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  1. Am I correctly understanding Stan's latest tweet? Did he just confirm a New Jersey show on Jan 31st at The Prudential Center?
  2. I was there for both shows AND it was my birthday..that about sums it up.
  3. Sometimes a cowboy hat...

    If Willie Nelson or George Strait had recorded Back in Your Arms it would be considered a country classic. Throw in a little twangy guitar and change an inflection here and there and people would be crying in their beer...back in your arms, darlin' I just wanna be...gettin by on luck and faith..standin on this empty road..classic
  4. Yes, Hero's link worked but the one from BS.net was corrupt. I don't know why it is working for some folks and not for others.
  5. Yep, that it is what happened to me, I ended up on a health care website.
  6. I clicked on the link to the shows and got hijacked to a health care website and got a crazy scam message saying I was facing a major security issue and needed to call Apple. My browser froze and I had to go through a bunch of things to get my computer back to normal. Crap, now i am afraid to go back and try again!
  7. Outlaw Pete is all that stands between me and the Kool-Aid pitcher. My reaction to this song is visceral in a way I cannot explain. It is the only song Bruce has ever written or performed that I feel this way about...and yes, I have heard it live and all I wanted to do was yell at him "oh for god's sake Bruce, PLEASE stop trying so hard" I consoled myself by standing in the pit and staring at the man I have the goofiest crush on ever. I have no problem with the book concept. Bruce is wildly creative and if he is enjoying a new outlet, I couldn't be happier for him. I'll probably buy the book and then not admit it because I am nuts. Admitting I hate a song he wrote makes me feel a little less nuts but it doesn't make me feel negative, just honest. .
  8. I hope I don't hate the book as much as I hate the song.
  9. 6.0 Quake in NoCal

    It was a shallow quake and shook so hard I couldn't get out of bed to a safer place. I live in Sonoma County adjacent to Napa..bad night but no damage on the home front.
  10. Bruce and Robin Williams

    Robin Williams was at the Oakland, CA Devils and Dust show. He was standing around like the rest of us waiting to go to our seats. He was quite friendly and I heard him say to someone, "I am here for the music, just like you"
  11. Half naked Bruce in great shape

    I'll open any thread that has' half naked Bruce' in the title
  12. Coming Soon

    Wow, that is quite brilliant..even if it isn't the real story, I still like it
  13. I very much miss K2a. I still hang on to the hope that someday all will be forgiven and a post will appear from K22434. Not likely to happen, but those posts were always informative in a way that nothing else was or is.
  14. 'Tumbing Dice', Rock in Rio

    Thanks, BD!
  15. What Classic Bruce Springsteen Album Are You?

    WIESS…Ok by me