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  1. Bruce has looked lousy in every photo I have seen since the book tour ended.
  2. If I have this right, Abood allowed employees to be non-members, but required them to pay their share of bargaining activities. Fredrichs goes a step further and seeks to overturn the requirement to pay for bargaining activities.
  3. As soon as a new justice is sworn on to the Supreme Court, they will rehear Fredrichs, which when Scalia died was decided 4 to 4. This case will essentially be the end of public unions. Private to follow.
  4. I did my best, it wasn't muchI couldn't feel, so I tried to touchI've told the truth, I didn't come to fool youAnd even thoughIt all went wrongI'll stand before the Lord of SongWith nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah
  5. Three blocks from Sting's apartment. Location!
  6. Carnegie Hall with Sting, James Taylor and others. Tickets on sale now. Side seats are fairly limited view, be careful with those.
  7. Caution here - her website is starting to stream at 6:30 - so unclear what time the entertainment will start.
  8. Looks like this is set to start streaming at 6:30 Eastern. The speakers listed by the campaign: President Barack Obama Speech Rally in Philadelphia, PA 11/7/16 Michelle Obama Speech Rally in Philadelphia, PA 11/7/16 Bill Clinton Speech Rally in Philadelphia, PA 11/7/16 Chelsea Clinton Rally Speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11/7/16 Live Hillary Clinton Rally Speech Campaign Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11/7/16 (November 7,2016)
  9. I wouldn't trust MSNBC, CNN or Fox News to share our belief that Springsteen should be aired uninterrupted by commercials or talking heads.
  10. Also should also be on C-SPAN.
  11. Should be live-streamed on HRC's website here:
  12. Another special thanks to Jerseyfornia who overdubbed the music at the perfect spot in the acknowledgment that Rizla read - and at the perfect point in the song. Great job.
  13. A good number of times. The best one was where he joined us for a while at our after-concert dinner in Milan. Fig wrote about that here. Another was June 26, 1993 at MSG - the tour finale. I was sitting in the first row (no pit in those days) and during Roll of the Dice people threw dice onto the stage. Mostly soft dice, many homemade. Bruce seemed to get a kick out of it, until the song was over, and then he wanted them gone. He kicked some off the stage, and I caught one straight from the tip of his boot. He laughed and mouthed 'good catch'. Needless to say I still have the dice in my office.
  14. In some of the US book events there were boxes set up for notes and letters for Bruce. I left one, and even though I probably won't know if he read it, I found the experience worthwhile. My tips: be original and be brief. Unless you are a great writer, then go for It!