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  1. I want to be Chickenman.
  2. Gun owner.
  3. You guys might be joking but I am not. There's no reason an artist like Bruce couldn't write/sing a song like this. He'd get (back) a large amount of respect from me if he did.
  4. I'm sure there are figure$ somewhere on the potential upside to the games in China.
  5. Seems to me that the NBA players have a different cause on their minds, I can't recall the last statement from a player that I read about this issue, and in any event New Orleans would be one of the last places they would pick to move the game to. On the matter of voting, I wish there was someone here from NC who could explain how the state was gerrymandered, and how both Greensboro and Charlotte are bastions of liberalism. Their elected officials (Vaughn and Roberts) are watching this in horror.
  6. PayPal founder - who pulled his new facility out of NC because of HB 2 - endorses Trump.
  7. Was that before or after they stood around talking on their phones and not helping him?
  8. The alternative is to honor your commitments. In the case of Bruce, throw a free outdoor concert that weekend near the statehouse - it would've been all over the news. Take all of HIS income from the show and donate it to the cause. Play He's The One on stage. Get some Tshirts with the message out. Write an op-ed, longer than the few sentences of his original, inadequate remarks, explaining what's at stake. I can go on and on. None of this would've been simple or easy. Bruce said he had no choice. I disagree.
  9. Do you folks really think that one set of poor people wash out another? That's cold. This has little to do with the NBA brand and everything to do with money - the harassment of Nike, UA and the other sponsors that started months ago and would only get worse. They put the pressure on the league to move. From what I understand about NC politics, this law was not the will of the people, but the result of highly engineered redistricting.
  10. Sure another economy will be enriched, but that's beside the point. This fragile economy will be punished for something outside of their control, and in the case of Greensboro, without any warning. The Charlotte taxpayers who spent the money relying on the payback - the mom and pops who could have built ten schools, or a new hospital, or seen lower taxes - they won't get anything.
  11. A wash to the waiter, bartender, taxi driver, small business owner in Charlotte who have been looking forward to a big week? I have a feeling they'd disagree. $60 million just evaporated from their economy like THAT.
  12. Because the issue was pushed by the most sophisticated, educated, well-financed special-interest group in the country. And everyone else was all over those poor people in Flint who can't drink their tap water. Oh wait.
  13. The little guy is getting the shaft because neither side could figure out a better way. Shame on them both.
  14. The City of Charlotte (the taxpayers) put about $33 million into the renovations; expected economic return was $60 million direct, $100 million indirect. The ones who will be hurt the most - the little guys.