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  1. Happy Birthday Karsten

    Happy birthday Karsten.
  2. Bruce and ESB 'Purple Rain'

    I saw dozens of D & D shows, and I pretty much knew what I was getting, and loved every single show, the last as much as the first. The River is a masterpiece. But the promise has been broken, it seems. Something just clicks inside you. Hard to describe, I guess.
  3. Bruce and ESB 'Purple Rain'

    And in his remarks, he dedicated the concert to Prince. That would've been a bit weird 2/3 of the way through. Boycotting tomorrow. Bushy wrote that a show he saw last week didn't do it for him. I felt the same way about last night, and that's a first for me. I appreciated some of the nuances last night, we had great seats, but it just wasn't the same joyous feeling.
  4. Bruce and ESB 'Purple Rain'

    They came out to a stage lit purple. Most of the band were wearing purple shirts. Given the lighting, I don't think it was a set list switch.
  5. I was there last night. Can't remember the exact words, but when we heard them there was no doubt in our minds that he said these are the last shows for the full album. We were both surprised.
  6. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    He didn't lose $5 million. That's not even close to the right number. And it does not include the benefit of any cancellation insurance he might have. The economic hurt is primarily from paypal pulling out, but like everything else, that's only truly felt by the gal or guy not hired there. The state is the people.
  7. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    I still don't understand these economic arguments: 1. Bruce hurt NC economically. How? Some tax money? First, that's small change compared to how the waiters, restaurants, arena workers were hurt. And those taxes pay for schools and hospitals: this will hit the most vulnerable. Officials will not lose their salaries. 2. This cost Bruce more than us. Well, it probably won't cost him anything out of pocket, like us. He will make less. He's also a very wealthy guy, obviously, and he won't feel the loss.
  8. Jessica Springsteen's 2016 Olympic bid falls short

    The problem isn't the word. It is when you use it to insult someone. Take a few days to think about it.
  9. Jessica Springsteen's 2016 Olympic bid falls short

    I deleted some disrespectful posts directed at members. Please post with respect. Thanks.
  10. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    I agree with the Mumford approach. And the hundreds of people who work in the arena taking tickets, selling beer, and hawking souvenirs for ten dollars an hour would be able to pay their rent. But Bruce decided that their need to pay their rent, low wage working men and women, was less important than his need. And I don't get that. For me personally while I am sorry to have missed the show the disappointment is almost solely in these other issues. I've seen more than my fair share.
  11. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    RJM. I'm not discounting anyone, and as this and other long discussions affirm, there are lots of opinions on this. There is no right or wrong opinion about what Bruce did; it is a fairly complicated analysis of social, political and economic values, and I applaud those willing to consider different views. My view on this changed since my plane landed in Greensboro and my two phones flooded with the news. While I'm a mod here, along with the others, we will ensure that this respectful conversation continues as long as people care to discuss. Because there's no denying that however you feel about any of this, good conversation ensued.
  12. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    I'm not boycotting him on his politics. I am boycotting him because he boycotted me first.
  13. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    That's like saying you decide about issues important to you and I decide about issues important to me. Except nobody gives a shit because there are no fans empowering that voice.
  14. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    Bruce has been having a conversation with his fans for his entire career. He's written a few albums based on these conversations. He's a smart guy. That's what makes this move of his so surprising, and on a deeper level, troubling. Was he really hearing us all these years? I'm thinking no. It's not really necessary to make a list of what issues are " more important" than others, because the first issue on the list is respect. He disrespected the fans that gave him the platform to voice his respect to others. And I just don't think life works that way.
  15. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    Responding to P13's question: The fans decide. The only reason this made national news was because fans bought 20,000 tickets to see him. If there were no fans, there would be no news. He used us to make the point. If his fans disagreed with him over this (or anything else) they would stop buying his tickets, and he couldn't do this again. No concert, no concert to cancel, no CNN. I was about to buy a ticket to Barclay's 2 before this happened. Now I am not. My little protest to what he did. Will it matter? No. He's been around too long, and the demand is too large, and most people who weren't going to Greensboro and were troubled by his decision will brush this off. But I can easily envision a lesser performer ruining his career by using his fans to make his point.