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  1. I will be in the pretty theater with the tiny seats. I won't need refreshments because I will be in the 11th row from the stage listening to Bruce for 2 hours. That will about cover my needs for the evening! I hope Bruce does have a whiskey in his hand because it might relax him a bit!
  2. I like that answer since I have the same scenario that day, only my flight is San Francisco to Montreal.
  3. Well, I usually don't watch on Periscope because it hurts my heart to not be there. I guess tonight is one big bad ass exception!!!!!
  4. Oh, my avatar answers your question
  5. My screen name comes from my take on Jersey Girl..my best friend and I always say we lived west coast versions of Bruce's younger life having grown up at the same time. My avatar is a picture taken in Nashville in 2008 with my goofy sign in hopes of hearing Drive All Night live. Thankfully, that happened down the road!
  6. Please don't call him "The Boss" the whole time we talk in some line somewhere. Why does that annoy me? I have no idea.
  7. "Both Springsteen and The E Street Band show no signs of slowing down"
  8. That article made me pour a glass of wine..but I am just a west coast looney with inconsistent viewpoints who was born and raised in San Francisco and agree with Bruce cancelling the show.
  9. Well...did you notice that her last name is Clinton?? pretty funny
  10. You pick your battles where you think your activism might have some impact. Does anybody believe that if Bruce cancelled his shows in Italy, The Pope would come to the square and start performing gay marriages? Or his cancellation might put a spotlight on the little known fact that gay Catholics can't marry?
  11. It is too bad the autobiography has probably already gone to press. This would make for a very interesting chapter, should he chose to reveal the decision making process. It probably wouldn't change the mind of people who are running around trying to figure out when his hotel reservation was cancelled, but it would be interesting.
  12. Little Steven's twitter feed is quite interesting today. In between tweets about The River being his favorite album he is attempting to explain to the uninformed haters that a transvestite is not transgendered. He also gave a shout out to Bryan Adams.
  13. I guess this thread is seductive. I swore I wouldn't but here goes. I spent all my working life as an Adult Probation Officer. Several of those years I spent supervising a sex offender program. The ignorance that drives these reactionary laws is astounding. The idea that gender identification or same sex attraction bares any relationship to pedophilia or a violent sex crime is beyond me. This ignorance is dangerous. I support Bruce cancelling the show. I am sorry for people who missed out seeing the show, I understand how you were looking forward to the experience. If you lost money on travel to the show I hope it was disposable income otherwise this might be an opportunity to re evaluate the money you spend on entertainment. He stood up because someone needed to and I am glad it was someone I admire. I get that the late cancellation has created controversy. None of us has a clue why that happened. Maybe someone in his family, inner circle or organization lobbied him because they, or a loved one, was effected by the law. I doubt on Thursday night he flipped on MSNBC and in some cavalier rock star mode made one call and cancelled the show. He walks out onto that stage and gives us everything he has and then digs for more, so the man does not easily walk away.
  14. One of his best as far as I am concerned. The lyrics to this song are brilliant. The concept that the girls in their summer clothes are not passing by him, but passing him by... it is just so poignant.