and then give every battleground state to Trump, he still comes up short of 270 and Hillary has 278.
  2. And let's also recognize the fact that Megyn Kelly went after Newt because Trump has personally attacked her...it is not about political ideology.
  3. The term you are looking for here is "subjective validation". Yo are only seeing the things that don't jibe with your worldview....those that align with it, you are glossing over because you agree with it.
  4. WHAT?!?!?! Members of the media are meeting with people who can provide them with stories / quotes / information?!?!!? Holy liberal bias, Batman!!!
  5. Ah, the "liberal mainstream media" canard......
  6. I reckon the reason that only alt-right "news" outlets are screaming about this is because we already knew it.
  7. My polling place is literally around the corner form me....I walk every time, cast my vote and walk home, just as our forefathers did. And I always have "Land of Hope and Dreams" playing in my earbuds when I do it (decidedly unlike our forefathers ) I still get a kick out it....
  8. Meh...Hannity is the business of making outrageous comments to drive ratings. he is just tossing red meat to his (and the alt-right's) base. Move along....nothing to see here.
  9. Total domination by Indians....
  10. Rondon.....guy drives me insane. Cibs just need to win tomorrow night and split the first two games. Do that and everything is good.
  11. If you have bases loaded with no outs and don't score, you don't deserve to win the game. I believe I have mentioned my frustration with the Cubs and RISP, yes?
  12. And he is sucking all the oxygen out of the room....when he keeps doing what he is doing, no one cares about the Wikileaks stuff. Said it before, the leaks were a perfect opportunity for him to pivot off the video tape of his comments....but noooo, he decided to double and triple-down on stupid.
  13. Fair point...and I say that as someone with strong Cleveland roots!
  14. You don't think Trump's constant dumb-assery isn't driving a lot of that negative coverage?
  15. Crap..... and someone please beat that douchewaffle behind the right-handed hitters with the Bartman and Chokers signs. Between constantly changing them and his stoopid "look at me" arm motions, he is annoying as hell. I don't care what the signs say, it is the constant motion and need to draw attention to himself....