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  1. He's gearing up to sit down tomorrow for an hour or so for a discussion with Tom Hanks as part of the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC. I will be there!
  2. Deleted some posts. Let's talk about Springsteen!
  3. From last season: The only enemy more dangerous than a man with unlimited resources is one with nothing to lose.
  4. And some good references to Springsteen's bad guys. I watch this series twice. The great writing flies at you for the entire hour, and I inevitably miss beauties the first time around.
  5. This. And to me some of the most unbelievable comments are from other women. Melania Trump gives speeches on the national stage in the fifth language she learned. If that's not an accomplishment, what is? Ladies, I get that you hate Trump, and everyone connected to him. But be careful here. Your legitamite concerns about the Trump administration will be lost in the noise about something as superficial and unimportant as a woman's appearance. We've worked far too hard to be pulled back down by crap like that, and the real issues are too important.
  6. Happy birthday Chief.
  7. Enough.
  8. At the 2012 Hartford show, Springsteen dedicated Death to My Hometown to Preet Bharara, a huge Springsteen fan. So Bharara was called to Trump Tower and told he's being kept, only to be fired a few months later. Apparently he was told to announce he was being kept, which he did. Good for him to not resign and be fired instead. He was used politically once, and he wasn't going to let it happen again.
  9. If the order was such a slam dunk, why did three federal court judges stay part of it? Green card holders have certain legal rights; does Trump have the authority to abridge those rights? And some big corporations with billions of reasons not to cross Trump are funding the challenges. My guess is that some very smart lawyers have already looked at the issues on their behalf. That their analysis hasn't made it to CNN seems appropriate to me.
  10. DOJ mission statement: To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans
  11. It sounds like the disagreement is with this statement - it's the responsibility of the President to determine the position of the Department of Justice(?).
  12. Jim - do you know that she didn't do that - and then when he didn't heed her advice, she went public? I don't think it is necessary to resign every time you disagree with your boss, especially in her position. He's got White House counsel if he wants a yes-woman, and the Attorney General is not that person.
  13. I'm suspicious of any company that uses this crisis for its gain (in this case, positive press - with little accountability on the outcome). Not saying that Starbucks is doing that, but I wonder. In NYC you are more likely to find unemployed actors than inner city kids working in Starbucks.