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  1. The 2015/16 FC Barcelona and La Liga Thread: "Glory Days"

    I should also add that Messi is without a doubt the third best footballer I have ever seen after Pele & Cruyf which is pretty illustrious company in my book.
  2. The 2015/16 FC Barcelona and La Liga Thread: "Glory Days"

    Apologies Leo, I was digging a bit but regardless, Messi does not have anything close to 38 battles every season. As regards the FA Cup it breaks my heart when any side puts out their reserves in a competition that used to mean the world just few short years ago.
  3. Since there is no Chelski thread

    I so hate this business model of the Blues. Recruit the best young talent possible. Win everything possible at youth level. Then loan the poor bastards out to various Euro teams & eventually sell them for £250000. It doesn't make sense economically or football wise. I can only assume that there's a whole host of tossers making a good living from Roman's entirely legitimate & ethically sourced fortune.
  4. The 2015/16 FC Barcelona and La Liga Thread: "Glory Days"

    Not entirely sure that a tough a game versus Athletico negates the earlier post that six tough games in La Liga is easier than thirty eight in the Premiership?
  5. Since there is no Chelski thread

    I'm thinking we could do with another couple of all round nice guy Brazilian/Spanish centre forwards. They're always popular.
  6. What's the holy grail live song?

    Even if I heard it yesterday & the day before & the day before that, it's Racing for me.  
  7. Since there is no Chelski thread

    For some reason I'd assumed he was a centre back, although never having heard of him before today he could have been the new doctor for all I knew. Chelsea has been my team for more years than I care to think about but if I was a young player's advisor, I'd tell them that just about any club on planet earth would be a better option for his career.
  8. Since there is no Chelski thread

    So then MSL watchers? Matt Miazga, linked with Chelsea. What are your impressions of him? Sounds like a good young prospect & a tenth of the price of John Stones.
  9. Only four concerts in 35 years for me so this is a tough one. Racing (which will hopefully in many years time be my funeral song). NYC Serenade Lost in the flood However, being a cup half full sort of fellow, I have seen GOTJ with full on Morello guitar wankery so Bruce, you owe me nothing.  
  10. Finally...REAL football starts tonight....

    With the latest schedule of London matches just being announced, what do the home based fans feel about these? I know that if I was a season ticket holder at Stamford Bridge, I'd feel majorly pissed off if the Premier League decided that Chelsea would have to play a couple of games overseas.
  11. Uncut magazine Ultimate Springsteen Guide

    Bought it today. Not yet started but as I read the previous version lying on a St Lucian beach, today's grey skies looked even bleaker.
  12. Things that annoy you about modern day fitba

    Can't believe that no-one's mentioned the interminable wrestling match at every single corner. Blow the whistle Ref, it's a penalty & get your card out while you're at it. A couple of weekends of matches ending eleven all & only fifteen players on the pitch & it would be cured. On, and ex-pro's saying you can't stop it, it's part of the game. No, you're part of the problem. Fuck off.
  13. Always rated Scott Dann from back in his Birmingham days. Thought then he'd be the perfect replacement for John Terry. You have question the scouting of the big (I don't mean for that to be patronising) clubs that they have missed him. When you think of who they have signed or tried to sign - Luiz, Stones, Mertesacker, Lovren, anyone at Spurs, well, a proper old style centre back would have strengthened any of them.
  14. Wild card panic button pays off. In a welcome break with tradition, the rejects didn't immediately rack up a billion points between them.
  15. Not sure that sex & football is a good combination. Mrs Ninethumbs dislikes a cold tinny on her back whilst in the Match of the Day position.