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  1. And it's a goodbye from me..

    Good luck, Kev. All the best you, Dan and the rest of the Harrison crew.
  2. If these were blacks or Muslims...

    Yeah, please point out that I'm wrong. It may be a lead story on the internet, but on live TV, they ignored it at 3 pm (PST). The NYT app hasn't updated the story for over 10 hours.
  3. If these were blacks or Muslims...

    You're still a very wise young man, Mr. Hero.
  4. If these were blacks or Muslims...

    Add my name to that list. Seriously, why isn't this all over the news?  Why isn't it a (or THE) "top of the hour" story on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, et al.?
  5. Board change

    I'm old.  I don't like change.  j/s
  6. On the Other Hand... If only he'd messed around a 10 year old, he would still be allowed to "minister" to his flock. Or a 12year old in the next town over.
  7. Witney Devil???

    Who? As Cabbywan said, he's here on occasion, though he's shorter than he used to be so he's harder to find.
  8. Alphabet Sex

    B(DSM) Bestiality Bareback
  9. My kid's dream

    Thank you all - it's nice to seen, if only for a fleeting moment or two. I'm actually doing really well. I started outpatient rehab this past week; it's 4-6 hours a week of physical, occupational and speech therapy for the next several months with the goal being to get as "better" as I can be. All things considered, my life is pretty good, and everything is therapy.
  10. My kid's dream

    What's wrong with that? CG, I miss you. I miss this place. I miss the whole crazy bunch of you. Jeez - I must have brain damage or some shit like that. xo
  11. Hmmm....

    If you see Lennon, you see dead people. And depending on how you count and how strict you want to be, I see 4 spelling mistakes. I'm with Cabbywan, FWIW.
  12. Warning about eBay

    And if it had been me first, then Elvi? 'Tis the season. And all that jazz, I guess. Back to the workshop.
  13. Warning about eBay

    He does that. Was this an anniversary? I need to get on his email list.