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  1. Russia did not do Wikileaks. Why do you think that the DNC never handed their server to the FBI??
  2. Imagine that.
  3. Keyport, NJ
  4. 5*
  5. Oh please....
  6. I'm not celebrating anything. I'm laughing at the fact that the DNC and the wealthy Dems spent enough money to fund six political campaigns in a local election and STILL lost. The victory won't decide much on a national level, except it does push it to 0-5 in special runoffs, which has a resounding message on a national level.
  7. White Plains, NY
  8. Yea, the Dems just lost the most expensive house race in history, Ossoff totaled $32M in backing and lost. The Democrats are now 0-5 in special elections. I think I know who should be freaking out. The wind is blowing....right back into their face.
  9. St. Patrick's Cathedral
  10. Saw this on FB. Devil went down to Georgia, He was looking for a seat to steal He was in a bind, he was way behind He was hoping Hollywood could seal the deal ..NOT!
  11. Point Pleasant, NJ
  12. Looking pretty grim right now.
  13. Louisville, KY