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  1. Our Next President Will Be...

    As if it would have even been conceivable back then that it could actually get worse.....but yet somehow, it has. I approach the next 6 months with equal parts fascination, trepidation and horror.
  2. NBA Basketball Thread

    Definitely not me....I don't have a mustache.
  3. NBA Basketball Thread

    I hope he got a big contract 'cuz in 2 years when he gets schitt-canned, the shine will be gone from his star. There is no hope on the horizon for the Lakers and no coach can last more than 2-3 years w/o getting some results, especially not in LA.
  4. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    And my point is that those same people would still have their jobs if the companies were better managed. It really has little to do with the new regulations....these are largely self-inflicted wounds.
  5. OFFICIAL 2016 Major League Baseball thread....

    Matt Sczcur unleashes a grand slam bomb to ice a close game @ Wrigley. Lester pitched himself out of a jam in the 7th...bases loaded with 0 outs. He strikes out the next two batters and the get's the third out on a grounder to Rizzo. However, he never would have faced that situation if he didn't have a complete mental block on throwing the ball to first. If he doesn't address this, it is gonna cost the Cubs at a crucial time. All the teams know about it and they are gonna exploit it.
  6. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    Hmmm...I'll let the bias of "Hot Air's" analysis slide for the moment and just focus on some basic facts... A few years ago, met coal was selling for +$300 / ton. It is currently selling for less than $100 / ton. Much of that decease is the direct result of reduced demand from China. As their economy slowed, so did their rapid building, which sharply reduced the demand for steel (and met coal, as a result). As PT notes, natural gas demand has increased and that has further reduce demand for coal. And of course there were all the mergers and acquisitions that happened in the coal industry at the high price point.....now that demand has tanked, those mergers are biting companies in the ass. All of those issues, which are the driving factors in the current coal industry crisis, have nothing to do with Obama or his policies. Ar the ne emissions standards a contributing factor? Probably, but there is a strong argument to be made for the necessity of those regulations. If those companies weren't already on life-support, they would be able to mange those challenges.
  7. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    What policies did Obama enact that put your customers out of business?
  8. Since We're Now Talking VEEPs

    Seriously? How would that play with the much-needed evangelical / social conservative vote? i personally don't care (as long as he is supporting his kids), but for the party of "morality", there is no way a candidate like that would fly.
  9. Since We're Now Talking VEEPs

    Oh schitt...you actually meant Bobby Knight when you said "Knight"? I was screwing around!!
  10. Another thread for the air travelers

    Did you not see the pink font?
  11. Since We're Now Talking VEEPs

    I don't think Bobby Knight has any interest in political office....
  12. Films watched on my trip to HK and Taiwan last week.... Creed: pretty good. Was surprised it was as good as it was, but very definitely follows the familiar Rocky plotlines. Concussion: Thght Will Smith was great. The Big Short: for a film that supposedly simplified the crisis, I was still mega-confused. Our Brand is Crisis: Dumb The Revenant: Over-hyped, IMO. Honestly, Glass should have died about 6 different ways during that film. Tom Hardy was terrific and some of the scenery was stunning. Thought the camera work was completely overdone,now ever and there were times when it became distracting...the camera work overwhelmed the scene / story. Spectre: Meh.
  13. Since We're Now Talking VEEPs

    Early? That scenario reeks of someone who has been up drinking all night. no pink.
  14. Since We're Now Talking VEEPs

    Damn you....I was just about to post this.