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  1. Is anyone shameless enough to admit watching this Showtime series? It is so wrong on SO many levels (I think violent, physical child abuse is the only "line" they haven't crossed), but so funny and so good. I heart me some Emmy Rossum.
  2. It was fun while it lasted and exposed me to some new/different music.
  3. No. You just weren't high enough, apparently. I didn't get it either.
  4. HEY. Watch that. Why aren't the setlist threads up yet, Andrew?
  5. Have you met Doc? He's laughing his conservative ass off at that one.
  6. Hardly. He makes that stuff up; it's just he says it with such authority that we believe it. And to be fair, this isn't selfless work on his part; how do you think he's able to cultivate his hoard of chickies?
  7. Couldn't agree more. Blonde Dany is that and nothing more. Though she was totally badass this week.
  8. Thanks. I knew I could count on you and your connectedness. You ARE the man!
  9. Would somebody (Mikey? Andrew?) please fix his earring? Thanks.
  10. How's Generalisimo Francisco Franco doing these days? Is he still dead? And Fidel Castro?
  11. LOL-Would have made either shot? What a great finish to a great game. "Holy crap."
  12. Will they be hanging a "Welcome to Loserville" banner next year? Freakin' 'holes- they can't win one game. One stinking game.
  13. Class of '79, the year of their only Final Four appearance. We beat Iona (what's a Gael?) in a "play in" game, then upset the 'Holes (arguably the best team in the nation that year) by a point. The regional finals were at the Greensboro Coliseum, which was empty because, you know, there were no redneck teams left (just Penn, Rutgers, St.John's and Syracuse - Duke had lost to St.John's the weekend before) and why would we want to see a buncha yankees play? I was photo editor of the school paper that year, and, along with a couple of the paper's sports reporters, drove down for the games. I would look up at the scoreboard every now and then and we'd be up by a few points here and there. It wasn't until the game against St. John's was over that I realized what had been happening. I passed on the chance to go to SLC for the final 2 games (this was before there was a "Final 4", "Elite 8" or "Sweet 16"; there was no shot clock, no TV timeouts, no "from beyond"; the unis didn't look like PJs . I don't think there was even color TV. This was the dark ages, man), thinking 3 reporters were better suited to cover the weekend than 2 and a photog. I was young and foolish back then. I regret that decision to this day
  14. We don't get to that part of the program until at least year 7. There's so much more foundational work that needs to be dealt with first. Like 40 years of Howard Porter. Though the poor guy's been dead for like 10 years now - maybe I need to let him off the hook. Nah, it's 'Nova. Screw them. Go Holes.
  15. You've obviously never met the infamous jamawe, either.;)~