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  1. My condolences, PRR

    On the passing of Lauren Bacall. What a great broad! I'll never think of her without you, and vice versa.
  2. Whatcha reading?

    Just finished The Help (yes, I'm that far behind!) ~ I was surprised at how much I liked it. Not perfect, but 90% perfect. Next up is Franzen. billh: I think a career in cosmology would be great for your son; there are not near enough males involved in the field and women will always want to have their skin and makeup just right, no matter what else changes in the world.
  3. I just spotted the avatar ~ you are so freaking funny!

  4. Little Steven

    he has a very engaging smile!
  5. My Friend

    aw ian, that is really tough news, I'm so sorry. FWIW, they are making medical advances by leaps and bounds in this area ~ there's hope for C. (you're a good friend!)
  6. is circling round the one who circles round her

  7. Awwww ... just cos ...

    one of these days I'll read this thread but today doesn't appear to be the day.
  8. When you say "retirement age is 65," are you saying that everyone can retire at 65 with a full pension until they die? I thought I read that Greece used to offer state workers a full pension after 20 years someone could "retire" at age 38 and get paid for the next 50 years... as PRR says...that is unsustainable. has the idea of saving $$ to pay your way when you are too feeble to work gone the way of the Victrola?? and Red...glad you're not dead. Hope you don't kill anyone either.
  9. The workers are getting their "wages frozen and their pensions slashed" because they work for an employer (the government) that cannot afford them. Perhaps could never afford them. And when I say "the government," that means the citizens because other than tax revenue and interest, there is no other way for a government to "earn" the money it pays its workers. Of course state workers are going to bear the brunt of austerity measures, as well they should. Just as in the private sector, if the company runs into trouble, the workforce gets cut. Moreover, it is the citizens (even the non-state-worker citizens) who have been the recipient of all of these social programs all of these years. Maybe some of them are being forced to pay another generation's debt, but if you look at the citizenry as a whole, then where else is the burden supposed to fall? They had the power to stop the spending and didn't. (yes, I understand overspending isn't the whole problem in Greece, but it is the most significant factor) All that said, I hope Red & Ultraviolet are safe.
  10. !!! what is your understanding of what brought about the economic collapse in Greece, Kay? From my understanding, the situation in Greece stems from long-time deficit spending to support its considerable social policies. Things quickly spiraled out of control as the global economy soured, but this isn't like someone snuck in and took advantage of the Greeks under cover of darkness. Fact is, sooner or later, you gotta pay the piper. Everyone knows this. (in fact there are people with tea bags sewed to their hats making a lot of noise about it here in the USA these days....)
  11. The OFFICIAL Greensboro FC Tailgate Thread

    musta caught quite a few bugs
  12. Cone Back Dovey!

  13. Happy Birfday Darlin!

  14. Happy Birfday Darlin!