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  1. OK, upside down, again.
  2. Sunset over the Salzach River, in Salzburg.
  3. When I tap them to make them bigger in the post, they appear upright. I now formally apologize to anyone whose pics were upside down.
  4. Ok, that is ridiculous. I am just learning with the iPad, folks. I was thrilled that I am able to take 100 pics and sort the best into a separate file to make it easier to post. I haven't yet mastered directionality of pic.
  5. I've been collecting facades in Vienna. Here are a few.
  6. Here's another famous musician.
  7. "Extra large"? Do Great Danes come in "small"?
  8. I'm on vacation and I forgot to bring my travel alarm clock. MY nephew pointed out that I can use the alarm on my (new, so I don't know what I'm doing with it yet), iPad. I've set it to wake me to Thunder Road. However, as I am a ditz, it hasn't actually wakened me yet because I haven't set it to the proper time. It just went off now, an hour late.
  9. AW, is she waiting patiently for you to put water in the pool?
  10. Here you are tie, but, as it's a headband shot, I've added another.
  11. Oh man. I've broken out in a cold sweat just thinking about getting a ticket.
  12. Judy, does she like to swim when she has the chance?
  13. It's like he's a puppet in a puppet show. I am imagining BD, in the next frame, raising him above her head, so she's not in the pic, (except her hands of course,) and making it look like he's walking along...... dum de dum de dum (or you know, whoever's hands) Now, I will go back to work.