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  1. There's a joke somewhere, and it's on me
  2. I think this is rather funny.
  3. Nothing against Adele per se,I like some of her songs but I dont think that I could sit through one of her shows. I see that JetStar cancelled a flight from New Plymouth to Auckland so that fans could miss out. They did the same for Justing Bieber last week and two flights were cancelled from Napier and Palmy to the Bruce show. Man, I would be soooo pissed.
  4. Act Normal. For an Australian. Hmmmmm. I'll try.
  5. Father Christmas was based on St Nick, who gave presents to children. Some do believe in fairies and hobgoblins. Monsters? Okay, A great white shark to some can be a monster, as can a grizzly bear, hell, even people can be monsters. People out ther put Jedi as their religion, there are witches and wizards out there, and people believe they're vampires. It may sound crazy, but if that's what they believe in, so be it.
  6. You can't stump the E Street band
  7. It does sound like the Seegar sessions. But from the title of the thread, I was expecting this:
  8. Apart from the obvious religious imagary in Springsteen's songs, Reason To Believe is the perfect answer to those who ask you "Why do you believe in God, when the evidence that there is no God is very strong?"
  9. What a dick!
  10. I was lucku enough to go to a Rock n Roll Legends conceert in Brussels back in 1999. There was Little Richard,Jerry Lee Lewis, and Chuck Berry. What a great night and show. RIP Chuck, your name will always be in lights.
  11. The girl in the back is thinking "Slow down Sam, ths isn't one of your dad's songs"
  12. Just a bit over the top.
  13. Wanganui River has now the same rights as a person I live about 30 mins drive from here Yep, I kid you not. This River's dream didn't lie