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  1. Another special thanks to Jerseyfornia who overdubbed the music at the perfect spot in the acknowledgment that Rizla read - and at the perfect point in the song. Great job.
  2. A good number of times. The best one was where he joined us for a while at our after-concert dinner in Milan. Fig wrote about that here. Another was June 26, 1993 at MSG - the tour finale. I was sitting in the first row (no pit in those days) and during Roll of the Dice people threw dice onto the stage. Mostly soft dice, many homemade. Bruce seemed to get a kick out of it, until the song was over, and then he wanted them gone. He kicked some off the stage, and I caught one straight from the tip of his boot. He laughed and mouthed 'good catch'. Needless to say I still have the dice in my office.
  3. In some of the US book events there were boxes set up for notes and letters for Bruce. I left one, and even though I probably won't know if he read it, I found the experience worthwhile. My tips: be original and be brief. Unless you are a great writer, then go for It!
  4. Actually Bush was promoted earlier this year. He took Natale's spot on the 3rd hour, and moved his family to NY over the summer. He was being groomed to possibly take over for Lauer. I don't expect to see him back on the Today Show or NBC. Trump was talking about Bush's co-host in that tape. Whatever you think about Trump aside, no way can Bush overcome that.
  5. Leaving it as a reminder to my friend Mr. AMIW that Bruce occasionally leaves I 95.
  6. The acknowledgement page should be done after all of the readers have been confirmed so that nobody is left out.
  7. You are on for the new Acknowledgement page that will go at the end. I will send you some thoughts. Thanks
  8. OK for Rizla to do this as she doesn't have the book? I have an idea of how it should go - I can PM her with a suggestion.
  9. Who am I to say this, but yes. Sometimes life gets in the way, and people don't know how to gracefully get out of things. Don't you still have people looking to participate - a backup list? It might help to tell them.
  10. I'd subtitle the acknowledgment page The Ties That Bind.
  11. Just a suggestion - I know you want to wrap this up, but can you add someone describing the photos?
  12. I get emotional each time I open this thread. You guys are amazing - each and every one of you. You are the best of Greasy Lake, the Springsteen community, and probably the world at large. I've been here a long time, and I have seen many generous acts, but nothing like this. Springsteen's words mean little compared to the many voices that will read this book so that Ties can get it a few months sooner. I would offer, but she would never understand what this fast talking New Yorker says - and I would likely interject my own thoughts, and laugh and cry at his words, and it would take a week to get through, and I would never figure out how to record let alone upload it - so basically the whole damn thing would be a disaster and someone would have to step in and do it. And I have no doubt many would. Well done folks.
  13. This is what happened - he signed the pages, not the book.