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  1. And that's why they don't want to release it - it is fuel to the fire.
  2. Getting ready to move this baby unless we can confine the discussion to Bruce - thanks
  3. Bruce on Trump yesterday.
  4. If you are going to guess this, please guess it for the Town Hall event, thanks. No performance of Bruce songs by Bruce last night. And odd moment though, one of two.
  5. Were you there last night? Great guesses - one wrong.
  6. I was at the taping of the Colbert show that will air tomorrow night. No real spoilers from me except to say Bruce was funny, charming, and, well, wonderful. He was the only guest and they recorded four segments. You can play this game at home:. Bruce was asked what were his 5 favorite Bruce songs. He struggled with the 5th song, and some of us shouted out suggestions. He repeated mine, but didn't chose it. Good times, good times.
  7. And I was responding to this - the purpose of a Bruce's (celebrity) endorsement. Register, get out the vote, fresh voice. Do I think that Bruce has greater knowledge than the average voter - yes, I do. He's been a lifelong student and a voracious reader. Kind of interesting to me that he wrote 41 Shots 15 years ago and this week we have questionable shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte. Just my opinion, obviously.
  8. For one, celebrities like him who do election events get people registered to vote (especially young people who have never registered or move more than older people or those with families) - he had registration tables at his rallies for Obama. And to some extent he can help get out the vote with speeches about why votes matter and what's at stake. At some point people turn off to the candidates' drone, and he has a fresh voice. That's why you won't see him at events until the last few weeks of an election. And lastly for voters like us (already registered, no need to remind us to vote) he raises money for candidates - I saw him at a fundraiser for Obama eight years ago.
  9. There is a world-wide embargo on these books until next week; it is being closely monitored by security firms. You need to step away from the computer, close your shades, blinds, and curtains, lock your door, and if your real name is Ann Jones, change it.
  10. Confirmed?
  11. Good photo.
  12. Trump is going on Dr. Oz this Thursday to discuss his medical report.
  13. Agree!
  14. I'm going to shut this one down. I apologize if this went on too long and anyone was offended.