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  1. I live in NC in the biggest city in the state, and if i got just about 30-35 minutes east or west of where I live I will see it. If you go to the mountains, there are some of the most rural, one-off remote places you can think of up on the Virginia/NC line, Ive been to them and it's there. You go east past Raleigh, basically between Raleigh and the coast, there are some of the most rural, wide open in the middle of nowhere places around. It's prevalent out there, too. I'm a Yankee who lives in the south, I just don't let the flag bother me, cause I have come to learn that its presence down here is what it is.
  2. Looks like a German Shepherd.
  3. This from back late last year. I don't think politics are the driving force, the chord cutting and outrageous sums they've paid for content combined with not yielding the return are ultimately going to cause people to lose jobs. But I think the political situation looms larger than people realize. Some awful inferior people keeping their jobs.
  4. Wow, Andy Katz has been there a long time and is probably one of the best all around college basketball reporters they had. They are letting some real knowledgeable people go. But keep around people who know little about sports.
  5. I get the point. Awful comparison.
  6. I agree cable cutting hurt them. The article I posted said they have lost 10,000,000 subscribers which is enormous. What they have payed the NFL for MNF is ridiculous and MNF has steadily gone downhill and it appears the cream of the crop of NFL primetime matchups goes to SNF. A good portion of the MNF matchups this year on paper are not much of an upgrade from last year.
  7. After reading around yesterday and this morning, there is a growing sentiment that ESPN is politicizing too much, and not sticking to sports. They forced out alot of good people yesterday and kept around some really questionable ones. They are also reducing the role of some good people there now, like Karl Ravech, Hannah Storm and a few others. What I don't buy is the people shouting down Stephen A Smith. I think he's good, he's just on a show now that has lost much of its gusto because Bayless went to FS1. Here's an article where ESPN's public editor said recently they will not be backing down from political commentary. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/espn-layoffs-come-on-heels-of-public-editor-defending-trend-towards-political-commentary/article/2621391 People can get their politics just about anywhere, we know how divisive politics are. I don't think people want it intermingled with sports. I started watching Sportscenter when I was 4 or 5 years old. I don't watch much of Sportscenter like I used to. It's either NFL, or riding Lebron's jock. Sportscenter at 6 PM with Jemele Hill and Michael Smith is terrible. It used to be a great show that provided an exciting lead up to a night full of games and also recapping games during the day, especially throughout baseball season. Now it sucks. There isn't much left on that network that they do well. They oversaturate the NFL to death, even during the offseason, they don't do that with any other sport. The 30 for 30's they do a tremendous job on and college sports is probably their saving grace right now. They haven't figured out a way (at least not yet) to destroy their college football coverage, which is their best asset right now. Even though they let one of their top CFB and overall personalities go yesterday.
  8. Can say Ive seen many people complain about participation trophies, and haven't seen a Confederate Flag flying from their front porch or on their car. There's no correlation.
  9. Not a bad intro into the rivalry. 2R HR, and this.
  10. I think there is alot of truth behind this. ESPN has abandoned its business model, what made it great.
  11. A total joke that is.
  12. Antifa.
  13. Another one that surprised me.
  14. Yes, journalism is certainly changing. What got me was who they let go, which is more of what I was trying to emphasize. Some really seasoned reporters and writers who have been around a long time that make ESPN worth watching. ESPN is hurting in it's viewership and losing some of its long time veteran faces is not going to help. They also are moving ESPNU studio operations from Charlotte to Bristol. Did you see some of the names they let go in the article? Ed Werder (right before the NFL Draft?) Jayson Stark Doug Glanville Jay Crawford Danny Kanell (loved Russilo and Kanell radio show and Kanell's the best college football analyst besides Kirk Herbstreit that they have) Trent Dilfer All of their NHL writers
  15. Berkeley in the 60's Berkeley now