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  1. Best scrum half I've seen since one G Edwards.
  2. First match I ever saw on colour TV. Even at age 8 I knew that was a special goal. Not a bad way to be remembered.
  3. Well that was fun today. Would it be wrong to wish the Special One a minor heart wobble & have him look up from the gurney to see Dr Eva smiling at him?
  4. Where has the Lake Fantasy Football League gone? I can't even find the original thread. The so far less than mighty Brex City managed to score some points today Was it all for nothing?
  5. Kate Bush. First tour 1979?. Astonishing mix of fine songs, theatre & that voice. She looked pretty damn good too. Genesis, same era before they went pop. UFO very much under rated rock band. Strangers in the night is still a regular go to album for me.
  6. Don't understand the significance of this. Are for example, Beckham & Ronaldo not Utd heroes?
  7. In celebration of the fact that a new season is under way & that it may now be possible to take to the field in only four jumpers, here is my world's best XI informed as it is by several decades of spectating. Possibly some hint of bias from much of that spectating being at Hampshire's pretty, old Northlands Road ground. 1. Barry Richards. Best batsman I've ever seen. 2. Gordon Greenidge. Barry's opening partner at Hampshire. Not sure who may ever have hit a ball harder. 3. Viv Richards. Second best bat I've seen. 4. Brian Lara. Could just as well have been Tendulkar but I want a lefty in my top order. 5. Steve Waugh (capt). The winningest cricketer you could hope to see - but any of that "mental disintegration" bollocks & he can fuck right off & Mike Proctor gets the gig. 6. Ian Botham. Hero. 7. Adam Gilchrist (keeper). 520 for 5, mid afternoon on day two. Gilchrist waks out to join Ian Botham. A good time to get a drink because the bars will be empty. 8. Shane Warne. The top spinner ever. See also Steve Waugh - any gobby shite & in comes Bishen Bedi (but he bats no higher than eleven). 9. Richard Hadlee. As good as Dennis Lillee with the ball, very, very much better with the bat. 10. Malcolm Marshall. The ultimate quickie. He could do it all & do it all day even in a meaningless County game with nothing at stake. 11. Michael Holding. A thrilling sight of his long run & Mikey also gets to give the end of play report with his glorious voice. Five day tests only. No-one's is going to want only twenty overs from these guys.
  8. Good for him. Statistically, he has a zero chance of breaking into the first team so if CFC want to loan him out to the Eredivision in the hope that his market value appreciates, the bastards can pay through the nose for it. Anything that helps to kick this shitty business model into touch gets my vote. Five youth FA Cups in seven years? What is the fucking point?
  9. Much as Rory has admitted to enjoying waking up with enjoyment to the English cricket team suffering in Australia, my Saturday night has been made marvelously pleasurable by his wilting again under the pressure of the Masters. Go Jordan.
  10. Don't know if this has previously been highlighted but I've only found it today. Warning: Full on guitar wankery.
  11. Has this thread been Gus's master plan to take tea post show with the Boss? While urging every one to hush up & stand still, has Gus been looning it up every show. Gus, are you the man in the checked shirt?
  12. I should also add that Messi is without a doubt the third best footballer I have ever seen after Pele & Cruyf which is pretty illustrious company in my book.
  13. Apologies Leo, I was digging a bit but regardless, Messi does not have anything close to 38 battles every season. As regards the FA Cup it breaks my heart when any side puts out their reserves in a competition that used to mean the world just few short years ago.
  14. I so hate this business model of the Blues. Recruit the best young talent possible. Win everything possible at youth level. Then loan the poor bastards out to various Euro teams & eventually sell them for £250000. It doesn't make sense economically or football wise. I can only assume that there's a whole host of tossers making a good living from Roman's entirely legitimate & ethically sourced fortune.
  15. Not entirely sure that a tough a game versus Athletico negates the earlier post that six tough games in La Liga is easier than thirty eight in the Premiership?