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  1. I love the yelling and whistling that opens Sherry Darling, then you get the sax in a pumped up wail. I love how BITUSA fades out and then we get the riffs from Nils on Seeds in the LIve '75-85. Yeah, it's edited, but sounds like both songs belong together.
  2. This is such sad news. This is one of my favorite films of his: John Sayles had a cameo in the film as a motorcycle cop. He directed some of the musici videos such as BITUSA
  3. Brothal
  4. RIP Shortcake, My favorite Joanie episode was when she was sick and tired of being known as "Ritchie's little sister" At the end of the show, Ritchie and Joanie were about to leave Arnolds and Al asked "Who's there?" to which Ritchie replied "Joanie's brother" I think that may have been the episode with Suzy Quttro and she want'ed to be in Leath'er's band
  5. He came to NZ when he was about five. And we have no idea why. Maybe my ancestors did some bad things lol. My parents have done some family tree and we have long distant relaitives living in Manchester (which is annoying as I support Aresonal) When he signed up to serve in WWII, he was living just out of Auckland, but since there was so many signing up, he had to go to Christchurch, and he was part of the Christchurch regement. Like other, he hardly talked about the war. After he died, my father found his army gear such as pay book, ration book, POW number, etc. I have his medals, which will go to the museum once I die. My father joined the NZ Navy in the 1960;s and wanted to go to Vietnam, but NZ didn't send the Navy to Vietnam, instead, he was in Boreno & Malaysia, blowing up Communist boat. He was a gunner. My father was also on ships that patroled NZ waters and would have to go aboard so called Russina Fishing Vessels, and take the Russian in for questioning at gun point. Me? I missed out. I read once that "A mother's son is born to fight a war' Not sure who said this or if it is true.
  6. My grandfather arived in NZ in the early 20th century when he was about 5 years old. He signed up to serve in 1939, just after Britain and NZ declared war on Germany. He never went overseas again, and never became a NZ citizen. He suffered ear damage during WW II, and to help with his treatment, a young naive doctor asked "How he damaged his ear?' My grandfather replied "I was next to my buddy, and we were shooting at the Germans, they were shooting back, my mate got killed next to me and the noise made my ear ring" The doctor replied "ANd how did you feel?" "Well, I lost by mate, his face was gone, but his hands were twitching.I felt nothing. I had to keep firing back or the guy I was shooting at would shoot me. That's how I felt. If you want to know what it's really like, sign up, and go and see it for yourself, then YOU telll me."
  7. If the Toys in Toy Story 'died' but the child still plays with them (because toys are not allowed to appear alive to kids) that would mean that the 'alive' toys are playing with the 'dead' toys! Pixar, you are Satan!!
  8. My Grandfather fought in WWII. He left NZ and went to India, on to Egypt for training, fought at Crete, captured and was in a POW camp in Italy, escaped, managed to get to France where he helped the resistance, captured again, escaped again, and got captured and spent the last few months of the war in a Germany in a POW camp. While 'free' he had a new name and with some Americans, manged to contact the French Resistance. Not even the NZ Army knew where he was and was reported that he was MIA assumed dead. This is what they told my grandmother.. It was only when he was a POW in Germany that the Army knew what had happen. One of his misssions was to steal art from German officers and return them to France, I think that's how he got captured for the last time. He never talked about the war, but he did say that he was tempted to seen the art back home so that he could have some money when the war ended, but knew he was unable to do this. Since the war, my Dad told me that he never went to church, because he thought how could there be a God if this happen and how God didn't stop it. He died in 1991 in his 79th year. He made peace. But for awhile, he never drove a German car., or owned anything made in Germany
  9. Not a bad summer job.
  10. Been a fan since 1984. That is 33 years ago, and I guess I'm still one of the "young fans".