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  1. In 2005 I was working in Auckland. The British & Irish Lions rugby team was touring NZ. There was the subway bombing in London, and I was talking to a Lions fan who was an ex British Army. I told him the news and he said "Soon, the public will have enough and take matters into their own hands and seek revenge. This is what the extreme Muslims want, and it will give them an excuse to have more attacks on the public. I have seen this for myself. The people get sick and tired of it"
  2. Playing Broadway eh? That's the name of my street.
  3. As long as he come's back home with the loot
  4. Damn, this is getting good. Really good. And if you thought this was going to be a stroll down memory lane, think again. This is David Lynch. What were you expecting? Sunshine and flowers? Coffee.
  5. Heard that 50 people taken to five hospitals and reports of fatalities.
  6. Boom Boom
  7. When Bill Cosby was America's father?
  8. He likes to watch those day time soap operas, you know, The Young and the Restless, it helps him keep in touch with what is wrong with relationships and the American dream, you know. He'll be chomping on a heart attack of a cheeseburger while knocking back a 6 pack of Millers. He'd grab the remote and see how those Yankess are doing in the big game against those damn Red Sox. Then, he'd flick to MTV to see what music the young kids are listening to and what concert young Jess might like to see. He spurts out his beer when he sees his name on MTV as a "Golden Oldie' singer. He'd get restless and thinks that he needs to get to work on that new album that is still in the recording mix in his home studio, but damn, it's too easy to make a goddam record these days. Misses the glory days of making an album like Born To Run, and should he go acoustic and get the full band to rock the dust of the NJ town? Ahhh forget it, got some old songs that he wrote, back in the day, that he could remix, and be great to hear the Big Man's Sax again. Oh shit, a repeat of Columbo is on, cool, maybe do a record on three minute rock n roll songs, you know, that would be cool. But boredom overcomes him and he checks the TV Guide. Yells out to Patts, "What's for dinner?" no reply. Goddam woman out somewhere, Could call Evan,or maybe Sam...Jess is out looking at horses, well I hope she is, be cool if she made the US Olympic team. Should I retire? OH, a tweet from trump, WTF? Go away. Prostate ad on TV, that reminds me... Looks out the window and sees that old Chevy that he got back in '78, when things were better, and should really start thinking about getting that machine 'street legal' Holy cow, cool name for an album, better write that down...that will make some people think it's an album about hookers. Anyway, time to feed the dog...
  9. Playing Knucklebones
  10. The real Batman.
  11. Nah, I think they used it here if the was a problem with the network. "Back on air shortly'
  12. They use to have this in NZ when the broadcast went off air
  13. The TV Kiwi was in Fair Go, because some idiot wanted to know how the lift got down...It came tot the conclusion that the cat pushed the down button as the car was already up in the dish. Jeez.