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  1. OFFICIAL 2016 Major League Baseball thread....

    Should be the state line...... I honestly don't know....I would have thought more along the lines of Springfield, myself.
  2. OFFICIAL 2016 Major League Baseball thread....

    Funny how you never see the opposite up here.....
  3. The Night Manager

    I was a little underwhelmed by the end.....Hugh Laurie was fantastic, but overall....meh.
  4. *video* 10 Foot Python Bites Man's Penis During Toilet Visit
  5. What is Happening in My Country?

    Zap would be an upgrade over our two major choices.
  6. Wendy's New Employees

    And that leads us back to short-term vs. long-term visions....it is "easy" to capitalize on the short-term by reducing labor costs, etc. Make the quarterly stock report look good, get your bonus check and when things crater, get pushed out with your golden parachute. Who cares if it totally fooks you form a long-term perspective? I used to give this example a few years ago and it still holds true....say I am an exec from Widget Company A. We develop a great, new widget...one that cusotmers are responding well to. Major retailer "B" says "Give us an exclusive and we'll do all these promotions around your widget and you should see sales in the $XXX millions." I say "Great...let's do it. HUGE numbers!!" In 2 years, Major retailer B says "Yeah, we are kinda done with that widget. You're out." I then go and talk to Major retailers, C, D, and E who all say "Pound sand. We wanted your product 2 years ago, but you decided to go with B. No interest now." Short-term vision killed the long-term prospects....paid off great for awhile and eventually came back to bite me in the ass.
  7. Wendy's New Employees

    Well, like I said, we have done an extremely poor job of determining "What's next?" for our workers...both skilled and unskilled.
  8. Game of Thrones

    Yikes....never occurred to me. And the podcast I listened to tends to WAY over-analyze stuff and that did not come up (yet) in this week's cast (haven't yet gotten to the viewer's feedback section yet, though).
  9. Wendy's New Employees

    True...I should have been more careful in my phrasing. I was referring to the low-skill manufacturing jobs. Why some continue to call for the return of these types of jobs is beyond me. We should want better jobs for our society. Having emerging nations handle these jobs is good for the global economy.
  10. Wendy's New Employees

    Luckily, I don't advocate for the return of manufacturing jobs, so I can buy my 60" flat screen $200 and not feel guilty. (and I really don't advocate for the return of those jobs....they suck. We should want more for our citizens at this point. Unfirtunately, we suck at providing for "what's next", too)
  11. A New Contender for Stupidest State in the Nation

    One of the best posts in a long time right there.... E's points re: phrases and put-downs couldn't be more true. As the father of 3 girls, I have become especially aware of phrases such as the ones he noted. Even seemingly innocuous ones like "throw like a girl" are wrapped in the same ideas noted above. I owe a great deal to MaryDove for pointing some of these things out to me (and calling me out in it) and, IIRC, JimCT for posting a great video re: the phrase "throw like a girl".
  12. Wendy's New Employees

    Unfortunately, we (as a society) prove time and time again that low prices trumps any true desire to see Manufacturing jobs come back to the US.
  13. Game of Thrones

    Was listening to a GoT podcast a couple weeks ago and they talked about Hodor and his condition....apparently it is a real condition and, although people with it cannot verbalize well, they minds are fully functioning. Gien that, it is not surprising that he choose to hold the door as long as he could.
  14. Hillary Clinton and Email

    Hillary violated federal rules with her e-mail server.....developing. There does not seem to any indication of legal implications (at this point). I don't really see how this determination can come as a surprise.....the question is what impact the decision has on her campaign.