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  1. "Money Monster" movie trailer

    Maybe, but Springsteen doesn't lend his music to films casually. 
  2. European Tour Confirmed -

    I think the answer about buying tickets from the US is, it depends. I've bought tickets for concerts in about ten different countries and some were easier than others. Our address does not easily convert to the format required on the payment page. Some sites didn't allow me to get to a page in English (didn't stop me - you figure it out).  Ticket delivery was expensive (but what pretty tickets!).  And I was totally stumped buying tickets for the shows in Stockholm.  Things might have changed this go round, but as always I would suggest practicing on another concert in advance. And, yes, you have to get up in the middle of the night to do this. 
  3. Perfect winter weather in the northeast - crisp, sunny, 50 - what we needed last weekend. 
  4. Somebody in here says Jessie's Girl is a Bruce song

    Love all of those photos.  So many great memories. 
  5. DC Roll call for Friday night!

    I can't hear that song without thinking of you.  I told B~ I think of it as your song. 
  6. MSG Jan 24th Officially Postponed

    Traffic is moving, transit is coming back, Broadway shows are on afternoon and evening. Nets playing at home tonight at Barclays (moved from 3 pm).  Baffling decision. Someone at BTX who is somewhat of an insider says this is due to Bruce being in Florida. A great NYC weekend despite this disappointment. 
  7. Group of 18 from Spain will miss the show - can't get a flight.  Feel very bad for them and everyone else with tickets who can't get here. 
  8. Hope he flies home tonight before the storm. 
  9. He did such an awful job handling Juno last January that he is overreacting now.  The show should go on as scheduled; good luck to everyone trying to get here. 
  10. You of all people shouldn't be worried about snow, my friend from Norway.  But when are you arriving?
  11. Call them and ask them to put you on a Friday flight - they might not have updated their website yet, or the advisory could be hidden.
  12. Yes - people over at BTX who are coming for this show from Europe are reporting flight cancellations, and automatic rebookings to later flights, not earlier.  Folks need to jump on the earlier flights before they are sold out. 
  13. Delta and American advisories are now up.